Final Fantasy XIV Debuts a New Trailer for Patch 4.4

During the fifth anniversary livestream with the devs of Final Fantasy XIV, players got a number of new details for the upcoming Prelude in Violet update, including a new patch 4.4 trailer and word of a variety of new instances and features.

patch 4.4 trailer

In addition to the features already outlined, the upcoming patch will also introduce a new Trial against Suzaku; the final tier of the Omega raid series; additional content for the Lost Canals of Uznair treasure-hunting instance; and a few other more fluffy updates such as mannequins for housing, the ability to tag housing estates, and new features for the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding.

The latest update has also included a calendar date for Prelude in Violet’s launch, bringing all of the Garlean-centered story content and more on Tuesday, September 18th.

More details and screens can be found on the update’s mini-site and, of course, there’s also that trailer mentioned earlier which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

While calling this patch “more of the same” might sound like a dig at what’s next, what we really mean is that the consistency and depth of each of Final Fantasy XIV’s patch updates continue to impress. As ever, we’re looking forward to taking a much closer look at all of the things to come with Prelude in Violet. Also, maybe we’ll get some sort of hints about that whole Shadowbringers expansion rumor? Maybe? Probably not, though.

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Mini-Site Opens for Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Patch

The next content patch for Final Fantasy XIV is looming large and so that means a Patch 4.4 mini-site! Prelude in Violet has begun to spin up the hype machine for its features with a few new screenshots and early details for fans of the MMORPG.

patch 4.4 mini-site

The mini-site offers the usual brief blurbs about some of the content coming to the game and a few accompanying screenshots. This time around, it offers a few words on the MSQ’s general story beats; a peek into he Burn and hard mode Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum dungeons; and a quick look at the reconstruction of Doma that will feature.

In other FFXIV news, the devs will be holding their 14-hour anniversary broadcast this coming Friday, August 31st at 8pm PDT. Details on the when, who and where on that front can be read on this website.

As for patch 4.4, the mini-site also reaffirms that Prelude in Violet will be arriving to players at some point in mid-September. You can take in what’s available now here.

Our Thoughts

Not a huge amount of information, granted, but something is usually better than nothing when it comes to learning what’s next for Final Fantasy XIV. It will be interesting indeed to learn just where the story will be going and what sort of other features are coming with this update.

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