ESO Marks Orisnium’s Second Year with Bonuses and Sales

It’s not often we hear about an anniversary event for a DLC pack, but that’s just what The Elder Scrolls Online is doing with the Orsinium anniversary event, which will mark the release’s second year with a sale on the DLC as well as extra bonuses for players in the Wrothgar region.

orsinium anniversary event

The Orsinium DLC itself will be discounted for both editions, with a 75% price cut for the standard edition and 60% off the deluxe edition. The deluxe edition adds a Cave Bear mount, a Cave Bear Cub pet, and five Experience Scrolls on top of the Orsinium content.

For those who buy in or already have, the Wrothgar region will be host to a variety of increased rewards. Players can expect double rewards for completing dailies in the region, double rewards in both Normal and Veteran modes of Maelstrom Arena, and double items from crafting nodes in the area excluding those spawned from Survey Reports.

The frosty celebration will run from Thursday, November 16th starting at 10am EST until Monday, November 27th. More information can be read on the website and a trailer for the event is below.

Our Thoughts

It’s a little bit baffling to mark the anniversary of DLC packs, but perhaps players of ESO feel that strongly about the Orsinium region? In any case, we’re certainly not ones to balk too loudly at DLC discounts and ramped up in-game rewards.

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