Dauntless Introduces You to the Riftstalker

A new Halloween holiday has arrived to the online multiplayer RPG Dauntless and with it a new monster for players to hack into that pretty much looks like it came from a Halloween monster movie. Say hello to the Riftstalker: part cat, part bat, and full of all-new tricks.


The Riftstalker may look to veteran players like a spookified version of a Skarn after a diet, but it has a few unique mechanics. One of them is the ability to travel through and even pull players into rifts, where Slayers will have to survive in the creature’s dark dimension.

Another feature of this new critter is its reported level of intelligence, with AI that apparently learns from its moves and will change them. Not only does this hopefully present new challenges to players, but it also apparently presented a new challenge to the game’s engineers.

Though the Riftstalker has gone live with the game’s Dark Harvest holiday, it will not be disappearing with the event on November 1st and will instead be a permanent part of the monster roster.

Our Thoughts

Adaptive AI, huh? We’ll have to see about that. All things considered, though, the Riftstalker certainly has some interesting sounding mechanics and could be a very unique fight for players of this game to take on. Heres hoping it actually is as smart as advertised.

Source: official site

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