No Man’s Sky Gets Full Multiplayer and Xbox One Release in July

One of the biggest features that was over-promised and woefully under-delivered was No Man’s Sky multiplayer – the real stuff, not that weird ghost meeting thing that happened in August of 2016 or the floaty orb thing from August 2017. Now, the Next update for the survival title will bring honest-to-goodness, real, actually literal multiplayer at long freaking last.

no man's sky multiplayer

The online multiplayer features of No Man’s Sky sound like standard stuff, overall. The game will be granting the opportunity to form small teams or meet total strangers in the game’s vast universe, with the potential to make new friends or be attacked on sight. Base building will expand to let colonies be created and visited by others online, and even let players build exocraft race tracks to play on and share. Finally, players can form up wings to take on enemies – and other players – in ship-to-ship dogfights.

“Multiplayer completely changes the No Man’s Sky experience,” notes Hello Games founder Sean Murray. “It’s emergent, fun and intense in ways we always wanted it to be. I’m so happy this is finally happening.”

In addition to the multiplayer Next update, No Man’s Sky will also be making its way to the Xbox One, arriving as a complete title with Next, Atlas Rises, Foundation and Pathfinder updates included along with all of the relevant patches. As for the Next update, it will be completely free for players who currently own the title.

No Man’s Sky’s final form and the Xbox One edition will launch on Tuesday, July 24th for NA players and Friday, July 27th for players in Europe.

Our Thoughts

Finally! While No Man’s Sky has been slowly making solid and notable improvements since its disastrous launch, it’s still heartening to see that this survival sandbox is becoming the thing it was always meant to be. We expect some more information on how multiplayer will work in the coming weeks, including how PvP flagging will work…if there will be any at all.

Source: press release

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