Closers’ Final Alpha Weekend is Open to All

Call it ramping up testing or call it a demo disguised as a test; either way, the next and final Closers alpha weekend is going to be available to everyone, regardless of whether you’ve been invited previously or not.

closers alpha weekend

The last alpha test for Closers is available to anyone who has signed up, whether they’ve done so previously, will do so before the weekend, or will do so during the weekend. The test will run starting this Friday, October 20th at 8am PDT until Sunday, October 22nd at midnight.

For those who are looking forward to beating up extra-dimensonal threats and look anime cute doing it, you can download the launcher and install it right now. A calendar of events for the final weekend, including free goodies for logging in, is detailed here.

Our Thoughts

Closers most certainly looks like a very simple but also very enjoyable combat game, so we’re sure that this final weekend will end up being a busy one. If you’ve been in the previous alpha weekend tests, we’d love to hear your impressions of this online brawler, so be sure to share them with us.

Source: official site

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