WoW Wednesday: Will War Mode Save World PvP?

Many players including myself have such fond memories of World PvP from back in Vanilla. From the long daily battles of Southshore vs Tarren Mill, Alliance ganking lowbies at the Crossroads, or even ganking or being ganked while questing through Stranglethorn Vale. Players have story after story of their adventures with World PvP. One of the best things about it was how it would bring players together. If you were getting ganked you could just ask for some help and not long after it would turn into an all-out war in that area. Sadly, once flying was introduced in The Burning Crusade players no longer had to stay and fight, they could just mount up and fly away, causing World PvP to die.

In Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard is introducing War Mode. This will allow players to opt-in to being flagged for PvP. Going to your faction’s capital city will allow you to toggle War Mode on or off. In BFA, every server will be considered a PvE server until you decide to toggle on War Mode, you will then join a PvP-active shard with other players that have also toggled on War Mode. RP realms won’t share the same shards as others, they will stick to themselves. As an incentive for players to use War Mode you will receive a 15% increased XP buff. With War Mode toggled players will also have full access to their PvP talents. We don’t know all of the rewards, or other incentives that War Mode will give us yet, but we’re not here to go into all that we are simply here to discuss if War Mode could save World PvP.

Will War Mode Save World PvP

Risk vs Rewards

Because there are rewards along with a 15% XP buff and I even heard some talk of a 10% reputation buff for having War Mode on, it will make more players want to get into World PvP. Right now most servers are unbalanced. Almost every server besides RP servers, of course, is either dominated by Horde or Alliance. War Mode having its own server that will balance itself just sounds awesome. Now, these rewards have stirred up a bit of a controversy. Some players are complaining that the 15% XP buff alone will “force” players to use War Mode but in my opinion, that’s just the risk vs reward factor. Yes, players using this mode will get an XP buff but there’s also more chance of us dying over and over compared to not having to worry about anyone ganking you while you’re trying to quest.


Could War Mode Save World PvP?

I personally believe that War Mode could bring back the community side to servers, as long as the sharding isn’t horrible like it currently is. Players will know who the problem players are and will come to each other’s rescue when called for. Imagine all of the wars and guild vs guild action that could happen with this mode. While War Mode is on, the more of the enemy faction you slay, the higher the chance they will put a bounty on your head. When a bounty is called on you, it will be announced to the enemy faction in that zone and you will appear on the main map for a reward. This is another amazing feature that will allow players to form bounty hunting groups to go and hunt these players and collect all those sweet rewards!

Personal Worries

If you can’t tell, I do believe that War Mode will save World PvP, but I do have some worries. First off, I don’t want Blizzard to think that they are rewarding War Mode players too much and take enough away to the point where War Mode won’t be worth it anymore. The experience and reputation buffs are fine, players are risking getting ganked at any moment while it’s activated, again risk vs reward. My biggest fear is what will happen to War Mode when flying is brought back in BFA? Any players with a bounty on their head can just fly around without the worry of being attacked, if there are too many players on the opposing faction at a certain World Quest, no worries just fly away. I fear that War Mode will save World PvP for a time, up until flying returns, then it slowly dies again. I will also post a link to a Blizzard Blue post about a few extra details on War Mode here.

But what are your thoughts? Are you excited for the new War Mode, or are you one of the few angry players that don’t like the rewards War Mode players will get? And of course, do you think War Mode could save World PvP?

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