Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Reveals its Caster Classes

Some like to tank. Some like to stare mirthlessly at a DPS parser. And some like to wear swishy robes and throw spells about. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has offered its final three classes for that third type of player with a look at the Pantheon caster classes, which happen to be the final three options players will have come launch.

pantheon caster classes

As we’ve done with previous class reveals for Pantheon, we’ll go ahead and go through each one line by line:

  • The Summoner gets the ability to call forth a mana ghost known as an Arcamental and imbue it with the four classic elemental properties for utility as well as DPS.
  • Wizards look like your classic glass cannons that wield Frost, Fire or Arcane magics. Its most unique trait is that focusing on one of these three spell types offers a passive, stacking buff.
  • Finally, the Enchanter brings crowd control and utility to the caster lineup, offering damage and lockdown to foes, boons to allies, and even unique spells like one that allows you to transform into a nearby object to hide in plain sight.

These classes, along with the other six revealed previously, will all be playable starting with the MMO’s next alpha test build.

Our Thoughts

So, nothing terribly unique with the wizard class and arguably not much with the summoner, but the enchanter class could certainly be an interesting pick. It’s just a question of how well crowd control gameplay will work with the earlier referenced DPS players. Especially those who pay more attention to a parser than to what’s going on around them as they attack a locked-down target ahead of time. You know who you are.

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Healer Classes Unveiled by Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

In any trinity MMO, or most MMOs for that matter, having healing skills is important if you want to see your way through most content in a group setting. So, the arrival of Pantheon healer classes to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen will be welcome to most group-minded folks. Or those of us who like to play healers. AKA “Tank Babysitters”.

pantheon healer

The three new healers are the Cleric, the Druid and the Shaman, complete with their usual breakdowns of some backstory, the races that can play the classes in question, and a little tidbit about how each healer operates.

Clerics build up a resource called Celestial Power by healing or aiding allies, along with abilities that either raise Celestial Power or spend it for the abilities to go off. If the Cleric stores up enough Celestial Power, they’ll establish a Celestial Bond that will Celestial Power cost abilities reduced by a percentage.

Druids use Mana as a resource, with most of their healing abilities coming from the expected use of nature magic. Druids also get a small white fox companion pet which can perform a variety of actions from applying heals over time to a targeted ally to reducing Nature and Fire resistances of a target.

Finally, Shamans have a resource known as Vision that builds when they use healing abilities on themselves and allies. When Vision is built up, the Shaman gets a buff to their spellcasting speed. Most of this class’ healing skills appear to focus on heal-over-time effects.

In addition to the greater breakdown of these three new healers, Pantheon fans can also get some more lore details about Giants, read a Q&A with senior programmer Jason Weimann, and get other progress details of the MMO’s development all in the newsletter.

Our Thoughts

Yay, healers! Seriously, plenty of us appreciate our healers if we don’t play them ourselves, and while the healer classes of Pantheon aren’t exactly mind-blowing in their uniqueness, they do sound on paper to be comfortable to play and beneficial to have.

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MMOGames’ 2018 Predictions for Online Gaming

We’re just a few short days away from the end of 2017. It’s time to look ahead at 2018 and the year to come. We asked the MMOGames writing team what they thought would happen next year. Here are their 2018 predictions for online gaming.

Chris Hughes

So as I mentioned in the previous write-up about MMOs in 2018, I have a feeling that Kickstarter games are going to become…well…games.

The reason I come to this is really just a matter of time for some of the larger titles that are in the crowdfunding space. Crowfall immediately springs to mind, but I also feel that games like Chronicles of Elyria, Pantheon and Dual Universe will make some really big strides in terms of development and possibly even full release.

Of course, this doesn’t completely wash away the bitter aftertaste of ballooning projects like Star Citizen or games that seem more interested in selling design documents instead of games like Ashes of Creation or Saga of Lucimia, but overall I still feel like the crowdfunding platform is going to grow a bit more legitimacy overall. And in my opinion, it’s still a great place for genuinely intriguing MMO ideas to spawn. I’m lookin’ at you, Shadow’s Kiss.

But then, this is all the ramblings of a person who has a hard time getting angry about video games in general and is hopeful about MMOs and multiplayer titles, so take that as you will.


Hannah Richardson-Lewis

My prediction for 2018 is more of the same if we’re being honest. Development continues on the in-progress titles, drama arises around monetization and free-to-play, one or two (probably) disappointing launches, perhaps a Beta for Crowfall and/or Camelot Unchained, or perhaps an Early Access, outrage over something Blizzard does, and maybe a shutdown or two. Oh and maybe another reminder that the older titles are still rolling and still decent MMORPGs with an anniversary event, progression server launch… who knows? Of course, my hope is that we see the launch of a couple of MMOs that are actually decent games with plenty of reasons to keep playing and perhaps the announcement of a AAA title from somewhere that offers a renewed hope for those of us who still love these massive digital worlds.


Nick Shively

What Could be Coming in Overwatch 2018 - New Ways to Unlock Skins

One of the most volatile aspects of online gaming right now is eSports. It’ll be really interesting to see what happens with the industry in the next couple of years. With the announcement of The Overwatch League changes during BlizzCon 2017, I expect more games and organizations to follow suit. It would definitely be interesting if every major city around the world had its own League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Overwatch team. I’m not sure if that’s something that will happen by the end of 2018 but I expect some type of progress to occur during next year.


Rissa Trent

I think that in 2018 we’re going to see more sandbox style play. We saw a glimpse of it in games like EverQuest, which was much more about exploration and teamwork than completing quests, but it quickly got off the rails with games like World of Warcraft and EverQuest 2. Now we’re seeing a return to that concept with games like Dual Universe, Life is Feudal, Albion ONline and others that have embraced the idea of allowing the players to choose their own destiny and create the world they want to live in.


Shannon Doyle

Without a doubt, 2018 is going to be the year of the mobile MMO. We already know there are several lined up to be released and several full MMOs are getting mobile versions. Niantic, the makers of Pokemon Go are working on a new game that takes place in the world of Harry Potter. All signs as far as revenue goes says that mobile is where the money is. So I fully expect to see more mobile tie-ins to popular games next year. Maybe that means a Guild Wars 2 card game or maybe there will be a single player adventure story from the Secret World Legends universe. As a result, we will see studios who have traditionally been PC only expand into mobile gaming as well.



2018 will be more lockboxes, less MMOs, but more online games. Overwatch may get another story-based PvE mission akin to the Uprising event, while the new WoW expansion will most likely impress all but the most dedicated fans. Destiny 2 will continue to barely stay on the radar, Amazon will fail to impress, and other single player IPs will get online multiplayer options, complete with microtransactions. Star Citizen may or may not release, but it’ll fail to impress in a positive way just because, at this point, it’s too big to succeed the way anyone could reasonably hope it could. On the bright side, with new online multiplayer options, it’ll be easier to game with friends. I just worry how long PC gaming will have as the younger generations use phones and tablets for their internet activities instead of standard desktop and laptop computers.


Jonathan Doyle

2018 has two things coming as near as I can tell. Two things I expect to see. An absolute gold rush on voxels and an absolute collapse on crowdfunding.

Part of these predictions are entirely based on thinking about my most anticipated. The technology underpinning Crowfall promises to be hugely interesting for MMOs going forward, especially with any creative additions. Keeping people constrained for a shooter is sensible, but for everything else? They should be set free to create … and to destroy. EQNext and Landmark fell but the ideas they espoused can still easily find fertile ground.

However, we shouldn’t rely on slick marketing videos (well ever) on Kickstarter or any other such sites in 2018. I don’t know if Star Citizen will come out successfully but it is making me exceptionally uncomfortable. Either it’ll be savaged for not coming out or savaged for not being what people imagined. There’ll then be backlash on everything that brought it to us… so in this case crowdfunding.



These are just a few of the predictions for what 2018 has in store for us. What do you think next year will be like? Give us your 2018 predictions for online gaming in the comments below. Also be sure to vote for your most anticipated MMO for 2018 in the MMOGames Reader’s Choice Awards. Come back at the end of 2018 as we look back and see if any of us were right.

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