Alliance of Valiant Arms Global Comeback Announced

Online shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms shut down in the west in 2018 and since then news hasn’t been great for the game’s creator the South Korean studio Red Duck. Red Duck fell on some hard financial times and its assets were made available in a bankruptcy auction. Neowiz bought up Alliance of Valiant Arms, Red Duck’s most prized asset and has big plans for the game. Current versions will continue to be available but an Alliance of Valiant Arms global comeback is also in the works.

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Neowiz is best known for Bless Online but they were also known as the publishers of Alliance of Valiant Arms in South Korea. This is great news for A.V.A fans as it means that the studio taking over is already familiar with the IP. They already have plans for new content for the game though nothing has been announced yet. It was quite a surprise when Alliance of Valiant Arms shut down in North America and Europe considering its global popularity. We will be following this story closely and eagerly anticipating the global relaunch of the game. Though this may be several years down the road. Hopefully, though we will see their progress at one of next year’s conventions.

Did you play Alliance of Valiant Arms before it shut down? Are you looking forward to it coming back or have you moved on to other games? We’d love to know your thoughts on the return of the game. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Relic Hunters Legend – Four-Player Duck Hunt

What is up with ducks and their newfound desire to conquer the galaxy? Didn’t we feed them enough breadcrumbs or what? Whatever the reason may be, they aren’t happy and return as the main enemies in Relic Hunters Legend, the follow-up to the acclaimed indie game Relic Hunters Zero.

We were given the opportunity to play an early alpha build of Relic Hunters Legend and despite having most features and levels under development, it was enough to see where the game is going, which is Fast and Fun Shooter Land. No, that isn’t a real place, I just made that up to get the point across.

Relic Hunters Legend Co-op Jump Attack

Donald Duck Goes Rogue

Relic Hunters Legend is a four-player online co-op shooter created by a Brazilian studio called Rogue Snail. It represents an improvement to the first game in every level, starting with the graphics. Gone is the somewhat simplistic pixel art, replaced by a colorful cartoon style that conveys heaps of personality and emotion – mostly fierce determination – in such small characters.

There is no campaign right now, but a story mode with four acts is planned, with the first act coming during the beta. This act will offer four to five hours of time-traveling adventures with a mysterious character name Seven. In fact, the developers mention the fact that the game should take you 500 hours to complete everything. By that they really mean everything including unlocking and leveling characters, completing every dungeon and mission, and getting the best builds available.

To fully enjoy that, the shooting and looting should be as polished as they can be, right? You can rest assured that even at the current state, Relic Hunters Legend is a lot of fun. The small selection of characters, a couple of them without their unique skills, doesn’t get in the way of the fast and frantic gameplay one could expect from such a game. It’s like Killsquad on cute, fluffy steroids, with a lot of heavy-armored turtles and ducks wearing shades.

Relic Hunters Legend Co-op Boss Battle 2

The current build comes with four hunters: Ace, Jimmy, Pinkyy and Raff. For the sake of this alpha test, and apparently because I have discovered a weird liking for green computerized hair, I chose Pinkyy, the leader of the Relic Hunters. She is an extremely agile fighter and her shield is a godsend when it comes to protecting the team from the ceaseless bursts of enemy projectiles. She also has a dash and a jump ability that come in handy when her enemies are united in a small area.

As if it wasn’t enough for poor old Ace to be a donkey, he is currently missing some skills, but at least he can resort to his leap to hurt his enemies a bit. Raff, on the other hand, is missing… er, everything, so she isn’t the most appropriate choice when it comes to trying different tactics in the arena. Jimmy is described as the greatest shot in the galaxy and I believe it, with his grenade throwing skill surely playing a big part in his reputation. The roster is going to improve with the addition of Seven, Biu, Panzer and Red, most of them being familiar faces from Relic Hunters Zero.

Hunters level up in two ways: they gain experience levels by the regular means of progressing and shooting everything in sight, but they also have a gear level. This is inherently tied to your Hunter level, which means that you can only equip better gear if your current experience level allows you to do so. Then you have the option to enhance your gear via crafting materials that you find in your way or by recycling parts that you don’t need anymore. This alpha is limited to level 20 but the final game comes with a level cap of 100.

Relic Hunters Legend Co-op When Ducks Attack

There is so much under development for Relic Hunters Legend that I believe it will feel very different from the current build, when it enters beta by late 2019 or early 2020. A skill tree is in the works, which means that you’ll be able to improve abilities and unlock new skills, paving the way for more combat options. There is a rebel rank as well to track your account level based on your achievement completion rate.

A customization system is being developed for you to equip cosmetic items, change the colors of individual pieces to your liking, add a special effect here and there, and choose your favorite quips and emotes. This is where monetization will come barging in, although Rogue Snail promises to be completely fair and transparent in their regard. Judging by the frank way in that they advise caution to anyone who wants to purchase Relic Hunters Legend in its current state, they seem to be very serious about it.

Relic Hunters Legend Capture the Point

Ducks of War

There isn’t much in the way of content, but there are many hours of gameplay at your disposal if you like this kind of loot-driven shooter. This is a fun game with a friend, but it goes extreme when you have a full party of four players hunting ducks. There are a few intricacies that you must learn and let sink in, such as the lack of a jump button, which is something weird for a game that places such an emphasis on verticality.

You’ll be able to deal with slopes and gaps thanks to context-based leaps, something that feels natural and smooth after a few minutes. The AI relentlessly attacks and chases you, comfortably dealing with every obstacle that the tricky terrain throws its way. In fact, they can become a little bit unnerving with their constant climbing and descending, inadvertently avoiding our gunfire by sheer luck.

While you can freely aim your weapon, verticality once again gets in the way of your task. Relic Hunters Legend has a weird way of dealing with ramps and slopes, one that will require some getting used to. Your shots may end up hitting an enemy standing on top of a ramp, or simply fail to reach him. Different approaches to distance and location may result in a better outcome, but it’s not always evident how things are going to turn out. Switching between no assist and auto-aim modes doesn’t seem to significantly alter how the shooting works.

Relic Hunters Legend Shield Skill

Relic Hunters Legend only has one location to explore for now, but you can rest assured that others are coming. The Galyno Desert is the first region, but at least six regions of similar size are planned. This area is divided into three eras, which equate to normal, hard and epic difficulty levels. Only normal and hard modes are available and not for every mission, with many “under construction” signs showing that this is very much a game in early alpha state. Even the Secret Market, which will act as the game’s social hub isn’t accessible, so there are a lot of expected dead ends in Relic Hunters Legend’s current build.

The same goes for game modes, with only a couple available. Skirmish is your standard mode where you drop from your ship and start shooting Ducans left and right, only to end up facing a boss in a small arena. Scavenge is the other game mode where it’s all about capturing random points in the map for a short time, resisting the relentless waves of enemies that try to push you out of the circle. Other game modes are planned, including Payload (escorting a slow-moving train), Defense (protecting a gate) or Distraction (survive for eight minutes while causing the most trouble), among others. There are four-player dungeons with unique mechanics, but it was under construction as well.

However, that is enough talking about technical details; onward to fun! Relic Hunters Legend is a lighthearted, gripping, no strings attached experience where your only goal is to shoot and loot. Beneath its deceivingly simple core gameplay mechanics beats a strong and charismatic heart, one that initially compels you with its looks and soon grabs you by sheer addictiveness. It’s a game where you are unwillingly forced to inspect every little detail, from the grimaces that the heroes make with every skill or move to the way that the empty bullet shells fall to the ground when you reload your weapon. You can’t help but smile at these almost invisible touches.

Relic Hunters Legend Co-op Boss Battle

Relic Hunters Legend still needs a lot of work and in its current state it isn’t anywhere near a proper beta build; I wasn’t even able to create a match with a friend. Luckily, I stumbled  across a few random players here and there, allowing me to appreciate the game for what it intends to be. It’s free-to-play, so it’s not like you’ll have to ask for a refund if you weren’t entertained when it launches.

Good games don’t need hundreds of hours of content for you to realize that they are worthy of your time. This is one such example and you can bet that it will be a huge success among the fans of the first game, as well as sheer enthusiasts of top-down co-op shooters. Unless a duck or two find a way to time travel and sabotage the grand scheme of things, Relic Hunters Legend is on the right track.

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Rapper Plans to Sue Fortnite over Dance Emote

If the moves used in some of the Fortnite Battle Royale dance emotes look familiar, you’re not alone. One such person who has taken notice is actually a rapper who plans to bring Epic Games to court over the matter.

fortnite battle royale dance emotes

Rap artist 2 Milly has announced his intent to take Epic Games to court over the matter of the Swipe It dance emote, which looks move-for-move like 2 Milly’s Milly Rock. Where the rapper takes difference with Epic is the fact that his moves are being sold for money without his consent.

“They actually sell that particular move. It’s for purchase. That’s when I really was like… oh nah, this can’t go on too long,” said 2 Milly. “I don’t even want to bash them for all the millions. I just feel like I have to protect what’s mine.”

2 Milly’s legal complaint holds no legal precedent, which could make any action he takes a challenging proposition. Regardless, the artist is reportedly willing to try.

The rapper’s complaint is not unique, as other rap artists like Chance the Rapper and BlocBoy JB have brought up their aggravation over their dance moves being used in Fortnite without due credit. Even actor Donald Faison of the sitcom Scrubs has had his moves stolen, with one dance routine performed in the show once more copied move-for-move without compensation.

“That’s what y’all are thinking, right? Somebody got paid? No. No. I did not,” said Faison. “Somebody stole that s**t, and it’s not mine any more.”

Epic Games was contacted for comment by the source of this story, but there has been no response at the time of this writing.

Our Thoughts

There’s certainly a line between “inspired by” and “wholesale ripping off of”, and these emotes certainly do look a lot like carbon copies. Ideally, anyone involved in legal scuffles between themselves and Epic Games can come to a conclusion without things getting publicly ugly…but we agree that some compensation to these artists appears to be due.

Source: GamesIndustry

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H1Z1’s Esports League Dries Up

The H1Z1 Pro League, an esports league that hoped to use the battle royale shooter as a vehicle to esports stardom, has breathed its last. A letter sent to teams announced that the league would end its premiere season and would not press on for a second season.

h1z1 pro league

Twin Galaxies co-chairman Jace Hall’s letter confirmed that the Pro League’s second split would be indefinitely suspended and the second season of competition would not be renewed, effectively releasing all teams from their obligations to the league immediately.

The league’s shutdown doesn’t appear to be going extremely well, as teams are yet to receive a contractually obligated payment for the second split. This delay in payment has reportedly caused some of the involved teams to stop paying their players or, in the case of larger orgs like Cloud9 and Team SoloMid, to pay their players at a net loss.

On the subject of late payments, Hall’s letter did state intention to pay up. “As discussed previously with teams, the League is still working to pay teams and resolve that matter,” read the letter. “The matter of the remaining League stipend payment is independent of this notification.”

Our Thoughts

Considering the thoughts of one writer who was flown out to the inaugural H1Z1 Pro League event, this probably isn’t a surprising outcome. Esports is certainly big business, but that only matters if the game is compelling to watch and the broadcast is tightly put together — two things that the H1Z1 Pro League clearly were not.

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PUBG Comes to PlayStation 4 December 7

All of the datamining and assumptions have rung true. We have an official PUBG PS4 launch date confirmed by the game directly, along with all of the usual pomp and circumstance that announcement involves like pre-order bonuses and the like.

pubg ps4 release date

The PS4 version will include Erangel, Sanhok and Miramar maps, as well as all the major features of the game including a ranking system, event mode, and achievements. Those who have a PS4 Pro will also get to enjoy some visual enhancements.

“We’re excited to expand our PUBG service and introduce new communities to our Battle Royale game,” remarks PUBG Corp’s CEO Changhan Kim. “PlayStation has developed an amazing community of passionate gamers and we can’t wait to join them this holiday season.”

That whole holiday season buying thing involves some goodies for those who do pre-order the game now, including cosmetic items fashioned after characters from the popular Uncharted game series. There’s also different in-game goodies depending on which of the editions of PUBG one gets, including G-Coins, Battle Points, and the Survivor Pass: Vikendi battle pass.

Naturally, there’s a trailer coming along for the ride, which you can see below.

Our Thoughts

Well, it’s about heckin’ time, folks. Seriously, though, we expect there will be a few PS4 players who are eager to get into some battle royale shenanigans and see whether this game has something that the others don’t. Or it’s already a dead game why even bother lolz, depending on who you ask.

Source: press release

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McDonald’s Uses CS:GO to Sell Food

It’s a weird sort of day today, so that kind of feels right for some off-beat news in my opinion. A Redditor from Copenhagen has decided to show off some McDonald’s CS:GO ads that seek to link the team-based multiplayer FPS with burgers and fries, in what could be seen as an ad company’s attempt at being “with it.”

mcdonald's cs:go ads

The image above comes from Redditor kakipls, which references several McDonald’s menu items with terminology from CS:GO, like calling a large meal a “full buy” and even wishing folks to good luck and have fun beneath its arches.

The signage looks to be part of a pretty large campaign in the country, as another image calls a Happy Meal a noob and refers to someone nicking a fry as a fragsteal.

Considering the location, it’s hard to call these ads a random attempt to connect with the kids: CS:GO has reportedly seen a spike in popularity in Denmark, helped in part by the performance of the Astralis team. Additionally, the sign boards are located close to the Royal Arena, where the sold out Blast Pro Series event is being held.

…and now we’re kind of hungry, so GGWP, McDonald’s.

Our Thoughts

Does this story really have a point? Nah. Sometimes one has to take a moment to double-take or headtilt in the direction of a random gaming-related thing. So that’s what we’re doing here. Seriously, though, when’s lunch?

Sources: CS:GO subreddit, PCGamesN

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Housemarque Releases its First Dev Diary for Stormdivers

In what appears to be the first in a series of videos, judging by the number next to its title, a new Stormdivers dev diary video has been posted online with a peek behind the scenes of the studio’s thought processes about the game and what its looking to bring to battle royale.

The video in question features head of self-publishing Mikael Haveri, who talks about what it ws that drew the studio to create Stormdivers. “We were looking at games like Dark Souls; how these games redefine genres and make it very clear from the beginning that the only way to be successful is to own your skills,” said Haveri. This mindset, of course, blends well with the battle royale genre.

The video admits that the team took in several pieces of inspiration from games releasing during the time of Stormdivers’ initial development, which ultimately formed a “Housemarque monster” that was fine-tuned over the past two years. That said, Haveri also does admit that Stormdivers is not quite ready for broader public release but will be soon.

Haveri closes with the promise that Stormdivers will be “ruthless and skill-based” and feature dynamic weather events that will fundamentally change the way fights play out. He also promised that Housemarque has “alot of arcade tricks in our bag” – a callback to the studio’s arcade-centric stable of titles.

You can get the full video in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

Jump-cut editing notwithstanding, this does seem like a generally earnest look into how Stormdivers came to be. We are interested in seeing more meat form on these bones, however, as we’re still not sure what truly makes this one rise up above the battle royale din.

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Anthem Schedules a Gameplay Livestream

Things have been quiet over on Anthem’s side of the world, though that’s perhaps understandable given the work the team is doing. However, a planned Anthem gameplay livestream has been casually announced to show off where things are for the online multiplayer shooter.

anthem gameplay livestream

Lead producer Michael Gamble confirmed the stream plans on Twitter, initially stating a premiere date of Wednesday, October 31st but then amending that to the following November 1st. The reason? To give lead producer Ben Irving time to “wear his giant transformers costume without worrying about his camera face.”

Judging by the general tone of Gamble’s tweet, this showcase will certainly be off-the-cuff. “We’re going to just grab a random build and hopefully not crash,” reads the original tweet. “Hijinks and hilarity will ensue…we think.”

To that point, it’s hard to know whether or not there will be any major revelations for Anthem. Since we’ve not seen it in action since this past E3, however, it will be the first time anyone has seen the title in its current alpha state.

Our Thoughts

The casual nature of this broadcast could be intriguing indeed, particularly since it will presumably be devoid of the EA-led timing and spectacle of the game’s E3 offering. In other words, this is probably going to be as close to seeing Anthem “in the wild” as we’ll get without actually being invited to an alpha or beta test.

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Overwatch LEGO Sets Leak Online

While the only official reveal we’ve seen to this point in terms of Overwatch LEGO sets has been the Bastion set, it would seem that retailer Target accidentally jumped the gun and shared other sets ahead of schedule.

overwatch lego sets

According to a collection of images gathered by LEGO fan blog The Brothers Brick, six sets were unveiled on Target’s website:

  • A Tracer vs. Widowmaker set with both character minifigs and payload from Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • A Hanzo vs. Genji set that features the shrine from Hanamura and the animated short “Dragons”
  • A Dorado payload set that also includes Reaper, McCree and Soldier 76
  • A set that has both Reinhardt and D.Va in their full respective armors
  • A second scaled-up Bastion model that can also be transformed into turret mode
  • And a Watchpoint: Gibraltar shuttle set that also packs in minifigs for Reaper, Mercy, Winston and Pharah

The sets ranged in price from $14.99 to $89.99 with the larger sets packing in as many as 730 pieces. We can’t confirm whether these prices will be final, however, as Target has since taken the links to the LEGO sets down according to IGN and based on our own searches of Target’s website.

Final release of these sets is tentatively set for January 2019.

Our Thoughts

Lookit how cute LEGO Reaper is! Awwwww! On point, these are some pretty neat-looking sets and we’re looking forward to whenever they release fully. There will likely be more than a few fans ready to collect them all.

Sources: The Brothers Brick, IGN

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PUBG Platoon LTM Cancelled Due to Technical Issues

I swear, if I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Shortly after I write about the PUBG Platoon LTM, the mode goes all pear-shaped and has to be taken offline. So, sorry, PUBG fans; this one is probably my fault somehow.

pubg platoon ltm

According to a tweet from the game’s official help account, a “critical error” has caused Platoon mode to be pulled entirely and will not come back next week as originally scheduled.

The mode will make its way back to the online shooter at some point later, but a timeline for that was not part of the original announcement.

This latest bug problem circles right back around to the game’s Fix PUBG campaign, which had offered a timeline of improvements and adjustments that would be added between August and October. In the interest of fairness, however, this LTM SNAFU likely wasn’t something considered in those plans.

Perhaps as a result of this latest problem, players can look forward to another beanie hat.

Our Thoughts

Fix PUBG, mh? Naturally, we can’t really put the devs of this game to task too hard for something that just happened to spring up out of nowhere, but at the same time we’d be remiss if we didn’t consider that this latest issue is probably not great for the game’s overall image. Especially since competition among battle royale shooters is so tight right now.

Source: Twitter

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