Hi-Rez Sees Your Bad Paladins Fanart and Removes Cards Unbound

Earlier this week, I came across the phenomenon of bad Paladins fanart created in Paint to protest the controversial Cards Unbound, the game’s lootboxes that players deemed incredibly pay-to-win and well… the results were frankly majestic. Still, the desired result of any protest is change, and that is precisely what Hi-Rez have offered with the removal of Cards Unbound.

Speaking to the playerbase directly, Executive Producer Chris Larson explained that looking solely at the Cards Unbound metrics, the system was actually fairly successful from a financial and player conversion standpoint however, they have heard players complaints loud and clear.

“We know this system has angered many of our most loyal fans and become a point of continuous contention in the Paladins community (and even inside of Hi-Rez). Your voice has been heard loud and clear.

Our team will be working over the next major release cycle to remove Cards Unbound from the game. We will be replacing it with a new system that I believe the community will be really excited about — including the re-introduction of the deck building point system, and a method for obtaining cards that will be way less grindy.”

New Card System

Larson says that Hi-Rez first and foremost want Paladins’ card system to be about fun ways to customize champions and that they want to bring competitive and casual playstyles together within one system so that there is no more separation of bound vs unbound.

The rough outline for the new system, though subject to change, is thus:

  • Legendary Cards will now be called Talents.
  • Talents will only have a single level.
    • Talents will be unlocked for free by earning XP and gaining Champion levels (for example; level 1,5,10,15).
  • All Champion Cards will now be free (No cost or grind).
  • Deck creation will return to a point system where players can distribute 15 points across the five cards they select for their loadout. Each Champion Card will have five ranks to choose from.
  • Talents will not have ranks, and are not included in the loadout point cap.
  • Talents and Decks will continue to be chosen at match start to allow players to tailor their playstyles based on their opponents.<
  • New Talents will be added over time and give further varied playstyles.
  • Champion Mastery will no longer be capped at level 25. Instead, it will work similarly to Player Account leveling (which has no cap).
  • Card chests will be removed from the game.
  • We are evaluating the best options to compensate players for their previously earned cards, and hope to share details soon.

We can expect to see this new system on the PTS asap, perhaps as soon as next week, so if you want to be involved in making sure the Cards Unbound replacement is up to scratch, make sure you get in on that and share any thoughts and critique you can.


In other Paladins-related news, Battlegrounds began Open Beta testing on Wednesday so if you’re interested in seeing how Hi-Rez do the battle royale format, you can you can read more about the latest update here or watch the video attached below.

Our Thoughts

Hahahahahahahahaha. I’m sorry, I didn’t get to say it earlier and bad art is my one true weakness. Thanks to the legend on the Paladins subreddit for documenting everything, but perhaps most importantly, thanks to Hi-Rez for listening to its fans and making the change. It is always awesome to see devs listening to players and this is a good step forward.

Source: Google Doc, Official Site via MassivelyOP

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Here Are Full Matches of Paladins Battlegrounds in Action

So Paladins Battlegrounds, the combination of the original hero shooter and battle royale, is confirmed. But just how does it work, exactly? After all, the initial reveal and subsequent announcement trailer didn’t have a lot to go on. Luckily, Hi-Rez Studios has provided not just details but a complete Paladins Battlegrounds match to take in. Two of them, even.

paladins battlegrounds match

Here’s how things work out: each team chooses one of a randomly selected series of areas to arrive on the mode’s map and everyone lands in the same spot near each other. After that, it’s essentially a scavenger hunt for chests that have cards to fill one of four inventory slots; Crystal, Armor, Gloves and Boots. Cards come in Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary tiers, with Legendaries only found in chests that drop from zeppelins that randomly arrive over the map.

According to the running commentary in the video, the combination of cards and a mounting metric that increases your attack power for every kill you secure is meant to incentivize aggressive play and discourage camping or hiding in one spot. The end of the video also states that cards from the in-game store aren’t planned to go outside of the offerings they have now, since their benefits apply in all of Paladins’ modes.

If you’ve got about an hour to burn, you can watch the matches in the video below.

Our Thoughts

While we can’t make assumptions of Paladins Battlegrounds from watching footage alone in the interest of fairness, it does appear that there’s not much here that really makes this mode shine brighter than other battle royale games like PUBG. Perhaps the team composition, hero skills, and emphasis on aggressive play and looting are enough, but we’re not completely convinced yet. That said, we’ll still be curious to get a hands-on when we’re able to.

Source: YouTube

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Paladins is Adding a Battle Royale Mode

If you somehow weren’t sure that PUBG has made a monumental influence in gaming, then let the new Paladins battle royale mode be an example. In spite of the perhaps obvious inspiration, Paladins: Battlegrounds is promising something new both in setting and in gameplay.

paladins battle royale

In the announcement, it was explained that the combination of a fantasy setting and the ability-based hero combat of Paladins combines with battle royale for what is intended to be a completely new experience.

“Riding on a mount through this massive fantasy-themed map, looking for gear and cooperating with your team, Paladins: Battlegrounds delivers some of the feel of open-world MMO PvP but all within a 20-minute match,” says Paladins executive producer Todd Harris.

Paladins: Battlegrounds is built to be a team-based affair from the ground up. 100 players will spawn into a map that’s 300 times the size of a regular Paladins Siege map, where they can ride their mounts across the area to scavenge loot, find dropped crates from passing zeppelins and, of course, find members of the opposing team to take out. Like other battle royale games, there will be a fog that closes in to shrink the battlefield. Last team standing wins.

If you prefer your Paladins without any PUBG, Hi-Rez has also made some reveals at HRX on that front as well:

  • The 35th Champion, Moji has been revealed, a Flank character who rides a two-headed dragon into battle and can transform foes into treats for her pet to snack on.
  • Team Deathmatch is on the way, along with a brand new map.
  • A new Battle Cat mount type, the first of which will be handed out free to Twitch Prime members along with other goodies.
  • An in-development mobile title called Paladins Strike, which combines a hero shooter with a MOBA in a top-down view and controls refined for mobile gaming.

As for Paladins: Battlegrounds, the mode will be free-to-play as is the case for Paladins entirely. An alpha build of the mode is playable on the HRX floor, while the mode is expected to release sometime in 2018. You can check out the mode’s teaser trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Paladins is most definitely stepping on the gas for 2018, both in the base game and with this new battle royale mode. We’re not completely sure if this Battlegrounds mode is really unique enough to make it stand out, but we are certainly curious to try it ourselves at some point. We’re even more curious to learn how fans will react to this addition, so if you’ve got opinions for or against Paladins: Battlegrounds, be sure to let us know.

Source: press release

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