Monster Hunter World Explains its Performance Issues on PC

Monster Hunter World‘s performance on PC continues to be a pretty hot topic ahead of the action RPG’s arrival to the platform, particularly since many people who have had their time with the most recent build of the game are experiencing some performance issues. So, why do some machines struggle? According to a Capcom employee, it’s because Monster Hunter World CPU demands are particularly taxing.

monster hunter world cpu

VP of digital marketing and platforms William Yagi-Bacon elaborated on why some are seeing a performance hit, particularly when trying to push the game to its maximum in terms of framerate and visuals. In short, the CPU is doing a lot of heavy lifting:

“To eliminate interstitial loading during active gameplay, MHW loads the entire level into memory. In addition to managing assets loaded into memory, it keeps track of monster interactions, health status, environment/object changes, manages LOD & object culling, calculates collision detection and physics simulation, and tons of other background telemetry stuff that you don’t see yet requires CPU cycle. This is in addition to supporting any GPU rendering tasks.”

While that is certainly a lot, Yagi-Bacon also explains that the MT Framework engine that distributes these duties does a good job of making sure all the cores and threads of a CPU bear the burden equally. To demonstrate, he quoted a series of screenshots of the game running in 3840×2160 at a variety of different settings which showed both the FPS and CPU load per core.

Our Thoughts

…so basically, you might want to either cross your fingers and hope for some day one drivers or patches to help alleviate the strain, or swallow your PC gaming pride and scale your settings down. Which, honestly, doesn’t look half bad even on low settings.

Source: ResetEra via VG247

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