Otherland MMO Rebranded to Otherland: Next with New Expansion

Otherland, the MMO based on the famous Tad Williams book series is being rebranded as Otherland: Next. This rebranding is coming with the previously announced Fire Isle expansion which will introduce 90 new quests, legendary quests, a UI overhaul and much more.

Players will also get an exclusive sneak peek at the first third of Tad William’s upcoming novella “The Deathless Prince and the Peach Maiden” by completing a special quest. This special quest will be introduced to the game sometime after the launch of the expansion. The first 10 players to complete the quest will be eligible to play a role in Tad Williams’ next Otherland novella. Players are advised that if they want to take part in this exclusive competition they should follow the Otherland Facebook page where more information, including the starting date, will be announced.

The Fire Isle expansion will introduce the 5Isle region which is based on Chinese mythology. Players will meet up with SweetieCheng who they have previously encountered as they explore their way through a war-torn region that is engulfed in a terrible civil war. The expansion also introduces a social class that works like a secondary game mode. Players who chose the social class will skip the tutorial and head straight into Lambda Mall where they can interact, change their appearance, and enjoy the social hub. If players want to explore the rest of what the game has to offer they can unlock their character for a normal experience or create a brand new character.

Otherland: Next also focuses on improving server and connection performance by switching the system from UDP to TCP. The overhauled UI system will be introduced shortly after the expansion launches. Otherland: Next and Fire Isle are in fact available now so load up Otherland and jump right in to check it all out.

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Otherland Reveals its Upcoming Fire Isle Content Expansion

With the Otherland MMO pushing itself into the spotlight as part of the 21st anniversary of the sci-fi IP, it’s perhaps not surprising that a new content expansion is being announced. So let’s go ahead and take a moment to share the details of said content expansion, Fire Isle.

fire isle

In Fire Isle, Otherland players can look forward to a new storyline focused on the Fire Army and a nation that lies on the brink of civil war. Well-known NPC SweetieCheng will be your guide as she leads you to the isle’s true leader and closer to the final goal of defeating the Celestial Dragon.

As one would expect, Fire Isle is a pretty warm place, with lava and igneous rock covering a game landscape that spans over ten new areas. The update will add a total of 60 story quests broken up into six new chapters for what is promised to be hours of gameplay.

Fire Isle is set to be available to Otherland MMO this coming Summer, which will coincide with the short story that author Tad Williams will be releasing inspired by the game’s new region.

Our Thoughts

It’s pretty neat that an MMO inspired by an author’s book is now inspiring that same author to write something inspired by the MMO. We certainly hope that players of the Otherland MMO find a lot to enjoy when Fire Isle makes itself available.

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Otherland MMO Details its Next Developments

Yesterday, in honor of the Otherland IP’s 21st birthday, the devs of the MMO based on the universe of the novels teased some “huge” announcements. Today, word of what some of those Otherland development plans has reached us and we’ll leave the concept of size up to you.

otherland development

A press release from developer Drago Entertainment states that the team behind the Otherland MMO is working on a complete overhaul of the game’s entire UI, which is expected to be released this coming Summer. In addition, work is being done on a number of quality-of-life features as well as a large content expansion.

Specifics on what these quality-of-life features were not provided, while the content expansion in question is slated to be launched sometime later this year.

The work on Otherland MMO is part of continued efforts by Drago Entertainment to improve the title, which has previously included changes to combat, tutorials, character customization, and overhauls of zones such as Lambda Mall and Bad Sector.

Our Thoughts

We’re not quite sure an overhauled UI would qualify as “huge”, but we assume that and other quality-of-life enhancements will certainly be welcome. Ideally, we’ll learn more about what this content expansion is all about as we move forward through the rest of the year…or perhaps during the rest of the game’s celebration of the Otherland IP’s anniversary.

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Otherland MMO Prepares Announcements for the IP’s 21st Anniversary

Over two decades ago, the first Otherland novel by Tad Williams was published, marking a milestone for sci-fi fans. In the spirit of that milestone, Otherland MMO announcements are lined up by the devs of the game, promising treats for the IP’s fans and “huge” reveals.

otherland mmo announcements

Over the next few weeks, the devs of Otherland MMO will be offering a variety of insights into the game’s development, including where they plan to take the game next and the promise of major announcements. The devs will also be having an interview with author Tad Williams.

“21 years ago the first Otherland novel was published and marked the beginning of what would become a lynchpin of modern science fiction literature,” reads the post “As a game developer, working on an MMO that is based on a whole multiverse of fascinating worlds and a backstory that truly captures our imagination has been a dream come true!”

As far as the Otherland MMO, the most recent update to the game focused on adding new framework to help the game get updated faster according to the most recent patch notes.

A schedule for these announcements wasn’t part of the post, but fans are urged to visit the Otherland game Facebook page every day in order to see what’s next.

Our Thoughts

We’re certainly curious what sorts of “huge” things Otherland MMO is planning to drop on us and one could certainly do worse than timing these reveals to coincide with the Otherland’s 21st anniversary. What sorts of things are you perhaps hoping to be revealed?

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Best MMO Halloween Event 2017

If there is one event MMOs love to take part in more than any others it is Halloween. That is why in this list you’ll find 60 different games with Halloween events! We decided to leave out the MOBAs and Shooters from this list but if they were put back in it would easily have a hundred games in it. But which is the best MMO Halloween event?

This poll is all about finding out what your favorite MMO Halloween event is this year. The winner gets a badge on their MMOGames profile and bragging rights for the entire year.

If your favorite isn’t on the list, or you know of a game we missed let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it as quickly as possible.


MMO Halloween

To take part just find your favorite MMO in the list below and leave a vote. You can only vote for one game at a time, but be sure to keep coming back as you can place more votes every day.

Voting will continue until the end of October 31st when the top three winners will be declared.


Which is the best MMO Halloween Event? Your vote will decide…

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