2018 MMO Halloween Event List

The month of Halloween is upon us which means it is time for the MMO Halloween Event List to come out for another year. Below you’ll find a list of all the Halloween events happening in the MMO/online gaming sphere. More will be added all the time leading up to Halloween so be sure to check back regularly.


Black Desert Online         Cookie Day          Oct 11-24

Make event chocolate cookies and get some awesome rewards in return. This event isn’t exactly Halloween themed, but we’re including it anyway as right now it’s the closest thing to Halloween BDO has announced. They’re also running the fast season event which means that it is spring right now, Saturday it will be Summer, Sunday it will be Fall, and, you guessed it Winter will hit on Monday. This all happens the Oct. 11 to Oct. 15th.


Blade & Soul       Blade & Ghoul   Oct 17- Nov 7

The veil to the Dark Realm is wavering and ghosts and ghouls are seeping into our realm. Which means that it is time to start fighting back these gruesome foes in return for some fun prizes. There will also be a 50% experience boost in effect during the event. Giving you even more incentive to take part. The enemies at Zaiwei Ruins are intended for players who are level 50 only. But, don’t worry if you haven’t reached 50 yet, you’ll still be able to take part in daily quests, challenges, and take on bosses.


Bless Online       Halloween Event              Dates Unknown

Bless Online may not be launching until October 23rd, when it will be free to play, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting in on the Halloween event action right now. If you’re already playing Bless Online you can take part in the Halloween Event which includes themed quests, costumes, and of course rewards. There are two events which together make up the larger Halloween festivities. The Jack-O’ – Lantern event and the Witch Raven event.


Champions Online           Bloodmoon Rises              Oct 11 – ???

Champions Online is bringing back Bloodmoon Rises, their annual Halloween event. This year the event is the same as last year except with new rewards and items.


DC Universe Online         The Witching Hour           Oct 1- 31

Throughout October DCUO players will be able to take part in the Midnight Masquerade seasonal alert which will bring them to Gotham City where Klarion the Witch Boy is up to no good once again. This year’s event introduces 4 new feats for players to acquire. Plus, taking part in the seasonal events will earn you Spooky Bites which can be spent on all sorts of items.


Elder Scrolls Online         Witch’s Festival                 Oct 18 – Nov 1

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Witch’s Festival will have you turning yourself into an undead monster, enjoying a 100% XP buff, and grabbing up all sorts of ghoulish goodies. Plunder Skulls will drop from all Boss Monsters with a variety of themed loot. New this year they’ve also added Dremora Plunder Skulls which will drop from the first of each type of boss you defeat each day. Witch’s Festival will also be your first chance to get Event Tickets. Get 10 Event Tickets and take them to The Impresario to get your first Indrik Feather for a very special mount. There will also be new items in the Crown Store for you to purchase, including the coveted Coven Cottage.


Everquest II        Nights of the Dead           Now – Nov 1

For the first time, players on Fallen Gate will get to join in the Nights of the Dead festivities in Everquest II. There’s a new collection to tackle, new items for crafters, and new merchant items to grab. From the looks of it, the event won’t have anything new to do this year though.


Final Fantasy XIV              All Saints’ Wake                Oct 18 – Nov 1

The Continental Circus is back once again and this year there’s a new masquerade for players to experience. Players who have reached level 15 and completed the quest “It’s Probably Pirates” will be able to take part in the Adventurer’s Guild Investigator’s quest to take a deeper look into the happenings around the circus. In return for your help, you’ll be able to get your hands on new minions and new items.


Guild Wars 2       Shadow of the Mad King               Oct 16 – Nov 6

Halloween in Guild Wars 2 this year is going to be quite exciting! Along with the usual suspects, the Mad King’s Labyrinth, the Clock Tower jumping puzzle, and the fun in Lion’s Arch players have a few new things to look forward to. This year sees the return of the PvP Reaper’s Rumble for the first time since the first Halloween event in GW2 back in 2012. Mad King’s Raceway is an all-new addition that showcases the newest mount, the Roller Beetle. And there are three new weapons for you to get your hands on. Players who have completed Episode 3 of Season 4 will also be able to dive into the long-standing rivalry between Mad King Thorn and Palawa Joko in a new collection achievement.


Overwatch          Halloween Terror 2018                   Oct 9 – 31

Dr. Junkenstein’s minions are back once again along with Junkenstein’s Revenge (Classic) and Junkenstein’s Revenge: Endless Night. Players will be able to pick from 10 playable heroes this year, including Tracer and Brigitte who are both new this year.


Paragon Chat (City of Heroes Emu)           Halloween          Oct 5- Oct 31

Paragon Chat may not be exactly what City of Heroes once was but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun! Go trick or treating with fellow players and head to the Halloween Party on October 20th. Head over to Croatoa between 12 and 6 PM Pacific, 3 PM to 9 PM Eastern for a game of hide and seek, Costumes, and games. For an extra jolt of nostalgia, music will be provided by The Cape.


Pirate 101            Halloween Items              Ends Nov 4

When you’re a pirate every day is Halloween…or at least you dress up every day. Pirate 101 isn’t holding any event but you will be able to get your hands on a number of Halloween themed mounts including the brand new Cloudstrider mount.


Tera       Harvest Festival                Oct 2 – Nov 1

The Halloween Harvest Festival event in Tera is back once again. Head over to the Eldritch Academy where you’ll be able to fight back waves of monsters with a cannon. You’ll be rewarded with Halloween candy for your efforts which can be turned in for mounts, pets, costumes, and more.


Wizard 101          Halloween Items              Ends Nov 4

Just like Pirate 101, Wizard 101 is breaking out the Halloween items in the form of seasonal packs. New this year is the Elven Nightmare Pack which includes things like the Hart of Darkness and Light Hart mounts, pets, Elven Nightmare weapons and armor, and more.

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Paragon Chat Now Has Base Building

While Paragon Chat itself is certainly a bit of a shell of the original City of Heroes game, it’s still an important tool for diehard fans of the shuttered MMO to connect with a game and community they love. Now, a new update to the client could strengthen that connection and maybe even see supergroups reform again with the addition of Paragon Chat base building.

paragon chat base building

The appropriately named “All Your Base” update to Paragon Chat will let individuals create bases for their in-chat avatars. The majority of the original features from the base building added in Issue 6: Along Came a Spider appear to be in place, with many items including Salvage-crafted item pieces added to the client.

There is one important difference between Paragon Chat’s form of base building and the original CoX’s, however. Bases aren’t tied to supergroups since there is no supergroups feature in Paragon Chat. Instead, bases are either personal (associated with a single character) or account-wide (shared with all characters on an account).

Beyond that, bases can once more be crafted, visited, and even exchanged. Full details can be read in the patch notes.

Our Thoughts

This is definitely one of the best ways to get people fully connected with Paragon Chat – granting them a way to carve out their own little piece of real estate in-client. Personally speaking, I’m hoping some of my favorite supergroup bases from my roleplay years come back.

Source: Titan Network forums via Massively Overpowered

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City of Heroes Vigil to be Held in Paragon Chat

November 30th is a day that lives in infamy for City of Heroes fans as the official date of the MMO’s shutdown by NCSoft. Now, five years after the fact, Paragon Chat is marking the event with a City of Heroes vigil in-game.

city of heroes vigil

The vigil, run by the Hero Event Resource Committee, will be held through midnight in Paragon City’s Atlas Park at the steps of the City Hall building. Players are invited to /holdtorch and share their stories during the event.

By all accounts, the vigil intends to be an understated and solemn affair. “There is no agenda from us that day: no activities planned, no games or contests. Just us,” reads the post. “We’re here for the City of Heroes veterans. No set hours: visit when you can. Lights go out when you do.”

Our Thoughts

It’s definitely a day to remember for City of Heroes fans, but this old vet of the game hopes that people will share in the enjoyment and fun of being a superhero or supervillain and try not to dwell too much on what was removed or what was lost. Ideally, this will bring old friends back together and light Atlas Park with the glow of torches once more.

Source: Titan Network

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Paragon Chat is Holding Halloween Events

Operational MMOs aren’t the only ones who are having fun this Halloween season; even dead ones are rising from the grave. A planned Paragon Chat Halloween event has been announced on the Titan Network forums, inviting City of Heroes vets back to the game for a night of seasonal revelry.

paragon chat halloween

As the image above notes, the event in question is occurring on Saturday, October 21st. The event will feature costume contests for individuals and groups, including a Costume Race where players have 30 minutes to create a look based on a called-out theme.

The event will also feature a player-run mission titled “Witch Phrase is Which?” and will have live music played by DJ Angel, Agent Crypto and DJ Pheonyx of the ever-popular digital radio station The Cape.

It all kicks off at 1pm PST/4pm EDT that Saturday in the Croatoa zone of Paragon City. If you’re an old vet of City of Heroes and City of Villains, you already know how to get there.

Our Thoughts

If this event goes off as well as hoped, that could mean other seasonal events in Paragon Chat. Particularly one in the Ski Chalet…which, as my own return to Paragon City showed, is the biggest missing piece from Paragon Chat: the people who played and loved the game.

Source: Titan Network via Massively Overpowered

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