Crowfall Reads Patch Notes for 5.3

Patch notes for existing content that has just arrived is nothing terribly new. But Crowfall 5.3 got patch notes from the far-flung future! Or at least patch notes for content that is coming soon to the throne war MMO.

crowfall 5.3

In the most recent stream, the devs of Crowfall went over a number of adjustments that are due in to the next test build of the game.

Pieces of particular interest from the notes reading have been listed and cover a line of adjustments, including Duelists getting the ability to dual-wield pistols, the introduction of a weak point system to the game’s action harvesting model, and armor type restrictions to specific classes, though a Minor Discipline can be equipped to override the limitation.

If you’ve got more than an hour to yourself and enjoy the faces of Thomas Blair and Mark Halash, then you can check out the complete stream below.

Our Thoughts

So wait, if you’re going to impose an armor restriction on classes and then have a Minor Discipline remove that restriction, why bother having the restriction? Ah well, at least the option is there, and admittedly I’m too distracted by the mental image of a Guinecean Duelist brandishing two flintlocks and wearing an incredible hat to worry about mechanics.

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