Overwatch Hosts a European Cosplay Battle

Overwatch is a pretty darn competitive game, fueled further by the game’s esports events. Now, that sense of competition is bleeding further into the real world in the form of an Overwatch Cosplay Battle, a contest that pits teams against one another to see who can be the best dressed.

overwatch cosplay battle

Six teams from the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, and France will all duke it out to see what costume is the best in Europe. The prize up for grabs is a new 3D printer and 3D printing materials valued at €2,500, along with the chance at some framed and signed Overwatch artwork for the Community Favorite creation.

The competition plays out in several stages, with the first being a community vote to determine what outfit each team will make. Voting is running now until November 26.

Once each team has their selected project, it’s a three month wait for each team to craft their outfit and then a Community Favorite vote between March 18-24. The ultimate winning cosplay team will be decided by a jury of Blizzard artists and cosplayers and announced on March 26.

More information about how to vote for each team’s project and the event itself can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Considering the creativity and artistry of a lot of the Overwatch fanbase, we expect this cosplay competition to absolutely floor us. That said, it’s going to be hard for any team to top the dog cosplayer.

Source: press release

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Job Posting Suggests Anthem Will Have FPS Gameplay

Considering lots of people have assumed Anthem is EA’s attempt to directly take on Bungie’s Destiny, perhaps the potential of Anthem first-person gameplay isn’t too much of a stretch. That said, footage has suggested the game is a third-person action shooter almost primarily…until a new job posting, that is.

anthem first-person

The posting is for BioWare’s Austin office and seeks a principal gameplay designer specifically for Anthem. Among the listed requirements of the job posting, one reads the candidate needs to have “exceptional hands on experience with game mechanics in 1st or 3rd person shooters space”.

While the suggestion is certainly open to interpretation, and the gameplay reveal from last year’s E3 was mostly in third-person view, the opening sequence of that same trailer first kicked off in first-person mode. This could mean that Anthem will allow players to switch between FPS and over-the-shoulder third person view a la Star Wars Battlefront 2.

There currently is nothing new out of Anthem itself, with the most recent reports confirming that the online shooter will be pushed back into sometime in early 2019 to make room for the next in the Battlefield series.

Our Thoughts

It’s really hard to leap to one conclusion or the other here. The job posting probably will want the candidate comfortable with both perspectives yet will focus on just the one. Still, the ability to swap between first- and third-person isn’t outside of the realm of possibility, either. We’ll just have to wait and see what things will look like. Once EA is finished with pushing the next Battlefield game, of course.

Source: EA careers page via Gamewatcher

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LawBreakers Patch Imposes a Role Limit on Quick Play

LawBreakers patch 1.3 is on the way to players today and with it one of the more welcome adjustments to the game’s Quick Play mode. There will now be a limit imposed on how many roles can enter a Quick Play match, while other adjustments have been made to the FPS overall.

lawbreakers patch 1.3

Quick Play now has a two role limit in the hopes to offer more appropriate training for the upcoming Competitive Ranked mode as well as make matches more fun overall. “We want to reduce a lot of the frustration that comes with playing against stacks – if you’ve ever run into 5 Juggernauts defending a Blitz goal you know what we mean,” reads the post.

Patch 1.3 is also bringing a nighttime variant of the Promenade map, an XP bonus tracker to show active bonuses and streaks, and the expected tweaks and bug fixes. The current patch is not introducing any role balance adjustments, which are slated for their own separate patch after they’ve had more time “in the testing oven”.

LawBreakers’ latest patch is set to go live at 8am PST today. Patch notes for the update can be found here for the PC version and here for the PS4 edition.

Our Thoughts

Seems like this should have been a restriction since launch, but it’s definitely better late than never. Hopefully this new role limit will make Quick Play matches overall more balanced and engaging for players.

Source: official site

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Guardians Fight for the Puppies in Destiny 2 Live-Action Trailer

What do you fight for, Guardian? Freedom? Life? Vengeance? Loot? What about the poor puppies? These are the motivations offered by Cayde-6 in the latest Destiny 2 live-action trailer as the game spins up the hype for its upcoming launch.

destiny 2 live-action trailer

The new trailer takes a decidedly less morose turn than previous trailers as the sharp-tongued Cayde-6 offers a list of motivations for taking back the fallen Tower from the Red Legion to an assembled fireteam of Guardians.

The trailer itself offers no new gameplay details – or even gameplay footage itself – but it does set a generally free-wheeling tone much like the live-action trailer for the first Destiny game.

Whatever your motivations for beating back Ghaul, you can check out the new trailer in its entirety below.

Our Thoughts

Something about these live-action trailers is incredibly endearing even if they are a bit cheesy. In all honesty, that level of entertaining goofiness is part of the charm. But then again, if you’re not the kind of person who enjoys Cayde’s banter or you take your FPS gaming super seriously, this is probably not going to appeal. Besides, this trailer is certainly not the silliest thing to come from this franchise.

Source: YouTube

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