Under the Moonlight is Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Update

The time has come to begin looking ahead at Patch 4.3 of Final Fantasy XIV. During a live letter from the producer this past Saturday, the next content patch, Under the Moonlight, was given preliminary details, including several new pieces of end game content and a number of quality-of-life additions.

under the moonlight

As per usual, Patch 4.3 will be kicking off another round of Main Scenario quests, side quests, and other instanced content. Of note is Ridorina’s Lighthouse, which is the next leg of the Return to Ivalice raid; a new 100-floor Deep Dungeon located in Heaven-on-High at the Ruby Sea zone; an additional Pagos Expedition added to the Forbidden Land of Eureka; and a new Ultimate difficulty tier against the Ultima Weapon.

On the quality-of-life side of things, Under the Moonlight will also bring updates to the glamour system, housing, Performance Actions and more, along with updates to the game’s Jobs and PvP.

The live letter also unveiled plans for a new FFXIV Companion App for iOS and Android, which will let players chat with friends and Free Company members, navigate the game’s auction house, buy and sell items on the auction house, and organize their inventories. A date for this app’s arrival is not yet determined.

As for Patch 4.3’s arrival, that does have a release window – late May of this year.

Our Thoughts

Naturally, we’re happy to see more content being added to Final Fantasy XIV at the consistent pace it always has, but we’re definitely excited to learn more about what’s coming for the game’s Jobs and when this new companion app will launch. Bring on May!

Source: press release

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