For Honor Schedules a Free Open Test for Marching Fire Expansion

A sizeable expansion is coming to For Honor in a few weeks’ time, which means that Ubisoft is keen to spool up the hype. With that in mind, a Marching Fire open test on PC will let anyone – even those who don’t actually own the game – check out what’s new in advance of the October 16th update.

marching fire open test

The so-called “test” will go live to PC players on September 6th and run until September 10th. During that time, nearly the entire game will be available to all. That means the full 22 hero roster including the new Wu Lin faction, playable in either 1v1 Duel mode or the upcoming 4v4 Breach mode. The test will also feature several quality-of-life updates such as a refreshed UI, team voice chat, new perks and a responsive dialogue system.

In case you’re not familiar, Breach pits two teams against one another on either an attacking or defending side of a castle siege. The objective: break down the castle doors and kill the keep’s commander or prevent as much from happening, depending on which side of the mode you’re on. Naturally.

If any of the gameplay you experience during this “test” strikes as intriguing to you, players can purchase a Marching Fire edition of the battler, which includes the base game and the Marching Fire expansion. If you already own the base game, then you just have to pick up Marching Fire itself, which grants you access to the Wu Lin roster and the PvE Arcade Mode immediately. If none of this buying Marching Fire stuff strikes your fancy, you’ll still get Breach mode and the other QoL updates.

Pre-load of this test/demo starts on September 4th on either Steam or the Uplay launcher. Details are here.

Our Thoughts

If the remarks sprinkled through the story weren’t a clue, we’re pretty sure that this test is more of a sales demo than anything else. Regardless, we’re still not going to look the gift horse of a free game for a weekend in the mouth and hope that this new expansion of For Honor is a lot of fun.

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For Honor Offers Early Details of Season 6

With the Age of Wolves update nearing its lifespan, it’s time to look ahead to For Honor Season 6. Ubisoft has offered some early information about the multiplayer brawler’s next season, including features, adjustments and a release date.

for honor season 6

Season 6, otherwise titled Hero’s March, will introduce a new map to the game in the form of Beachhead. According to the announcement’s description, Beachhead is a fortress that was once a place of solitude and respite, but still remains a desirable stronghold. The new map will be free and playable in all modes except Tribute.

The new update will also see another round of hero reworks, this time focusing on the Orochi and Peacekeeper heroes. Information on what these updates entail was not provided, but they are promised to be “major” and part of continuing development to improve hero balance across the board.

Finally, Season 6 will add a new visual collection feature that lets players track all of the looks they’ve unlocked and apply them to their gear in a separate menu. The new feature should help those who are hoarding equipment for aesthetic purposes.

Season 6: Hero’s March will land globally to all For Honor platforms on Thursday, May 17th as a free update. Speaking of free, the game is currently running a free weekend of the complete game from now until Sunday, May 6th on all platforms. Players can get more information at the link provided and even enjoy a discount on a full purchase if they feel inspired to do so.

Our Thoughts

With the forward strides that For Honor seems to have made overall, it looks like Season 6 will be a pleasant update to the game, if not exactly rich with content. Still, we’re looking forward to hearing more about what the devs have planned for the Orochi and Peacekeeper and hope that fans of the game have lots to look forward to.

Source: press release

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Training Mode Arrives to For Honor

By all general indicators, For Honor looks to be righting its ship after a disappointing start, so maybe you’re intrigued to try it out but are too intimidated by its combat system. Enter the For Honor Training Mode, which now lets you dig into all the aspects of the medieval brawler whether you’re an absolute newb or a seasoned player.

for honor training mode

In Training Mode, players have four different options available to them to brush up on the brawler’s gameplay. At the very ground level is the Training Media section, which features videos and other tutorials. From there, players can move to the Apprentice Trials and Warrior Trials, which offer guided experiences for the newly-arrived or those who have some experience under their belt respectively.

At the top end of the Training Mode is the Training Arena, where players can set themselves one-on-one with a hero of their choosing and a number of parameters that can be adjusted like moves and aggression. Players can even modify their own character in a few different ways.

The new update to For Honor is available today. A video breaking down all of the Training Mode options can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

These new in-depth and rich training options seem like the best possible new content to For Honor, especially if the game is indeed drawing lots of new arrivals. We hope that these new features are indeed useful to all players of the game, no matter their skill level.

Source: press release

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For Honor Sees a Rise in Player Numbers

It was March of last year that we reported a meteoric crash in the number of For Honor players. Now, we’re happy to report, that it looks like Ubisoft has begun to right the ship as the medieval battling MOBA-like has recorded some new highs in both total players and concurrent players.

for honor players

In an earnings call to investors, Ubisoft has reported that For Honor now boasts a playerbase of 7.5 million, with a monthly playerbase of 1 million unique players. The turnaround is attributed to the frequency of regular updates, which has kept players in the game engaged.

Speaking of updates, the next major one, Age of Wolves, will usher in the game’s fifth season of play. Age of Wolves is looking to tweak the Kensei and the Conqueror, along with changes to the game’s fighting system, new customization options, and the launch of dedicated servers. The update will also introduce a new training mode for players to hone their skills.

The Age of Wolves update is due to launch tomorrow, February 15th. A video talking about what to expect can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

When we first talked about the number of people playing For Honor, we mentioned the fact that getting things back on track wasn’t off the wall. Now, a year later, Ubisoft appears to have done it, and the additions due in with the Rise of Wolves update should help to keep this online brawler on solid footing and further upward momentum. Congrats to the For Honor team!

Sources: IGN, official site

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Hyper Universe Launches Free to Play

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last brought this up, so consider this something of a friendly reminder; today marks the free-to-play Hyper Universe release on both the Nexon Launcher and on Steam.

hyper universe release

As stated before, the 2D side-scrolling 4v4 brawler launches with six brand-new Hypers: the tank Galunbra, Camilla the support, specialist Perseus, the striker Han, a new bruiser named Sonya, and the assassin Tae’guk. The launch update also offers new common equipment useable by any member of the roster, as well as an achievement system to earn weekly and monthly rewards.

Hyper Universe is offering up some login rewards for up to a week after today’s launch, granting players who log in and compete in at least one regular or AI match 30 Hyper cubes, 6 Hyper Coupons and 1 Hyper Skin Coupon.

Hyper Universe can be downloaded now via Steam or the game’s official website. You can also check out the launch trailer below, which features people being slapped in the face with stuff in slow motion. Just because.

Our Thoughts

Watching someone get hit in the face with a fish will never not be funny. On point, though, we hope that players have a great time in Hyper Universe’s unique take on 4v4 online competitive brawling. The multiplayer space can always use more unique and fun-forward titles.

Source: press release

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Absolver Puts On Halloween Masks and Adds a Prestige System

The Absolver 1.08 update is now live and, as one would expect with the game’s design, it has some new masks to show off for Halloween. It also has a variety of other updates beyond that too, like a new end game leveling system, new items, and more.

absolver 1.08 update

Halloween arrives to the plains of Adal in the form of Halloween-style masks that can be earned off of Marked Ones. The game’s Combat Trial maps are also feeling the seasonal spirit as each location will now take place under cover of night.

If you’re otherwise not feeling the Halloween spirit, the update also has four new equipment sets, three new cloaks, and new Rift Coins and Rift Disks that contain items of various rarity levels. A new Prestige Level system has also been introduced, granting level 60 players a Crystal with every level earned that can be used to buy Rift Disks or reassign Attribute Points.

Patch notes for the new update can be read on the official site and a trailer for the update can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

While the Halloween-related content is pretty meager compared to many other MMO and multiplayer games, the greater bulk of this new update has some likely welcome new additions such as the end game progression system and inventory management features. Does this update entice you to buy in or fire Absolver back up, or do you think more needs to be done?

Source: press release

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Battlerite Extols the Virtues of Backstabbing

When it comes to MMO or gaming melee combat, few things feel as satisfying as a well-placed dagger in your opponent’s back. The Battlerite backstab mechanic, which came with update, is the subject of a new dev blog discussing the rationale behind the addition of backstabbitry.

battlerite backstab

According to the dev blog, introducing backstab to Battlerite is intended to heighten tactical decisions in players, with forcing someone who is surrounded to quickly consider their target and who to not present their back to being offered as an example. Flanking and considering whether to chase down a fleeing opponent are also cited as strategic scenarios enhanced by the addition of backstab.

The post also addresses the concern of a combo that stuns or disables an opponent in order to unleash a backstab attack. According to the post, most players have precious little time as it is to position themselves behind the target.

Ultimately, backstabbing in Battlerite could not even make it into the final game. “While we intended on including backstab in the patch and will continue to test internally, there are no set-in-stone plans on its future,” explains the post.

Our Thoughts

Battlerite is still in something of a state of development, so perhaps backstabbing will indeed be phased out or otherwise adjusted. Either way, it does appear that the devs of this game are trying to take into consideration as much behavior as they can.

Source: official site

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Battlerite Confirms its Free-to-Play Launch Date

The MOBA-like PvP arena brawler is making its way out of Steam Early Access soon. Stunlock Studios has officially revealed the Battlerite launch date, moving the title out of buy-in early access and into its free-to-play release.

battlerite launch date

Touting the release as “A New Era”, Battlerite is making its commercial launch on Wednesday, November 8th. In preparation for the event, the devs have laid out a roadmap of planned updates and releases.

Starting on September 29th, the online brawler will celebrate Halloween with a variety of seasonal weapons, avatars, and outfits. In October, Battlerite will see a number of overhauls and a new UI along with a new game mode. Finally, launch itself brings 200 new items, a new Champion, and much more.

Battlrite is continuing to celebrate with another free play week in honor of over 1 million downloads since early access launch. From Monday, September 25th all the way through until Sunday, October 1st, the full game will be available at no charge. Additionally, the full game will be 50% off on Steam during that time.

Our Thoughts

Congrats to Stunlock Studios for making it through early access and into release! We are certainly glad to see this online arena brawler make its way to everyone and hope that fans of MOBA combat and PvP will find something to enjoy in Batlerite.

Source: press release

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Absolver Offers a Look Ahead at Future Updates

With Absolver now fully launched and players wandering the Plains of Adal freely, many are perhaps wondering what future Absolver updates will look like. In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, creative lead Pierre Tarno provided a few ideas of what players can expect.

absolver updates

For those players who are already at the game’s current level cap, Absolver is going to be adding a Prestige System that lets you respec your character as well as open up access to rare and unique equipment. “We are currently creating very cool assets and will give a more precise ETA on this very soon,” said Tarno.

The Absolver team is also looking at improving its loot system by introducing a way for players to destroy duplicate pieces of gear in exchange for a dye to customize the color variants of their kit. Inventory management improvements are also in the works.

As for new playable content? Absolver is going to apparently focus mostly on the PvP side of things. “Upcoming new areas will be dedicated to PvP. No ETA yet on new areas and bosses, but it’s something that players request often so this is certainly something we’ll be looking into,” said Tarno.

The devs are also continuing to work on the game’s ongoing lag and connection issues. “Even if it’s often the case for online games, it’s still very annoying for players when you can’t connect to servers for an online game,” admitted Tarno. “We will keep working (very) hard on improving our matchmaking system to detect this better, and ensure everybody has the best possible experience.”

Our Thoughts

We agree with RPS’ writer in that most of these updates are less ground-breaking and more quality-of-life. Still, smoothing out the overall experience for everyone is usually for the best instead of heaping on new things while ignoring the persistent issues. We’re looking forward to seeing where Absolver goes next.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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