Fractured Opens the Virtual Doors of its Online Store

Despite having raised $100k from private investment and $120k in crowdfunding via Kickstarter, Fractured appears to be keeping its funding options open and making support available year-round with the launch of a Fractured online store front.

fractured online store

The new Fractured store will offer replicas of the pledge packages that were previously available only on its Kickstarter, including the “early bird” bundles and other exclusive packs in limited amounts. The store will also let existing Kickstarter backers upgrade their pledge.

The store comes in two parts: the Basic Pledge Packs section, which offers most of the usual bundles and the aforementioned early bird packs; and the Limited Pledge Packs section, which feature some big ticket features and pricing. As the page name suggests, these are limited and will be phased out once Fractured begins alpha testing.

Ultimately, all pledges collected from this store front will be put towards unlocking missed Kickstarter stretch goals.

As for what’s next, Fractured’s first alpha is slated to begin in December of this year. A dev blog has offered a rundown of what the map will look like and its locations, which can be read here.

Our Thoughts

At this point, having a new and open round of pledging seems par for the crowdfunding course, so we can’t really fault Fractured for doing the same thing here. What’s most remarkable is that a fair number of the Limited Pledge Packs are already sold out at the time of this writing, so clearly people are eager to see this game funded, developed and released. We wish the devs the best of luck.

Source: press release

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