Top MMO News Stories of 2019

The end of 2019 is upon us and that means it is time for us to break down the top MMO news stories of 2019. To say that it was a wild year would be a bit of an understatement. There were a number of huge launches this year, rumors abound, and trouble for some of the industry’s biggest developers. These are the top MMO news stories of 2019.


Guild Wars 3 May Be in Development

In October ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien, known by the community as MO left the company after 19 years. At the time an unnamed source told Kotaku that he hand been working on an unannounced Guild Wars project that could potentially be Guild Wars 3. The source also said that Guild Wars 3 hadn’t been officially greenlit but that the work O’Brien and his team had been doing could have developed into a sequel. Since then there hasn’t been any update on the story but a number of other high profile departures from ArenaNet have taken place.


Remnant: From the Ashes Launch

The launch of Remnant: From the Ashes took MMOGames readers by storm this year as the announcement of it’s launch was one of our most-read news posts all year. This Souls-like shooter has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and if you happen to be reading this while the Steam Winter Sale is on then you can get it 30% off. Its dark fantasy atmosphere is a rare treat and the fact that you can play it as a single-player game makes it all the better.


ArcheAge Buy to Play Option

Gamigo announced in August that ArcheAge would be getting a buy to play option called ArcheAge Unchained. This announcement seemed to come out of nowhere and captured the attention of untold thousands. When it launched in October the servers were plagued with thousands of people stuck in queues for hours on end, a testament to how popular the buy to play option was. The queues continued for several weeks after the launch though thankfully they did settle down eventually.


WoW Classic Launch

The launch of WoW Classic was somewhat overshadowed by some other events that were going on for Blizzard at the time, you’ll see more about them later. However, Vanilla WoW fans finally got what they had been asking for, a fresh start in World of Warcraft from the beginning, or at least as close to it as they will ever get. The launch also seemed to bring out some of the worst in people though, just before launch there was a debate about which servers to go on to avoid Twitch streamers because they weren’t part of the original experience in the game. A few months on now conversations about WoW Classic have died down fairly quickly. That’s not to say it wasn’t successful, but it was a bit like when Pokemon Go launched, everyone talked about it for a couple of weeks and then the vast majority of “tourist” players left and only the dedicated core remained.


Phantasy Star Online 2 in the West

Phantasy Star Online 2 launched in Japan in 2012 and ever since then there has been a very dedicated bunch of gamers who have lamented that PSO2 never made it to the West. Many had given up hope. Which is why it came as such a huge surprise when it was announced that the game would finally be launching in the West, or at least in North America. The game won’t be launching until Q2 2020 so expect to see a whole lot more about it in the coming months.


Brad McQuaid’s Death

This year the MMO industry lost one of its icons when developer Brad McQuaid suddenly died in November. McQuaid is best known for his work on fantasy MMORPGs starting with the original Everquest. He went on to create Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and was working on the development of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen at the time of his passing. His death was unexpected and surprised the entire community. Developers of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen have said they would continue the visionary work McQuaid had started.


FFXIV Shadowbringers Launch

Though there was no one single news post we could point to for the launch of FFXIV Shadowbringers and its massive popularity we would be remiss in leaving it out of this list. Shadowbringers has been called the best FFXIV expansion to date and in fact, many even hailed it as the best MMORPG expansion of all time. That amount of praise was almost enough to get our most reclusive writers to try FFXIV, almost. Still, it was a fantastic expansion and easily could have been the biggest news of the year had it happened in any year other than 2019.


Riot Games Discrimination and Walkout

This year had a rough start for Riot Games as it was knee-deep in sexism, sexual harassment, and discrimination allegations. In response, Riot suspended their COO and hired their first Chief Diversity Officer. Five lawsuits came about as a result of the allegations and two of them were forced into private arbitration. This while tech giants Google and Facebook announced they were ending forced arbitration for harassment cases. Riot continued to make a number of unpopular choices for their employees which resulted in an employee walkout, the first time that had ever happened in the video games industry. It all finally came to an end at the beginning of December when it was announced that Riot Games would pay at least $10 million to about a thousand female employees who are eligible for a share.


Blizzard Boycott

As previously mentioned, there was one Blizzard story that dominated them all this year and that was the boycott and backlash the company faced after suspending a pro-gamer after he showed his support for the Hong Kong protestors in a live event. The two casters who were interviewing him were also suspended. This resulted in a very public backlash that included US Senators as well as gamers and non-gamers across the world. There was even an employee protest at Blizzard HQ over Blizzard’s reaction to the events. In the end, Blizzard decided they would give the esports star his winnings and reduced everyone’s suspension to 6 months. Shortly after the story was all but forgotten as Blizzcon made some major announcements that seemed to distract fans.


City of Heroes Revival

Shutdown MMO Emulators

The honor of the top MMO news story of 2019 goes to the revival of beloved superhero MMORPG City of Heroes. It was a crazy year but no story lifted more hearts in the MMO world than the return of City of Heroes. Earlier this year it was revealed that there had been a secret server of City of Heroes and shortly after that the first new City of Heroes server open to the public opened up. Since then thousands of accounts have been made across a number of different servers. These servers have small groups of volunteer developers working on making improvements to the 15-year-old game and there are quite a few to pick from, though the most populated are part of the Homecoming group. City of Heroes makes the top of our list for being the story that has had the widest and most long-lasting impact. We can’t wait to see what the new year holds for the revival of City of Heroes.

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MMORPG Legend Brad McQuaid Has Died

Legendary MMORPG developer Brad McQuaid has died at age 51. His death was first reported on the Patheon: Rise of the Fallen forums, this was the MMO he was working on at the time of his death. According to the forum post by Benjamin Dean from Visionary Realms McQuaid died at home.

“Brad was a visionary, a mentor, an artist, a trailblazer, a friend, a husband, a father. He touched thousands of lives with his dreams and concepts. He changed the landscape of video games forever. He will be deeply missed and forever remembered in life and in Pantheon.

Thank you, Brad, for bringing us together through your worlds. Rest in peace, Aradune.”

McQuaid is perhaps best known for his work on Everquest. He joined SOE in 1996 as the lead programmer for the historic MMO and later went on to a producer role and then Chief Creative Officer. Upon hearing of his death his former boss, John Smedley took to Twitter to say “Brad was an amazingly talented creator and Everquest wouldn’t exist without his genius. He will be missed.”

In 2002 McQuaid left SOE to found Sigil Games which created Vanguard: Saga of Heroes which was eventually bought by SOE. From 2012 to 2013 he briefly rejoined SOE before once again going independent. This time it was to create Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen which had its successful Kickstarter in 2014.

It isn’t too much of a stretch at all to say that the entire MMO genre wouldn’t be what it is today without the contributions Brad McQuaid made. It has been asked that the privacy of his family is respected during this difficult time. But, if you would like to share heartwarming stories that his wife and daughter will see Smedley has suggested sending those stories to @aradune on Twitter.


Source: Pantheon Forums, Smedley’s Twitter

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Reveals its Caster Classes

Some like to tank. Some like to stare mirthlessly at a DPS parser. And some like to wear swishy robes and throw spells about. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has offered its final three classes for that third type of player with a look at the Pantheon caster classes, which happen to be the final three options players will have come launch.

pantheon caster classes

As we’ve done with previous class reveals for Pantheon, we’ll go ahead and go through each one line by line:

  • The Summoner gets the ability to call forth a mana ghost known as an Arcamental and imbue it with the four classic elemental properties for utility as well as DPS.
  • Wizards look like your classic glass cannons that wield Frost, Fire or Arcane magics. Its most unique trait is that focusing on one of these three spell types offers a passive, stacking buff.
  • Finally, the Enchanter brings crowd control and utility to the caster lineup, offering damage and lockdown to foes, boons to allies, and even unique spells like one that allows you to transform into a nearby object to hide in plain sight.

These classes, along with the other six revealed previously, will all be playable starting with the MMO’s next alpha test build.

Our Thoughts

So, nothing terribly unique with the wizard class and arguably not much with the summoner, but the enchanter class could certainly be an interesting pick. It’s just a question of how well crowd control gameplay will work with the earlier referenced DPS players. Especially those who pay more attention to a parser than to what’s going on around them as they attack a locked-down target ahead of time. You know who you are.

Source: official site

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Healer Classes Unveiled by Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

In any trinity MMO, or most MMOs for that matter, having healing skills is important if you want to see your way through most content in a group setting. So, the arrival of Pantheon healer classes to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen will be welcome to most group-minded folks. Or those of us who like to play healers. AKA “Tank Babysitters”.

pantheon healer

The three new healers are the Cleric, the Druid and the Shaman, complete with their usual breakdowns of some backstory, the races that can play the classes in question, and a little tidbit about how each healer operates.

Clerics build up a resource called Celestial Power by healing or aiding allies, along with abilities that either raise Celestial Power or spend it for the abilities to go off. If the Cleric stores up enough Celestial Power, they’ll establish a Celestial Bond that will Celestial Power cost abilities reduced by a percentage.

Druids use Mana as a resource, with most of their healing abilities coming from the expected use of nature magic. Druids also get a small white fox companion pet which can perform a variety of actions from applying heals over time to a targeted ally to reducing Nature and Fire resistances of a target.

Finally, Shamans have a resource known as Vision that builds when they use healing abilities on themselves and allies. When Vision is built up, the Shaman gets a buff to their spellcasting speed. Most of this class’ healing skills appear to focus on heal-over-time effects.

In addition to the greater breakdown of these three new healers, Pantheon fans can also get some more lore details about Giants, read a Q&A with senior programmer Jason Weimann, and get other progress details of the MMO’s development all in the newsletter.

Our Thoughts

Yay, healers! Seriously, plenty of us appreciate our healers if we don’t play them ourselves, and while the healer classes of Pantheon aren’t exactly mind-blowing in their uniqueness, they do sound on paper to be comfortable to play and beneficial to have.

Source: newsletter

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Pantheon Reveals the Ranger, Rogue and Monk Classes

They might be standard fare in the world of fantasy gaming and fantasy MMOs, but that’s not stopping them from being the latest Pantheon class reveals. The latest newsletter offered some initial information about the Ranger, Monk and Rogue classes of the sandbox title.

pantheon class reveals

The newsletter offered a bit of a lore primer for each of the three classes in question and also redirected to each of the class pages to provide some more context on how they play. As one would expect, all three are DPS-focused, with both the Rogue and Ranger providing some utility, while the Monk can perform off-tank duties by utilizing healing and defensive skills.

The newsletter also goes over a few other tidbits, including a deep dive into the background of the North Tusk Orcs, a few words about the team’s experience at PAX East, and the usual community spotlight. You can get started on all of the newsletter happenings starting here.

Our Thoughts

While these three classes aren’t really reinventing the wheel, it’s also perhaps a case of not fixing what’s not broken. While it’d be nice for these archetypes to get some more unique spins, we expect they’ll fall into place neatly in the grander scheme of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s experience.

Source: official newsletter

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Pantheon Offers a Look at Development Progress

It’s been slow and steady progress if a Pantheon state of the game blog post has anything to say about it. After one year’s worth of work, developer Chris “Joppa” Jenkins has penned a roundup of what the team has been working on for the MMORPG.

pantheon state of the game

While the most important milestone for Pantheon is, understandably, the game’s pre-alpha, work continues on several aspects of the game. The game’s first start-to-finish storyline and the Perception system move ahead smoothly, while work on combat, NPCs, and overall balance appears to be going well.

Class design is also a focus, with particular attention being paid to the Ranger and Dire Lord. Work on the Ranger class will help inform the design of enemies in the game who also use ranged attacks, while the Dire Lord will get some more specific details in a later update.

The game’s beginning to look a bit prettier as well, with development on several zones pressing on and new character models for humans, Halflings, and elves expected in the game soon. The team is also making progress on a character shader that will have applications for Pantheon’s environment objects as well.

As for what’s next, the team is looking ahead to its second pre-alpha test, which is due to being in a few weeks. Information on the scope of that test was not in the post, but we’re expecting details surrounding that soon. Pantheon will also have a spot on the PAX East show floor in booth 24096 should you be in the neighborhood.

Our Thoughts

Sounds like everything is on-track for Pantheon. While we have certainly poked fun at their attention to grass, it is good to see such a comprehensive list of work on gameplay, models, and other systems to make this MMORPG pull together. We wish the devs continued good luck and lots of progress for the rest of this year.

Source: official site

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MMO Alpha and Beta List: December 15, 2017

We’ve almost reached the end of 2017 which means there are a few holiday beta events taking place. If you’re on the lookout for one of these, try Hyper Universe, Saga of Lucimia, or Escape from Tarkov.

Pre-Alpha has begun for high-end backers of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Dragon of Legends

Dragon of Legends

While Dragon of Legends, Wild Buster and OrbusVR all entered Early Access. OrbusVR vows not to have any further wipes, so this could be considered a soft launch.

Moonlight Blade announced they’ll be heading to open beta in Korea in January. While TERA for consoles started testing this week.

Most excitingly, Conan Exiles has announced a release date of May 8th. This will be for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


As always there is much more in the list below. Keep an eye out for the new  flag which will tell you what was added this week.


Don’t forget to place a vote for the best beta of 2017 in our Reader’s Choice Awards.


Pre-Alpha & Alpha

Arcfall Official Site MMO Survival
Ark Park Official Site Dinosaur VR Launch Dec
Ashes of Creation Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG Alpha Dec 15
Bless Online Official Site MMORPG Korea Alpha
Camelot Unchained Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Children of Ur Official Site Glitch-revival
Copia Official Site Strategy Card Game
Dogma: Eternal Night Official Site Gothic Horror MMO
Dual Universe Official Site Sci-Fi MMORPG Pre-Alpha
Eco Official Site Global Survival Game
Empyrion Official Site MMORPG
Exidium Corp Official Site Sci-Fi Sandbox
Fangold Official Site Digital TCG
Forsaken Legends Official Site Multiplayer Formerly MMORPG
Islands of Nyne Official Site Battle Royal Nov 25
Little War Online Official Site 2D MMORPG
New Dawn Official Site Survival Sandbox
 Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Official Site MMORPG Backer Pre-Alpha
Preta: Vendetta Rising Official Site Hack and Slash MORPG
Project Genom Official Site Sci-Fi Shooter
Project Gorgon Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Prosperous Universe Official Site Space
Pumpkin Online Official Site Non-Combat Game
Rebel Horizons Official Site Sci-Fi MMO
Sacrament Official Site Indie MMORPG
SamuTale Official Site Sandbox MMO
Sea of Thieves Official Site Pirate Adventure MMO Technical Alpha
Skara – The Blade Remains Official Site MOBA(ish)
Starbourne Official Site 4X MMORTS
Tale of Toast Official Site Indie PvP
Untitled Tactical Shooter Official Site Tactical Shooter From Automaton Games
Valiance Online Official Site Superhero MMORPG
Zombie Barricades Official Site 3rd Person RPG


Early Access



Abatron Official Site RTS FPS
Age of Heroes VR Official Site MMORPG inspired VR
Arena: Cyber Evolution Official Site Sports MOBA
Battalion 1944 Official Site WW2 Multiplayer Shooter
Boundless Official Site Voxel Sandbox MMO
Blast Out Official Site PvP Brawler AKA RUiN
Citadel: Forged With Fire Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG
Conan Exiles Official Site Open World Survival Launch May 8
Crowfall Official Site Strategy MMORPG
Dark and Light Official Site Dark Survival MMORPG
Days of War Official Site WWII Shooter
DayZ Official Site Zombie Survival
Descent: Underground Official Site Multiplayer Sci-Fi Shooter
Divided We Fall Official Site Team Strategy Game
 Dragon of Legends Official Site Online ARPG
Gloria Victis Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Golden Rush Official Site 4-Team MOBA
Grav Official Site Sci-Fi Sandbox MMO
H1Z1 Official Site Zombie Survival
Heavy Gear Assault Official Site MMO-ish PvP Arena
Hellion Official Site Multiplayer Space Survival
Hyper Universe Official Site Side Scroll MOBA
Islet Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
JCB Pioneer: Mars Official Site Survival Sandbox
Jeklynn Heights Official Site Match-Based Multiplayer
Labyrinth Official Site CCG RPG
Line of Defense Official Site MMOFPS
Linkrealms Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Naval Action Official Site Naval Sandbox MMO
Novus Inceptio Official Site Sandbox Survival MMO
Of Kings and Men Official Site Multiplayer Strategy
One Tower Official Site Micro MOBA
 OrbusVR Official Site VR MMORPG No more wipes
Osiris: New Dawn Official Site Space Survival Adventure
Out of Reach Official Site Survival Sandbox
Overpower Official Site MOBA-Style MMOFPS
Pathfinder Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Official Site Battle Royale Survival
Quake Champions Official Site Shooter
Riding Out Official Site Horse MMO
Rokh Official Site Sci-Fi Survival
Saga of Lucimia Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Savage Lands Official Site Multiplayer Survival
Shroud of the Avatar Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Star Citizen Official Site Spaceship Simulator
Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Official Site Arena PvP
The Black Death Official Site Medieval Survival MMO
The Exiled Official Site PvP Sandbox
The Isle Official Site Dinosaur Survival
The Culling Official Site Battle Royale Shooter
Throne of Lies Official Site Social Deduction
Tiger Knight Empire At War Official Site PvP Strategy
TUG Official Site Sandbox Survival
Utherous Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG
Valnir Rok Official Site Norse Sandbox
VRobot Official Site Robot Smash VR
 Wild Buster Official Site Sci-fi Hack’n’Slash
Wild Terra Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Wild West Online Official Site Wild West Sandbox MMORPG
Win That War! Official Site MMORTS


Closed Beta

Martial Arts

Moonlight Blade

Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) Official Site MMORPG Korean Only
Closers Official Site Anime Action RPG
Dauntless Official Site Co-op Action RPG Open Beta in 2018
Dead Maze Official Site Zombie Iso MMO
Durango Official Site Mobile Dinosaur Survival Launches Q4 2017
Escape From Tarkov Official Site Military MMO
Fairy Tale: Hero’s Journey Official Site Online RPG
Fringe Wars Official Site Space MOBA Spring 2018
Ironsight Official Site FPS
Legends of Aria Official Site Sandbox MMORPG “Coming Soon”
Lost Ark Official Site Diablo-esque Action Game Korea Only
Luna Online Official Site Anime MMORPG SE Asia Beta
Magic: The Gathering Arena Official Site Card Game
 Moonlight Blade Official Site MMORPG Korea Open Beta January
PigBang Official Site Mobile MOBA
Royal Blood Official Site Mobile MMORPG
Runewards Official Site CCG iOS Beta
Shadowgun Legends Official Site Destiny-like Mobile
Shattered Skies Official Site Survival Shooter
Shot Online Golf Official Site Golf the MMO
Soul Master Official Site RTS/RPG Blend
Space Junkies Official Site VR Shooter By Ubisoft
Switchblade Official Site 5v5 Vehicle Arena PC & PS4
 TERA Official Site MMORPG PS4 & Xbox One
Total War: ARENA Official Site RTS Battle
Worlds Adrift Official Site Sandbox MMO


Open Beta

Monster Hunter World

Battlesplash Official Site Water Shooter
Ever, Jane Official Site Jane Austen MMORPG
INSIDIA Official Site Strategy PvP
Life is Feudal Official Site MMORPG
Monster Hunter World Official Site ARPG Console
Paladins Official Site Team-Based Shooter
Paragon Official Site MOBA
Pocket Legends Adventures Official Site Mobile MMORPG
Supernova Official Site Sci-fi MOBA
Tannenberg Official Site WW1 Shooter
Transformers Online Official Site Overwatch a-like Chinese Beta



Shadow's Kiss

Citadel of Sorcery Open Donation MMORPG
City of Titans Kickstarter Superhero MMORPG Coming Soon
Exile Online Gofundme Dystopia Cyberpunk In Development
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Open Donation Fantasy MMORPG
Sacrament Patreon Indie MMORPG
Shadow’s Kiss Patreon Vampire Adult MMORPG
Star Citizen Open Donation Space Simulator MMO
Valiance Online Open Donation Superhero MMORPG Ongoing


Announced But Unplayable

Vermintide 2

Aion Tempest Official Site Mobile MMORPG
The Amazing Eternals Official Site FPS-Deckbuilding Strategy
Formerly Called Keystone, Development Stopped
Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) Official Site MMORPG
Beta in 2018, Formerly Project W
Blade and Soul 2 Official Site Mobile Game Releasing 2018, NCSoft
Blade and Soul Revolution Official Site Mobile MMO By Netmarble
Breakaway Official Site Sport Brawler Hiatus
Chronicles of Elyria Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
City of Titans Official Site Superhero MMORPG Pre-Alpha 2017
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Official Site HP Mobile ARG
Created by Niantic who made Pokemon Go
Lineage Eternal Official Site Action MMORPG
Delayed, Called Project TL
Maguss Official Site Magic Location Based ARG
Harry Potter meets Pokemon Go
Pantropy Official Site MMOFPS Kickstarter in Nov
Project Z Online Official Site Tab Target MMORPG By ChangYou
Seed Official Site Survival
Ship of Heroes Official Site Superhero MMORPG
Alpha Dec 2017, Beta Dec 2018
Untitled Funcom Conan Game Official Site Turn-based Strategy
Vermintide 2 Official Site Warhammer Shooter
God Slayer Online Official Site MMORPG By ChangYou

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Begins Pre-Alpha

Today marks a major milestone for the devs of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Pantheon pre-alpha testing is officially underway, granting the most fervent of supporters of the MMO their first chance to enter the world that was previously only shown off in blog posts and livestreams.

pantheon pre-alpha

Why mention the whole “fervent supporter” part? Because the pre-alpha is currently only available to those who have buy in to VIP tiers, which range in price from $1,000 to $10,000.

The limit has been imposed as a result of the pre-alpha pool reportedly exceeding the dev’s goals, but if you’ve got four to five figures to spend you can still buy in until December 20th. After that, pre-alpha will not be available for any pledge tier.

So what will testing bring? Pre-alpha will have players arriving to Thronefast, the city which was the focus of the most recent development livestream. Specifics of content were not directly outlined in the announcement, but it is noted that testers will get to literally see the game world grow around them, along with some grayboxing for several buildings in Thronefast and, apparently, some artisanally crafted grass.

More information about testing is expected to be announced over the next several weeks on both the game’s official website and social media.

Our Thoughts

While things appear to be pretty threadbare content-wise, that’s also part and parcel of a pre-alpha test build. Here’s hoping that supporters like what they see and that the devs behind Pantheon are able to pull together some good data and a good plan going forward.

Source: newsletter

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Details a City’s Creation in Livestream

Capital cities in MMORPGs can serve a number of purposes, whether it’s a place for roleplayers to gather or the spot where the auction house board lives. In the most recent Pantheon livestream, the devs of the upcoming MMO detail their thought processes behind the creation of one of these cities and what they hope to convey to players.

pantheon livestream

The city in question is Thronefast, a capital city which was described as a key part of the new player experience in the region it’s located. During the stream, the devs and streamer CohhCarnage walked through parts of Thronefast which were still in the process of being built, along with a look at various pieces of concept art being used to flesh out the city.

According to the devs, heavy attention to detail is being put into Thronefast’s design, from the scale of buildings to the placement of player service buildings such as banks. The devs even went so far as to nod to sound queues just behind the main gate bearing the weight of player choice, with the clangor of soldier training planned to come from the left and the chanting of priests coming from the right and how that can affect a player’s decision on which way to go.

Pantheon will be closing off pledge tiers that include pre-alpha access on December 20th, while payment options that include pre-alpha access will be closed off on November 26th. The tiers are being closed off as a result of the pre-alpha testing pool nearing the number that the devs are looking for.

The stream in question is a beefy 49+ minutes, so get comfortable and learn about all of the details in the video below.

Our Thoughts

While the level of detail and attention to minor things is certainly fascinating, we also hope that this doesn’t lead to the devs overthinking matters. The lore of a city and the feeling a building evokes can very often be secondary or even tertiary to players if the actual MMORPG gameplay portion isn’t interesting enough.

Source: YouTube

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Halflings Arrive to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Today has some big news. ..well, half-big news. Somewhat short news? News that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Halflings are a thing. The reveal of the race to the MMORPG goes into great depth about how they were conceived and brought to life in-game.

pantheon: rise of the fallen halflings

When one thinks “Halfling”, Tolkien’s Hobbits almost immediately spring to mind. To that end, the devs knew that they had to design Pantheon’s Halflings differently. “The basis for Pantheon’s Halflings started when we asked, ‘What if they had a reason behind their appearance?’,” says lead writer Justin Gerhart. “Major inspiration for their flavoring came from [creative director Chris Perkins] simply saying, ‘I see a bit of the lost boys in them’. That really was the final push to get out of the lazy chair and live among this wild, paradoxical and joyful people.”

To drive home the connection between the Halflings and the land, designs of their equipment and their housing focused on using furs and leathers much like in tribal traditions and films like Hook. The blog post goes in to further and deeper details on the Halfling’s creation, so if you’re curious to learn about how game designers conceive things, be sure to go take a look.

Our Thoughts

It’s easy to make a change to an established fantasy race simply for the sake of making a change, but it looks like the folks behind Pantheon’s Halflings really thought things through to make them truly unique. Now we want to know when they’ll arrive in-game.

Source: official site

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