Destiny 2 Shares Preliminary Patch Notes for a QOL Update

Things are about to get a little more comfortable in Destiny 2, assuming your comfort is upended by the fact that you’re seeing duplicate Exotics drop. Some preliminary patch notes for Destiny 2 update 2.0.5 have been posted in Bungie’s weekly update and they’ve got a few changes to make life just that much easier for Guardians.

destiny 2 update 2.0.5

The new update will make a few much-wanted tweaks to the game, including letting players turn in 25 Gunsmith materials at a time to Banshee-44; renaming Masterwork Cores to Enhancement Cores and making them part of Scrapper’s and The Spider’s weekly bounties; and adjustments to Malfeasance, Wish Ender and pulse rifles.

There will also be changes Exotic loot drops, tuning things to make sure that Exotics you’ve not received yet drop more frequently. If you do get dupes, you’re likely to see them as armor pieces since they have random perks.

Finally, the update will also introduce the Refer-A-Friend program’s arrival, which will begin on October 30th. Players who have purchased Forsaken can send a special link to friends, then duo together for a series of quest steps for some unique rewards. All of the details are found here.

Our Thoughts

There’s plenty of nice touches in this update, to be sure, but we expect that folks will be most excited about the Exotic drop rates. Now if only I could genuinely, honestly stop seeing the friggin’ Edge Transit grenade launcher. Seriously, folks, the memes are real.

Source: Bungie website

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Prelude in Violet Gets its Patch Notes

Prior to Prelude’s proper arrival, preliminary patch notes are posted for players to peruse. Which is a silly way of saying that Final Fantasy XIV has posted the Prelude in Violet patch notes ahead of the MMORPG’s update next week.

prelude in violet patch notes

As usual, the notes provide a little more context for the upcoming MSQ and other instanced content, but it also provides some more information that wasn’t otherwise obvious in the blurbs offered by the patch’s mini-site.

For a start, the game has made several adjustments to Gold Saucer events; payouts for certain GATE events and the Jumbo Cactpot from 2nd to 5th place have been increased, and the cost of Mini-Cactpot tickets have been knocked down to 10 MGP each.

There are also a variety of buffs being applied to the game’s classes. Some of the most striking include a 1 second recast time to the Astrologian’s Minor Arcana, Lord of Crowns and Lady of Crowns cards; buffs to potency for several Red Mage skills; and buffs to a number of the Samurai’s combo actions.

Of course, there’s much more than just those, so take some time to look it all over when you can.

Our Thoughts

As is usually the case for FFXIV’s patch notes, the devils are inthe details and this set of notes has plenty of things for players of the MMO to chew on. We’d love to hear your own impressions of what changes you’re most intrigued by, so feel free to share below.

Source: official site

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Rend to Introduce an Outcast System to Deal with Bad Apples

It’s an inescapable force as constant as gravity when it comes to sandbox MMOs. There will always be those players who actively seek to screw with everyone else, even if cooperation is literally the only way to win. Rend is no stranger to this sort of thing unfortunately, but a soon-to-release Rend Outcast system is hoping to give players a bit more control over how to mitigate such bad actors.

rend outcast system

The Outcast system appears to operate a bit like the Brig system that was first introduced in Sea of Thieves. Faction elders can initiate a pop-up vote to label a member of that faction an Outcast. If a majority vote in favor is reached within two minutes, the offending player is an Outcast.

Outcasts are essentially ostracized from the major beats of the game, locking them out of most faction base features. They are also “queue vulnerable”, which means if the faction they are a part of is at maximum capacity and a player of good standing queues up, then the Outcast is kicked from the server.

Outcast status lasts for 24 hours for the first offense, 72 hours for the second, and becomes permanent on the third, though it won’t carry over between sagas or servers. Additionally, an Outcast can return to good standing before those timers if they earn 10,000 faction reputation.

The system is due to be implemented in patch 1.5 and will continue to be adjusted based on player feedback.

Our Thoughts

On paper, this Outcast system appears to be a firm but fair measure to help faction leaders mitigate people jerking around with the game. Of course, those who can only engage with others in online games are a wily bunch and we expect to hear about some way this system will be abused shortly after its implemented.

Source: official forums

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Play of the Fortnight: New Features Coming in Overwatch Patch 1.25

Blizzard announced a few days ago that they’d be adding new social features to Overwatch. In an upcoming patch, players will be able to use a Looking For Group feature. There will also be a new Endorsements system implemented in patch 1.25.

In this Play of the Fortnight, we’re going to talk about the upcoming features, and what ways these could impact the Overwatch experience.

Overwatch Patch 1.25 - New Social Features

Rewarding Players for Positive Behavior

“We often talk about ways to punish players,” Jeff Kaplan said in the latest Developer Update video. “I think, more often than not, players are behaving in an awesome way in Overwatch, and we just don’t recognize them enough.”

We talked about positive reinforcement in Overwatch before, in an article on Fixing Toxicity in Overwatch. There are theories that people continue negative behavior after a punishment when they think they can get away with it. Positive reinforcement is shown to work, as players will want to receive the rewards or prestige associated with it.

For this system to work, there needs to be a reason for players to commend their teammates (or opponents), and a reason for players to want to gain those endorsements.

Overwatch Endorsement System

Overwatch Patch 1.25 - Endorsements

Enter the Overwatch Endorsement system! Kaplan confirmed that players will be able to endorse their teammates or players on the enemy team. There will be a small reward for endorsing another player — this seems to be in the form of experience towards your overall level. Players who receive an Endorsement also receive XP towards their Endorsement Level (EL) as well as XP towards their overall level. There will also be periodic rewards for players who reach a certain EL during a reward period.

Endorsements can be for Good Sportsmanship, Good Teammate, and Shot Caller. To prevent players from farming Endorsements, you can only give a limited amount per match. Hopefully this will limit the amount of spam we see in chat, with people asking to be endorsed. It’s also worth noting that your EL will decay over time. This means players can’t just get to a high EL and sit there, then behave however they want. They will also lose their EL if they are silenced or banned in game.

The Endorsement system will be public; players can see each other’s Endorsement Level and awards. You’ll be able to see that you’re playing with a “Good Teammate”, for example. It will tie in directly with the Looking For Group feature, which we’ll talk about shortly.

Endorsement Types

There are three Endorsement types, as mentioned above: Good Sportsmanship, Good Teammate, and Shot Caller. Good Sportsmanship is for rewarding players who have been positive, perhaps congratulating the opposing team on good plays or nice shots. This one will be particularly good for endorsing the opposing team.

Good Teammate is a bit more self-explanatory. This one is restricted. Players can endorse their own team, but not the opposing team, with the Good Teammate Endorsement. This might be used when players are encouraging and positive within team chat. Perhaps you have someone on your team who swapped roles to support a good team dynamic.

The final way players can be endorsed is the Shot Caller option. Shot Callers are players who lead the team without being aggressive or rude. They might give out tactics and encourage their team to do certain things.

Looking For Group

Overwatch Patch 1.25 - Looking For Group

This one is a big change, and one we’ve been hoping for. The Overwatch Looking For Group feature has a lot of different systems in play. For example, players can set up a group searching for specific roles. Kaplan explained, “You can even force the people playing those roles to only be able to play those roles.” There are options to have it more open, but you can restrict it as far as you want.

Group leaders can also specifically look only for players with voice communication, or only specific Endorsement Levels. This is an interesting tactic, and we wonder how it will pan out.

The Looking For Group system does not include any matchmaking: anyone who meets the requirements will be able to join. It’s unclear how this will work for Competitive, as players are restricted to who they can queue up with based on their rank. At the moment there doesn’t appear to be a way to restrict to only Platinum players, for example. Matchmaking, as always, begins after the group queues up.

Privacy Settings for Profiles

Another change that could end up being quite major is the profile privacy settings. Player profiles will be friends-only by default, and players can choose to change it to public or completely private. This was mentioned only very briefly in the Developer Update video, but could stand to be a very big change.

While it’s true that players have often used another player’s profile as ammunition to harass another player, this feature is quite important. In Competitive, for example, it’s helpful to see what heroes your teammates play most often. That person playing Hanzo? Maybe they’re really good at Hanzo and play him often. On the other hand, the person playing Reinhardt because they were last pick and you needed a tank might not actually know how to play him. Communication will solve a lot of these issues, but the profile was a useful tool, and having players able to block others from seeing their profile is going to have an impact.

Other Changes Coming in Patch 1.25

Overwatch Patch 1.25 - Symmetra Rework

Overwatch Patch 1.25 is a pretty big patch. Aside from the new social feature, we also have changes to the hero roles. Offense and Defense heroes will now be collapsed into one group: Damage. This is another feature that ties in with the Looking For Group system. It could cause some issues, with players picking heroes that really excel more on a defensive map when they’re attacking. We’ll have to see how it works with the new LFG system.

There’s a lot of hero changes, but the biggest one is the Symmetra rework. Symmetra will now be a damage hero and not a support. Her weapon will no longer auto lock-on to targets, and will behave more like a regular beam weapon. To compensate, it has an increased range and increased damage overall (though a slower damage ramp-up than before). She now fires her turrets like projectiles, meaning they can be attached to walls much further away. Players can now use her teleporter to move short distances, instead of from spawn, as the entrance will be placed at her location. Things like Junkrat’s RIP-Tire can teleport through it now, as well. Her ultimate is now a huge barrier that can be rotated before being shot out.

Blizzard also changed the Horizon map significantly to balance it out. The changes are there to improve gameplay and give players additional options. Point A was a little weighted in favor of the attackers, whereas Point B had some problems with defenders being able to quickly heal up without any risk to themselves. The changes hopefully balance these two issues.

Closing Thoughts

The social features are a very welcome change, and we hope they’ll make a big improvement. We want to see more positivity and less toxic behavior, and hopefully, the Endorsement system will encourage this. Looking For Group is also a long-awaited feature, and will perhaps bring a lot more harmony to team compositions.

There are some changes that may end up having some interesting side effects, such as the profile privacy changes, and the new all-encompassing Damage role. However, we’ll need to wait and see based on some testing.

The new changes are live on the PTR already, and you can read the full patch notes here. What are your thoughts on the upcoming social features?

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Open Beta Patch Notes Posted for Dauntless

Today’s the day where slayers old and new will get to enter the world of Dauntless and carve into giant monster faces, but before then there are some new Dauntless open beta patch notes to mull over, which detail a number of changes and adjustments made to the online multiplayer action RPG.

dauntless open beta patch notes

As is often the case with the larger updates to Dauntless, the patch notes for open beta have a lot of information. Included in this update are a variety of changes to the game’s weapons, improvements and balance adjustments to armor and Cells, and a number of balance passes for the game’s Behemoths among other changes.

In a press release heralding the game’s open beta launch, Phoenix Labs CEO Jesse Houston expressed that this is just the first of many major steps in the game’s life. “We will be continually adding content and updates to Dauntless and incorporating feedback from our passionate community,” said Houston in a statement. “We are committed to providing more and more reasons for players to come back to Dauntless for years to come.”

As of this writing, Dauntless open beta is due to kick off at sometime between 10am and 12pm PST. You can take in the full patch notes here and look over an open beta launch trailer below.

Our Thoughts

We’re definitely ready to get fully started on “creating a legend” in the game of Dauntless. While the game’s development nature has obviously necessitated progression restarts, they have been just a tiny bit disheartening, so it’s good to be able to fully make progress through the game’s tiers for really-real this time. Unless, of course, something major happens between open beta and full-bore launch. Which assumes this isn’t a soft-launch thing. Betas are weird now, guys.

Sources: press release, official site

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Final Fantasy XIV Posts the Patch Notes for 4.3

Fans are only days away from Final Fantasy XIV’s Under the Moonlight content update, so as is tradition, they have some preliminary 4.3 patch notes to pore over, which offer new details about Job adjustments and a number of quality-of-life tweaks.

4.3 patch notes

On the mechanical side of things, the Dark Knight Job has gotten a number of buffs, improving the potency of several attacks, seeing new Dark Arts effects applied, and seeing taunt effects added to skills like Dark Passenger among other things. There are also a number of buffs added to the Samurai, Scholar and Astrologian, and a few tweaks to Black Mage, Ninja and Monk.

Quality of life-side, players can look forward to some new Glamour Dresser and Glamour Plate options, an explanation of the cross-server Linkshell system and how to create one, an option to automatically teleport to a boss fight’s room once the party begins the battle, and a whole host of other things to look forward to.

Basically what we’re saying is that there’s a lot of information to digest like usual, so get comfy and give them the once over yourself.

Our Thoughts

As always, even for preliminary patch notes, these are pretty informative, especially for those who want to keep tabs on Job changes, quality of life features, and PvP tweaks. What part of this new update are you most excited to experience?

Source: official site

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Fortnite’s Avengers Mashup Patch Notes Detail the Gauntlet’s Powers

The surprise combination of Fortnite Battle Royale and Avengers: Infinity War unveiled yesterday is now online, and with it some new event patch notes that provide more details on how the limited-time mode will work and the powers the Fortnite Infinity Gauntlet weapon grants the lucky player who finds it.

fortnite infinity gauntlet

Early in the match of the new crossover event, a meteor will land somewhere in the safe zone of the island and deliver the Infinity Gauntlet. Find it and you’ll transform into Thanos and gain a suite of abilities like a punch that blows back enemies and destroys structures; the ability to leap high into the air; a damaging slam area attack; and a ranged blast that deals damage over time.

In addition to these powerful abilities, the Thanos player doesn’t take fall damage and has shields and health, with shields regenerating whenever they eliminate another player. Thanos loses the ability to build, use weapons, or use jump pads, and should the Thanos player be eliminated the Infinity Gauntlet will drop and wait for the next person to claim and wield it. If the weapon isn’t picked up, it will disappear and re-arrive to the map via another meteor crash.

The Avengers crossover event isn’t the only part of the patch notes, as the new patch has also brought a few fixes and tweaks to Battle Royale and Save the World. You can read up on everything that’s been changed right here.

Our Thoughts

We’re actually glad to learn that the Infinity Gauntlet holds the amount of power an item like that should. Sometimes, unbalanced things are fun and this should make both earning the Infinity Gauntlet and taking down whoever is using it feel pretty darn satisfying.

Source: official site

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Launch Day Patch Notes for Conan Exiles are Online

It’s been a long ride but today’s the day: Conan Exiles is now officially released and, as expected, the game’s arrival has come with the usual pomp and circumstance, including a launch trailer, a word from the game’s creative director and some Conan Exiles patch notes.

conan exiles patch notes

The patch notes provide greater details of the three major additions to Conan Exiles with today’s launch: the goddess of fertility and death Derketo, the volcanic region to the north, and the new swampy region along the east.

Followers of Derketo will get a number of unique abilities such as the ability to transform poison into honey or craft healing and empowering potions. These items are crafted using extracts harvested from fallen enemies using a special knife known as Derketo’s Kiss, while further devotion to Derketo will unlock additional abilities and the ability to craft a special sword.

As for the volcano and swamp regions, these new areas are part of a map expansion that sees the landmass of Conan Exiles grow from 15 square kilometers to 40 square kilometers. The volcano is described as an area with powerful secrets and encounters meant for higher-level players, while the swamp introduces new monsters and locations to explore for those level 20-40.

Conan Exiles creative director Joel Bylos offered a few words of thanks to the players in a letter written today, honoring those who have ridden out the game’s development process:

“To the modders, the streamers, the wiki editors, the youtubers, the exploit hunters and above all, the players – it has been a humbling experience to work with you all. The entire Conan Exiles development team says thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We’ve learned together, grown together and hopefully, we’ll go on to conquer the world together.”

The complete patch notes can be read here while the launch day trailer is embedded below.

Our Thoughts

Derketo sounds like an amazing addition to the Conan Exiles pantheon, even if her avatar is pretty horrifying. We’d once again like to congratulate the development team of Conan Exiles for achieving a final release and hope that everyone hopping into the land of Hyboria has a great time.

Sources: official forums, official site

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ESO’s New Trailer Takes Players on a Journey to Summerset

If you’re a fan of Summerset, The Elder Scrolls Online, and panoramic views of lots and lots of castle spires, then you’re going to adore the latest Summerset trailer, which offers a variety of advance looks at several locations coming with the arrival of the MMO’s latest chapter.

summerset trailer

The new trailer sets the scene for the Summerset chapter, describing the mysterious home of the High Elves, its mythical ties to the magic of ESO’s world, and a hint at the various dangers that await players as they traverse the land.

Of course, if you’re the sort who prefers to see hard facts over visual panoramas and allusions to content, the game’s patch notes have been posted on the official forums and shared on Reddit. As one would expect, the notes cover a broad variety of updates coming with Summerset and the base game, including new crafting motifs, combat balance changes and more.

Before you dive into all the particulars, though, feel free to check out the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Unsurprisingly, Summerset looks like a gorgeous place to run around in. We’re definitely looking forward to the start of this new adventure and we’re also eager to read your own thoughts on the posted patch notes, so be sure to share those thoughts with us below.

Sources: press release, ESO subreddit

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Elite Dangerous Posts Patch Notes for 3.0 Open Beta

The first step in a series of major updates to Elite Dangerous is about to be made, and that very first step involves some Elite Dangerous 3.0 patch notes for the update’s open beta. While the general scope was already detailed earlier, these notes offer significantly more information to players.

elite dangerous 3.0 patch notes

The 3.0 update will make a number of changes to the game’s crime and punishment system, including being respawned at a detention center if they are destroyed while having a bounty on their head, having a fine or bounty added to their most valuable ship if they commit a crime in Multi-Crew, and a “reckless weapons discharge” crime among other updates.

3.0 will also offer up a list of features to the game’s galaxy map, some new weapons and modules, some new ships like the Alliance Chieftan, and a variety of other quality-of-life features among other updates. The complete rundown of what’s new in 3.0 can be read on the forums.

Our Thoughts

These are pretty much incremental changes, particularly since additional updates are looking to add a lot more. With that said, we’re sure that many of these new features will be welcome to players and we hope the open beta goes smoothly.

Source: official forums

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