Sea of Thieves Shares a Hungering Deep Teaser

So just what awaits the intrepid pirates of Sea of Thieves in the Hungering Deep update? We’re not sure. Probably something deep and hungry, at least. Or some form of sea monster-focused something or other, if the most recent teaser trailer is anything to go by.

hungering deep update

The trailer in question puts us at the fireside of a certain scallywag whose seen some stuff with his one good eye. He goes on to tell the tale of immense seaborne creatures that were worshiped by past cultures as gods…creatures that have potentially making ships from across the waves disappear.

The trailer itself is mostly lore-focused, but there are a couple of hints one can glean off of watching it. The first (and most obvious thanks to the 2018 roadmap) is that this update could introduce new undersea monsters and more involved fights against said critters. Secondly, part of the trailer showed illustrations playing music in order to grant themselves safe passage, which could be an allusion to some added layer of gameplay being brought to the game’s musical instruments.

In any case, players can look forward to hungry deep things on May 29th according to the official Xbox Twitter. Take in the trailer below for yourself and ponder the possibilities.

Our Thoughts

Reason stands that big creature fighting on the open seas would be something that would happen in Sea of Thieves. Of course, what these fights look like, the kinds of rewards we can expect, and what else is arriving with the update will be the most important information for players, so we expect those details sometime soon.

Sources: YouTube, Twitter

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