Guild Wars 2 WvW Mount The Warclaw Announced

WvW players know all too well that content for the least popular game mode is rare, so when it does happen it’s something really exciting. That’s why we’re so excited that there’s a Guild Wars 2 WvW mount coming out. This mount won’t just get you around the battlefield quickly, though there is that benefit.

The Warclaw comes with three special abilities that will enhance your WvW gameplay. The first is Battle Maul. When you jump into battle while mounted your Warclaw will maul your enemy before it disappears. This is your standard attack and dismount move.



The second ability is Chain Pull and from a WvWer’s standpoint possibly the most exciting of the three abilities. Those on Warclaws will be able to help pull down gates to gain entrance to whatever structure the zerg is currently focused on. This is an advanced ability which almost certainly means that it will have to be unlocked. As of writing this, pre-embargo we don’t yet have that information.

The final ability is Evade. Get a quick burst of speed and evade attacks allowing you to break through enemy lines. This will be especially useful in Castle sieges where getting a team through the hall quickly to attack from behind will add a very interesting new element to the event.

The Warclaw is will be available on February 26th for anyone who owns Path of Fire. While we may have to wait a week before we can play with it we can see it now in this fantastic trailer.



As someone who is a long time fan of WvW, I’m especially intrigued to see what kind of impact Warclaw will have on WvW. Though I suspect that having the mount will become a requirement for taking part in the game. This has the potential to leave some people behind who haven’t bought Path of Fire and have no plans to do so. Expect WvW queues to come back for the next few days as everyone wants to give the new mount a try.

If you’re interested in The Warclaw it can only be obtained in WvW but, it can be summoned anywhere other mounts can be summoned. That means you will be able to use it in the open world. However, the Chain Pull ability is something that has very limited use in the main PvE part of the world. So, while it will be fun for getting around with it may not have much utility. Still, how many Charr are we going to see running around riding on Warkitties? The answer is a lot…including me.

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Guild Wars 2 Preview: A Bug in the System

I recently got a press preview of the newest episode of the Guild Wars 2 living story; A Bug in the System. If you don’t want any spoilers then you shouldn’t be reading this. But, if you want a little taste of what you’re about to dive into. keep reading. Yes, there are spoilers ahead.

Charr players rejoice! There’s finally some love for the master race. Out of my 28 characters, only 3 are Charr. This is partly because they don’t get a lot of love from the devs, so I was really surprised to find out that Charr would play an important part in A Bug in the System. In fact, they play a huge role in the new zone, Sandswept Isles. There we find a new branch of the Charr family, a peace-loving branch. These peaceful island dwellers have a problem though. Their home is being taken over by the Inquest.

A Bug in the System

In fact, it is in this episode that we learn the Inquest are a lot bigger than they originally appeared to be back in the old world. They have their very own floating city. Is it fully populated? I wasn’t able to get inside to find out because it is heavily guarded, but in the area around the city, they did have some very interesting experiments going on that seem to play with gravity. I was venturing into these areas on my own and the Inquest presence on the island is quite substantial so I never really stuck around in one place for very long.

For the guided tour, we were lead through part of the story in an Inquest lab where experiments are being performed on all sorts of different creatures. Because I prefer to have the whole story all in one go and roleplay it I purposefully ignored the plot as much as possible. but one thing I did catch was that the Charr used the word “tribe” to describe their people. It raises a lot of questions. How long have these Charr been cut off from the rest of Charr society? Why are they so far away from the Charr homelands? I hope we get to know these new Charr throughout the events of the story.

It was in this story instance that we saw two new things that ArenaNet pointed out. The first was that these Inquest golems have been given a bit of a visual upgrade from their older brethren on the main continent. I asked if they would be expanding this visual update across the game to all golems and they said that there aren’t any plans for it at the moment. So no, but they have left themselves an opening so they can change their mind in the future if they want to. If I’m honest, I didn’t really see much of a difference, I was busy shooting them with fireballs.

The other cool new feature they showed off were elevators that would take you up to the next floor. The moving platforms were a fun new addition to Inquest labs and I actually find myself wondering now how we’ve managed to go this long in the game without them, and not really missing them either. Either way, yay for new tech! I can’t wait to see how it gets implemented in the future. It would be really fun to see the elevator technology added to the main cities of Tyria in the future. The seed elevator in the Grove is fun, but ultimately it’s just teleporting you with a cutscene. This would allow you to get around seamlessly. It would also be great in Divinity’s Reach where there are stairs that teleport you up and down. It’s unlikely that this will happen however as most MMO developers prefer to focus attention on moving forward rather than going back to older content.

If you’re a big fan of large-scale events then you’re in luck as the Sandswept Isles have one for you, and its mechanics will drive you mad. You’re fighting massive earth elementals while howling winds from a tornado pull you around and around. Every encounter has a few of the elementals and you’ll end up aggroing all of them. Eventually, I managed to find a sweet spot in the geography where the wind couldn’t push me around anymore, but all it took was getting knocked around once before that sweet spot was lost and you were stuck in the twister again. Will people enjoy it? Maybe, once everyone has the hang of it and knows what to do. But personally, I found it to be a really annoying mechanic. It’s especially bad if you’re playing melee. Range is a must as you’re stuck on this merry-go-round of irritation.

There was another feature on the island that I quite enjoyed. When you’re standing in some of the tall grass on the island you become stealthed. It seems like a feature that works best when you’re there alone or when you’re trying to get aggro off of you. From a roleplaying perspective this was a really cool feature, and again I could see it being used elsewhere. Gendarran Fields is the first place that comes to mind. It would give a bit of a tactical advantage in the Bandit bounty events, many of which fail due to a lack of participation. What actual purpose it serves on the isles I’m not entirely clear on, but this may be one of those things that will become clear once I have the rest of the context for the zone.

If you haven’t already watched it I highly recommend you watch the teaser trailer for this episode, if only for the new version of Fear Not This Night which is haunting and beautiful. I really hope that a full version of it gets released in the future. Next week I’ll be writing my thoughts on the full episode after I’ve had time to play the story and play around on the island with the new Charr. A Bug in the System is available to play right now if you own Path of Fire, so what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and log in!

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The Tyrian Chronicle: 4 Things You Should Do Before the Living Story Starts Again

There are only a few days left before the first episode of the new season of the living story releases and that means new things to do. But have you finished Path of Fire yet? Is there anything you can do to be prepared for the update? Here are a few things you should do before the living story starts again.

Finish Path of Fire’s Story

Things You Should Do Before the Living Story Starts

If you haven’t already done so, the most important thing you can do is finish Path of Fire’s story. This will put you in the proper position to be ready for the next part of the story. Can you skip PoF’s story? Sure, if you really want to. But you’ll get more out of the next chapter of the story if you’ve done the one that came before. Also if you’ve somehow managed to avoid having the ending of Path of Fire spoiled, you’ll be in for some pretty big spoilers. After all, this is supposed to take place after the events of Path of Fire. So do yourself a favor and finish the story.

If you’ve already finished it once before, it can’t hurt to have a refresher. It’s short enough that you could easily get it done this weekend. Though the other things on this list should take higher priority.


Gather Path of Fire Mastery Points

Unless ArenaNet has decided to drastically change what they put into living story releases, you’re going to need some Path of Fire mastery points. In the previous living story season, the first mastery only cost one mastery point. That should be pretty easy to do since Path of Fire has tons of mastery points available that you don’t need. Will it only be one point again? Possibly, but possibly not. In Path of Fire, we’ve already seen mastery lines that start with needing 2 or 3 points. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume you’ll need 3. What’s the worst that can happen? You can find the mastery points all over the desert. The easiest to get is, of course, the mastery insight points scattered throughout the world. You can find those and many, many more listed in the achievements panel.


Finish Lost Lore Collections

Now that we have the most obvious things out of the way lets take a look at one that is a little more obscure and something you might not have thought of. Each zone in Path of Fire has a Lost Lore book collection. The pages of these books are scattered throughout the zones and once put together, they give a little bit of insight into things that have taken place. They answer questions you may have had after you finished Path of Fire. If you want to make it easy for yourself, Dulfy has put together a guide on how to get each page for every zone. It has certainly saved me while I’m looking for that one last page that seems to be hiding in an obscure place.

If you find yourself wondering if you absolutely must do this, I would say it’s a pretty safe bet that you don’t HAVE to. You won’t be missing out on anything huge if you don’t. These just expand the Path of Fire story and give more context to what is going on in the world. That being said, they are a good read for all those lore hounds out there.


Check out the Dead Bodies

Have you heard about the dead people and the red lady? I never got the chance to talk about it when it first came up but two dead bodies were found in completely different parts of the world. They were killed by skeletons. The bodies themselves are near statues to Grenth and if you’re there at the right time, you’ll see some skeletons. In Lornar’s Pass, the skeletons appear at night and they’re ready for a fight. They’re armed with the traditional sword and board and covered in a dark cloud. In Queensdale, the skeletons appear just before the Shadow Behemoth appears. These skeletons look exactly like those in Lornar’s Pass but they don’t attack and in fact act like allies.

After you’ve completed the Behemoth (which Piken Square calls Beth) a red wisp-like thing floats towards the dead body before disappearing. It has also been noticed that one of the bodies looks very similar to the Human in Hoelbrak who is trying to convert Norn to the human religion. I also noticed that Beth has a new move where she reaches her hand down into the ground and it pops up behind where the players usually stand for the fight.

What’s going on hasn’t been explained yet but the best theories so far are that the underworld is leaking into Tyria, Beth is getting a revamp, or this is gearing up for the next current event. It’s certainly possible that we will find out more in the living story. So why not go check it out? You might find something new.


Featured in Chimes. By Kyla Frank

If you’ve done all these things there is certainly more you could be doing. It never hurts to have more gold, so, if you’re looking for a way to get gold quickly check out the gold guide we made just before Path of Fire launched. Also be sure to check out the sales going on in the gem store and the merch on For Fans By Fans. If you’d like a Guild Wars 2 art book with a Wintersday theme be sure to get your hands on Chimes. It’s being created by fans and all of the proceeds from it will go to Doctors Without Borders. Be sure to place your order for it before December 1st.

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Guild Wars 2 Premieres a Trailer for Season 4 Episode 1

We’re a week removed from the next Living World episode in Guild Wars 2 post-Path of Fire, so naturally we’re going to be seeing some trailer hype. And would you look at that, ArenaNet has provided!

living world episode

The first episode for the fourth season of the Living World is titled “Daybreak”. Naturally, the trailer is just a touch vague but also remarkably revelatory, including mention of an elder dragon eating up the power of a god.

So, as Rytlock himself puts it, “What could go wrong?”

If you look closely, you’re likely to see a few familiar locations in the trailer as well, in addition to very angry laser dragons and gods. But enough padding space for the sake of a news article’s length. Let’s watch the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

It looks like Guild Wars 2 players are going to have some big trouble on their hands. It’s also nice to (apparently) see some locations from the first game’s Nightfall expansion make a bit of an appearance. Along with Aurene, because Aurene is cute. Let the excitement and the speculation begin! And don’t forget since this episode is open to Path of Fire players, there’s still some time to enter our giveaway for a deluxe copy of Path of Fire!

Source: press release

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Guild Wars 2 Announces Living World Season 4 Release Date

Now that everyone’s gotten acquainted with Elona in Path of Fire, unlocked a griffon, and grumped at ArenaNet’s Mount Adoption License, it’s time to turn to more pressing matters. Namely, the Guild Wars 2 Living World season 4 launch, which has gotten an official date and, of course, a new trailer today.

guild wars 2 living world season 4

Details on just what Season 4 involves are pretty sparse right now, but the announcement does state that the new season will “seamlessly” transition from the narrative events that unfolded during Path of Fire. As ever, new updates to the story will be released every 2-3 months and will be available to everyone who owns a copy of Path of Fire.

The associated teaser trailer is just as vague, with jump cuts to scenes through the Living World’s more dynamic moments up to this point, closing out with a pretty ferocious dragon attack that looks to portend things to come.

What comes next will be revealed starting Tuesday, November 28th. Additional details are expected in the coming weeks, but until then you can check out the teaser trailer in question below.

Our Thoughts

Looks like we’ve got some big danger coming our way! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the sort of encounters and direction you’re hoping this season of the MMO’s Living World will take, so be sure to share with us in the comments below.

Source: press release

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Player Gets a Gift for Finding the First Guild Wars 2 Griffon

Being the first player to discover the hidden Guild Wars 2 griffon mount is a pretty cool achievement on its own, but the devs at ArenaNet have put a lovely little cherry on the top of that cake by sending that player a nice little present.

guild wars 2 griffon

The present was shared by redditor Yukiiwa, the girlfriend of the lucky player in question. According to the post, a surprise package arrived at the home of his parents simply from “arenanet”. Inside the package was a card and a piece of artwork signed by the staff.

“According to our top secret records, you were the first person to unlock our ultra secret griffon mount,” reads the card. “Here’s a little something to commemorate this awesome achievement. Thanks for playing Guild Wars 2 and for being a part of such a unique and amazing community.”

According to Yukiiwa, said recipient is “freaking out right now”. Understandably.

Our Thoughts

How awesome and lovely is that? Our sincere congratulations to the player in question for being confirmed as the very first finder of the griffon mount. We’re big fans of the mount ourselves, even if now and again it exhibits some rather odd behavior.

Source: Guild Wars 2 subreddit

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7 Things You Can Do Once You Finish Path of Fire’s Story

Path of Fire may only be a few days old but I’ve already seen people saying there’s nothing to do. They pushed through the story hard and fast without getting a feel for the zones they passed through or even deviating to do some events, but the reality is there’s still so much left to do! Even if you’ve unlocked all the elite specializations and you’ve maxed out the mastery points there’s still more out there. But, if you are stuck for ideas here are 7 things you can do once you finish Path of Fire’s story.


Unlock Skins

Path of Fire's story

Path of Fire has some amazing skins scattered throughout the zones with a variety of different ways to unlock them. Go out and find that Dwarven axe, unlock your funerary outfit and get some weapons to match. Already have your look picked out? How desert-friendly is it? Are you super pale and barely dressed? That’ll be a nasty sunburn. Consider having different armor looks for different areas of the world. You could, if you wanted, have completely different sets of armors and weapons for each region of the world as the meta changes and what worked well in the jungle may not work so well in the desert. Having multiple sets of armors allows you to customize your character depending on which region you’re playing, both cosmetically and for the sake of combat.


Finish Anything You Haven’t Done From Past Content

Yeah, this one is kind of an obvious one and a tiny bit cheating. But, if you’re anything like me, once you started playing Path of Fire you realized there are quite a few things in the jungle that you left incomplete. Sure, you aren’t doing the brand new shiny content, but the jungle is still full of people running metas and getting hero points. The Silverwastes, everyone’s favorite zone to farm is still alive and well. And you will want to be farming, because….


Legendary Weapon Prep

The next legendary weapon is only a couple of months away. Why not get started on it now? Not sure what it will need? Well, let’s take a look at what is left Dagger, Focus, Greatsword, Longbow, Scepter, and horn. There’s a lot of metal needed in those weapons. Less so wood, but wood is always needed. Leather, eh…not much leather needed amongst those weapons. What else do we know you need for legendary weapons? Various jungle related gifts, a full stack of fulgurite, ectos, and amalgamated gemstones. All your normal T6 materials, 100g worth of runestones, and a bunch of other things that change with each weapon. The point is, you already know a lot of what you should expect from the journey and that means you can get started on it now.



I don’t know about your server, but on mine, I’ve started seeing bounty trains forming with the intent to hit every bounty in a given zone. In the jungle, we had hero point runs, in the desert, we have bounty runs. What are the benefits of doing them? Well, the most obvious one is for the loot. But there are also achievements to be earned. So it is well worth doing them, especially the legendary ones.



There are achievements galore out in the desert. California had its gold rush, Elona has achievement points. That random scrap of paper you ran past? Achievement. Random chests on cliff edges? Achievement. There are even achievements for completing all the hearts in each zone. Never been one for hunting achievements? You’re basically throwing away free money, and keeping yourself from getting some small, but fantastic account-wide bonuses. It is the ultimate grind in Guild Wars 2. Work away at getting achievement points and get free gems, free gold, and exclusive skins. And in Elona, the achievement points pour in so fast you can’t keep track of it all. If you could sneeze in Guild Wars 2 I’m pretty sure there would be an achievement for sneezing in random places in the desert.

Chances are you’re already well on your way to working on some achievements thanks to the story and any adventures you’ve taken along the way. So why not do some work on those? Don’t forget, the desert also has a ton of hidden achievements that you’ll only find if you go out there (or look them up) and start looking.



You’ve seen the griffon flying around and now you want one. I want one too. But ahead of you is a long journey and a massive money sink. Yes, it will cost you 250 gold to get your griffon. Yes, that hurts everyone. Yes, it is worth it. The journey will take you across Elona, have you completing hearts, and hunting for eggs. Can it be done quickly? Yes, it can. But it can also be part of a grand adventure. The kind that a legendary weapon always should have been.

How do you make it last? One way to do it is to not use a guide. Everything you need to know is right there in the achievements. They’re small hints, but they should be enough to get you on your way. While you’re out there let yourself get caught up in little events. While I was making my way through Elona to get to the first contact for the griffons I came across a couple of ghost kids. I won’t spoil how that little event chain ends, but it was well worth the detour. Sure, you might be tempted to blitz through it all, but when you do that you miss out on so much.



Possibly the best thing to do in Elona is mounting up and exploring. Does it look like you can get up to a particular high point on the map? Chances are you can and there’s something up there. Find a random hole in the ground? See where it goes. There are so many places to explore and little things to see that are off the beaten path that you could spend the entirety of the next two months doing just that. It is this very thing that has slowed down my review of Path of Fire and meant that it took me 6 days to finish the story. It’s so easy to get distracted in Elona, and that is a wonderful thing.


Path of Fire is still only a few days old and there is still so much left to do. Much of it is rewarding, but more than anything Path of Fire is about having fun. Renewing that sense of adventure. Go climb those mountains. Elona isn’t going anywhere, it’s ok to slow down and take a look around. Path of Fire is a gorgeous expansion and it’s only getting started.

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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Officially Goes Live

It’s not surprising news, really, but I’d be a big smelly dum-dum if I didn’t report it, so here goes: the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire launch is now live as of this posting, opening up the Crystal Desert and all of the content that comes with it.

guild wars 2: path of fire launch

“All of the content” includes the Elona region, new Elite Specializations for every class in the game, the introduction of mounts, new rewards and bounties, and the new Windswept Haven Guild Hall for those who have the ability to house their guilds.

On the subject of Elite Specializations, the devs posted updates for each of Path of Fire’s Elite Specs on the official forums just before the expansion’s launch, detailing a great number of tweaks to every new elite class. You can take a closer look at those adjustments (if you haven’t already) right here. You can also check out the patch notes here.

Our Thoughts

We’re repeating ourselves here, but we’re excited for Path of Fire’s arrival. We hope that this new expansion’s launch goes as smoothly as one can possibly go, but will be ready for any number of connection headaches as fans rush the open gates to Elona.

Sources: official site, official forums 1, 2

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Guild Wars 2 Outlines its Lead-Up to Path of Fire’s Launch

As of this writing, we’re precisely one week away from the Path of Fire launch in Guild Wars 2 and the devs are hitting the throttle with a countdown of events. From contest winners to launch trailers to livestreams, it’s looking like an active several days.

path of fire launch

Starting on Monday, September 18th, the winners of the Elonagram Screenshot Contest will be announced. After that on Tuesday the 19th, Path of Fire’s launch trailer will officially debut. Thursday, September 21st will feature a series of reruns of dev diaries, videos, and Guild Chat episodes on the game’s Twitch channel.

On Friday, September 22nd, Path of Fire will officially launch. From 7am to 9am PDT, the devs will be hosting a launch day livestream with the devs and teased “fun surprises”. After that, Path of Fire will officially open to all players at approximately 9am PDT.

Partner streamers will also be streaming Path of Fire content throughout the entire weekend; a schedule of their broadcasts can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Time to get the hype levels up! It’s pretty obvious that many – including a few of us here on staff – are ready to get our claws into Path of Fire, so we’re definitely looking forward to all of the broadcasts due to premiere. Except for the reruns part.

Source: official site

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[Spoiler] Key Character’s Role in Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Revealed


The following article contains a story spoiler for Path of Fire based on a recent interview with a developer from ArenaNet. If you do not wish to know what is and isn’t going to be in Path of Fire please do not read this article. If you still want to get your Guild Wars 2 article fix though, consider checking out our recent 5th-anniversary review of Guild Wars 2.

This is your final warning. Beyond the picture below there be spoilers.

Thanks to a recent interview on Gaiscioch Magazine we’ve learned a very interesting, and potentially very annoying piece of information. Braham is not in Path of Fire. Specifically, the interview from Content Designer Matt Medina says, “Braham is focused right now on the things that most concern him, and he won’t have a role to play in Path of Fire.” Personally, I’m a little bit torn on how I should feel about this. On the one hand, I hate Braham, he’s turned into a whiney child lashing out for no reason so I’m really rather happy to not have to deal with him more. On the other hand, as a roleplayer, my Norn characters have pretty much been unplayable since A Crack in the Ice released. That was in November. That wasted time bothers me, and I feel like we should have at least had some payoff.


What Could Have Been

I’ve actually found myself wondering: did Braham’s story arc have to go the way that it did in Season 3? And right now, I think the answer is no. Eir died, he took her body home and mourned in his own way, resulting in his head being shaved. But by the end of Heart of Thorns, he was back at our side, ready for the big fight against Mordremoth. We defeated Mordremoth, and he got the closing on his mother’s death that he was after. Or at least that’s how it could have gone. He could have become a better man who stepped out of the shadow of his mother to begin his legend.

Braham is not in Path of Fire Guild Wars 2 Update Delayed - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

After her funeral, he could have ventured north with Garm to find the ancient Jotun scroll which he hoped he would be able to use to break Jormag’s tooth. While searching for it discovering that Jormag is awake. He then gives up on the search, the mature thing to do, and returns to his guild who are facing a Human God and all sorts of other issues. The scroll remaining where it was.

This way the tooth doesn’t get broken and people who play Norn aren’t stuck waiting to see if the Norn will unite and go to war. Which is the scenario we found ourselves in.

In this alternate Guild Wars 2, Braham could prove himself to be a valuable asset in Path of Fire, perhaps even rise to be an equal of Eir. Once Path of Fire finished Braham could have been like, “Hey guys, that was a lot of fun, I’ve got an idea for our next adventure. See, there’s this scroll…” And then the entire guild joins him on the hunt for the scroll. That’s living story season 4, which ends with the tooth being shattered and the teaser for the next expansion, named Melting of Ice. That expansion being all about the Norn people coming together under Braham to return to their ancestral homes in the Far Shiverpeaks, without killing Jormag.


No Pay Off

Based on the information we had during the living story it was impossible to know what Norn should be doing. Should all the Norn be preparing to go to war as we were told would happen when the tooth shattered? ArenaNet gave us no sign that this was happening. The reason for that is we’re The Commander. No matter what race you are The Commander has been busy. That would be fine if this were a single player game and you could only roll up one character, but it isn’t and roleplayers tend not to say that they are The Commander. It makes for messy roleplay. So, if you aren’t The Commander and the Norn people are possibly getting ready to go to war…shouldn’t you be with them? For this reason, I shelved all but one of my Norn since the tooth was broken. The one who I didn’t put away lives in Divinity’s Reach and is a bit out of touch with her people.

Guild Wars 2 - Braham

So with Braham not playing a role in Path of Fire…there’s no pay off. All those months of waiting, not sure what Norn should be doing and complete silence on the matter from ArenaNet have been for nothing. Basically, the entire part of the living story involving Braham finding the scroll and breaking the tooth didn’t need to happen when it did as it would seem, at the moment at least, that it was completely irrelevant to the story.


Setting the Groundwork

It feels like Braham’s arc throughout Season 3 was setting the groundwork for either the next chapter of the living story or the next expansion. Something that was, in my view, incredibly premature. It’s also possible that ArenaNet is reacting to player’s hatred of whiny man-child Braham and cutting him out of the story. If this is the case then the story is being harmed based on how the players react. Will we see Braham again? Without a doubt. It’s just a question of when, how important his role will be, and if he will have matured by then or not. And I think it is his maturity that needs to change the most.

Cool armor! Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire

Maybe while we’re all busy with Path of Fire he’s doing a little bit of growing up. So, when we next see him he’s a much more mature, level headed man who is worthy of the Eirsson name. Then he can get to work on leading his people north and sweeping Rox off her feet. What? I know I’m not the only person who has been shipping those two!


I’d love to know what you think of Braham not being in Path of Fire. Are you annoyed or relieved? What would you like to see ArenaNet do with Braham? Getting eaten by Jormag is still an option.

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