Conqueror’s Blade Shows Off Siege Gameplay

The tactical sandbox MMO-like Conqueror’s Blade asks a lot of its players as they lead their nations to victory, not the least of which being to lay siege to keeps and forts. But how does that play out, exactly? A new Conqueror’s Blade siege gameplay trailer is showing us all how.

conqueror's blade siege gameplay

The video offers a general run through the entire process of laying siege to a fortification, from selecting army unites and siege engines to issuing orders to troops in the middle of battle. The video provides more than a few glimpses at the player character ordering troops into formation, issuing charge orders, or otherwise taking direct control of the fight by entering the fray personally or commandeering siege weapons.

According to producer Peter Lagun, Conqueror’s Blade siege warfare has been put through its paces in early testing. “We saw thousands of players help us stress our technology,” said Lagun. “Players have clashed steel for hours, have found creative tactics in siege warfare and ultimately have shown a great hunger for more.”

You can take in all of the siegecraft gameplay you could want in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

Siege warfare in Conqueror’s Blade certainly looks like it’ll be a busy affair, but we do hope that tactical thinking will win out the day in favor of merely memorizing the shape of maps or battlegrounds and taking advantage of those locations. That’s probably not going to happen, though.

Source: press release

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Open Beta Begins for Total War: Arena

A new online competitive RTS with a pretty big genre name tied to it has begun its first steps into the wider online gaming world. Today marks the launch of the Total War: Arena open beta, complete with a brand new faction being added to the game’s lineup.

The Carthage faction joins the existing Greeks, Romans and Barbarians in the online 10v10 theater of war. Players will take command of Carthage’s Hannibal Barca and his brother Hasdrubal, who bring with them new units such as the intimidating war elephant.

According to the announcement, open beta will operate a bit more like a soft launch, as all progress made by players during this phase will carry over once the game launches in full. In the meantime, the devs promise additional factions and features to be added later.

“We are proud and excited to share the results of our work with players all around the globe,” says Wargaming’s Evgeniy Shukin. “We’ve crafted a game that easily lets newcomers jump in and start battling, while fulfilling the promise to seasoned veteran strategy players who have been at war for years.”

Details about Total War: Arena can be found on the game’s site and a trailer heralding the start of open beta is below.

Our Thoughts

The online RTS arena is definitely seeing some expansion, so we hope that the Total War pedigree will be enough to make it rise above other similar titles while still owning up to that same pedigree. Here’s to a successful and enjoyable soft launch for both Wargaming and TWA’s players.

Source: press release

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Blizzard Updates Warcraft 3 in Preparation for an Invitational

“Better late than never” can certainly apply to the news that a Warcraft 3 update has been applied – the first update to the RTS since Reign of Chaos released 15 years ago. The better phrase, however, might be that Blizzard is “crazy like a fox” as the move appears to stoke the flames of rumor.

warcraft 3 update

The new patch to Warcraft 3 introduces wide-screen support for the game as well as 24-player support, with a subsequent expansion of team colors. Additionally, the game’s heroes have seen a balance pass and the map pools have been adjusted, while the Map Editor has seen a number of new upgrades.

All of the tweaks are in readiness for the first Warcraft 3 Invitational, where world-class players will converge at Blizzard HQ for some friendly competition alongside other special events like free-for-alls and 4v4 clashes. The Invitational will be held on February 27th and 28th and is hosted by the Back2Warcraft Twitch channel.

Of course, this all strikes suspicious and possibly exciting to players as rumors of an HD remaster for Warcraft 3 mount. These rumors sprang from an update to the game’s installer, possibly setting the game up for integration with much the same way StarCraft did before it got remastered.

Our Thoughts

Well…this all seems to line up a bit too neatly, doesn’t it? It is certainly possible that this is merely just a setup for minor tweaking in an attempt to bring Warcraft 3 back into the wider esports scene and the hearts and minds of RTS gamers…but then again, the effort to update the game after so long would be very odd indeed. We’ll be watching, in any case.

Sources: official forums, BlizzardWatch

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Turn-Based Strategy Game Insidia Confirms a February Launch

After what one can presume was a successful open beta period this past September, Italian indie developer Bad Seed has locked down an Insidia release window for its free release on Steam. And that release window is for later this month.

insidia release

Insidia offers one-on-one tactical PvP where players individually control a team of four heroes to issue orders in rapid turns. The object of the game is to capture map objectives to open up their opponent’s base and leave it ripe for an attack in true MOBA fashion.

Heroes have a number of either passive or active abilities, and while they’ll await orders, they’ll not just sit idle as they automatically perform certain actions until given commands. Insidia promises a combat model that’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Insidia is also looking to make it into the competitive esports scene, with the game already being the first indie title to land a spot on the FACEIT platform. As such, integration with FACEIT opens members of the platform up to competitive features such as ladders, leagues and other tournaments.

If you’re interested, you can keep up with Insidia on its Steam page.

Our Thoughts

Looks like there’s another MOBA-like tactical title out there. That said, it sounds like Insidia has a lot more going for it in terms of its gameplay to make it truly stand out and hopefully avoid the recent MOBApocalypse that’s seen other titles shutter. We’ll see where things lead, but want to wish Bad Seed a hearty congratulations for the game’s upcoming free launch all the same.

Source: press release

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Hi-Rez is Making a 1v1 Mobile RTS Called Bot Smashers

It would appear that, in addition to the in-development Paladins Strike that was announced earlier today, Hi-Rez is working on another mobile title. HRX was the site for the Bot Smashers reveal, a new mobile RTS that will likely involve the smashing of bots.

bot smashers reveal

Details on Bot Smashers are currently sparse right now as the game’s website has only a few pieces of information in its FAQ. However, an included video seems to suggest that Bot Smashers will have some form of online multiplayer component as battles play out one-on-one on a specifically designed arena.

Here’s what the informational blurb on said video has to say:

“Wreck, explode, destroy, and otherwise obliterate the opposition with a unique cast of quirky robots in this real-time strategy battler. Build your base, develop your own strategies, and become the top smasher of bots. Collect and upgrade dozens of bots who serve your thirst for destruction.”

Interested players are invited to sign up for early access on the Bot Smashers site. You can also check out the trailer for the game below.

Our Thoughts

This kind of game seems to be the sort of quick-moving fun type of title that’s perfect for mobile. We’re most definitely curious to learn more about Bot Smashers as well as see if there’s a lot of demand for something like this, so be sure to give your own impressions below.

Source: Twitter

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WH40k: Dawn of War 3 Gets an Update and Free Weekend

There is a whole lot going on for Warhammer 40k-loving strategy gamers. The latest Dawn of War 3 update is offering up new Elites and new multiplayer maps, and if that’s not enough, the game is also being offered for free this weekend on Steam.

dawn of war 3 update

The Orks, Space Marines, and Eldar are all getting some new Elite units; specifically, the Lifta-Droppa Wagon, the Ironclad Dreadnought, and Wraithseer Kayduin respectively.

Those who like their Dawn of War with other players are also getting a new map each for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 multiplayer modes. Custom matches are also getting some new options with this update, including the ability to toggle Elites, Doctrines, and faction super abilities on and off at will.

If all of this sounds good to you but you’re not ready (or able) to buy in yet, a free weekend for Dawn of War 3 is available starting today, October 19th and runs all the way through Monday, October 23rd at 10am PDT. The offer is available specifically on the Steam platform.

Patch notes for the new Endless War update can be found on the Dawn of War 3 website and a trailer for the update is available below.

Our Thoughts

Once again, we love free stuff, and an entire free game is nothing to sneeze at. If you’ve been on the fence about Dawn of War 3 or perhaps hadn’t had this game on your radar, this could be your best opportunity to check out what made us enjoy it ourselves.

Source: press release

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Total War: Arena Marches to Closed Beta

The online team-based strategy game has started to advance one step closer to its full release. Total War: Arena closed beta testing has officially kicked off, bringing commanders three factions and ten leaders to command.

total war: arena closed beta

The closed beta will feature the Romans, the Greeks, and the Barbarians, along with iconic historic leaders such as Alexander the Great, Leonidas, and new to the test Boudica. The new leader’s arrival introduces a new Tech Tree for the Barbarian units such as War Dogs. Battles can be waged on one of nine different maps from history such as Thermopylae or Hadrian’s Wall.

Closed beta is automatically granted to those who have played through the game’s alpha test or for those who buy one of several different Founder’s Bundles. As of the beta, there is no NDA in place. More details can be found on the game’s official site.

Our Thoughts

With the pedigree of the Total War games, we hope that Total War: Arena delivers for franchise fans as well as fans of online strategy games. We’re looking forward to seeing impressions from players of this game, so since the NDA gag order has been lifted, feel free to share your experiences below with us.

Source: press release

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