Wargaming Announces OARPG Pagan Online Will Launch in 2019

Today we got our first glimpse of Wargaming’s newest game, Pagan Online in an all-new gameplay trailer, which you can see a little further down. It is being created with Mad Head Games who are well known for Rite of Passage, Shadowplay, and NeverTales. The game will be launching in 2019, but, before it does there will be a series of pre-launch tests they’re calling trials. Registration for these trials is available on the official site.

In Pagan online heroes come face to face with hordes of enemies and battle bosses based on pre-Christian mythology. They use a combination of procedurally generated arenas along with multiple choices to make every encounter feel unique and give the feel of a living world.

Talking about Pagan Online the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mad Head Games said, “With Pagan Online we’ve worked hard to deliver a fast-paced and intense combat system that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master. We took inspiration from MOBAs to create unique characters with specific skills and specialties, and when you put them into this type of combat system you end up with a family of fighters that do different things well in different scenarios.”

Finally, they boast difficult missions, high replayability, a ton of customization options, and intense combat. Having watched some of the immensely satisfying gifs they provided in the press release it isn’t hard to see why.

So, if you want to take part in the beta tests, sorry…trails for Pagan Online next year be sure to head over to the official site and sign up now. Also, no, we aren’t really sure what pre-Christian mythology includes either. But it will certainly be interesting to find out as they reveal more about the game!

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Wargaming Enters the Online ARPG Scene with Pagan Online

When one thinks of Wargaming, they usually think of historically recreated vehicles of war blasting away at one another in online combat. That perception is changing just a bit with the company’s Pagan Online announcement, which is Wargaming’s first publishing foray into a whole new genre: the online multiplayer ARPG.

pagan online announcement

Set in a world of “dark pre-Christian mythology” according to the presser, Pagan Online looks to combine the grand tradition of action RPG gaming with combat mechanics from the world of MOBAs. Players can look forward to carnage-filled missions with multiple game modes and difficulty levels, as well as a single-player campaign that will receive episodic Battle Chapter updates.

“With Pagan Online we’ve modernized how combat in a top-down action RPG works,” claims Uros Banjesevic, co-founder and creative director of developer Mad Head Games. “[We’re] taking cues from MOBAs to create something that’s fast-paced, overwhelming with enemies, and super challenging.”

Pagan Online is due to arrive sometime in 2019 and is taking names to join in its pre-launch tests known as Trials. You can get a teasing CGI trailer for the game below.

Our Thoughts

Well…it certainly sounds good, and if this game’s MOBA/ARPG combat feels as good as that which was used in a game like Master X Master, then this could be one to watch. Still, we’re going to have to stay sat here on the fence until we see some actual gameplay on display.

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MU Legend Pushes Back Open Beta

It’s been a long wait for the MU Legend open beta test, but it looks like that wait is getting at least a few months longer. Webzen has confirmed that the next phase of the game’s development is being delayed for additional balancing and adjustments.

mu legend open beta test

The news comes by way of producer Pierre Vandenbroucke, who wrote a letter on the game’s Facebook page discussing the delay and explaining the reasoning for it. According to Vandenbroucke, open beta needs to be held back until sometime in November.

Why the delay? According to the letter, feedback from Korean players is making the team think twice about a September launch.

“With the extra content, these required changes (derived from the feedback of the Korean users and the developers themselves) also impact mechanics balancing, and we do not want to simply postpone the fixing of current known issues that we are able to fix for the OBT version of the game.”

Despite the delay and in the face of potential frustration, Vandenbroucke has asked for a bit more patience and has outright committed to the November release window. “We truly love our game, and our whole team has put so much effort into making the world of MU Legend the best it can be,” writes the producer. “We have been expecting this new MU release for more than 15 years, and all we are asking from you now is your continued support for three more months.”

Our Thoughts

With such a long development cycle, three more months doesn’t sound like it’s too much more to ask, particularly if the end result provides a much stronger and more polished experience. While we’re curious what these adjustments involve, we’ll simply just have to wait a little more before this MMOARPG arrives to the West at long last.

Source: Facebook via press release

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En Masse Announces Western Release of Online ARPG Closers

En Masse Entertainment has just announced today that a new online action RPG is on the way with the Closers Western release. The upcoming game will let anime and ARPG fans take up the roles of several powerful psychic teens as they battle against interdimensional threats in New Seoul.

closers western release

Described as an episodic online ARPG, Closers lets players take up the role of one of five members of the Black Lambs: Seha, a combat genius; Sylvi, the group’s leader; Yuri, a newly empowered martial artist; Misteltein, a young boy with support powers; and J, the veteran member with a dark past. Players will get to play through a branching narrative, upgrading their powers and weapons and learning new skills all while they fight against an unnamed “gargantuan” threat.

Closers is set to begin a series of closed alpha tests in September and will move forward into a beta phase sometime in the Fall. Those who are interested in finding out more and want to register for the closed alpha can do so on the game’s official website. You can also check out a trailer of the game in action below.

Our Thoughts

Part Dungeon Fighter Online, part anime, all action. This is definitely a boisterous title we weren’t anticipating to come to our shores, but then again En Masse is developing something of a penchant for bringing pretty unique online games to the West. Are you curious to learn more about Closers or is this one a hard pass for you?

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Marvel Heroes Omega Adds New Event and Elektra on Console

PS4 and Xbox One players are getting a fresh dose of Marvel Heroes Omega content today. Specifically, a new Defenders event is arriving and the game’s roster is expanding with the addition of the infamous assassin Elektra.

marvel heroes omega content

Marvel Heroes Omega’s 41st roster addition comes complete with a unique skin based on Marvel’s Daredevil TV show, along with a Hell’s Kitchen Loot Box with skins for Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Punisher. The new update also introduces an event where players must battle members of The Hand for unique rewards.

In addition to the new content, Gazillion has also announced the Omega Prestige system, an advanced leveling system for select Heroes which is said to offer “some of the most powerful and visually stunning benefits currently available”. The first character to gain this new advancement system will be Spider-Man, with further details on the Omega Prestige system coming to the Marvel Heroes Omega website soon.

In the meantime, Elektra can be gained with the timed-exclusive purchase of an Elektra Pack in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace. After that, she’ll become available to purchase with in-game currency on Monday, September 25th. You can check out Elektra in action in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

We’re always eager for a new Marvel Hero to play with and are certainly happy for a new in-game event, but we’re most curious about what this Omega Prestige system is all about. Consider our eyes peeled on the Marvel Heroes Omega website.

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