ESO Update 20 Brings New Home Building Tools

We suspect that the real end game of The Elder Scrolls Online is furnishing and arranging one’s house, whether it’s something you got off the Crown Store or that depressing little room you get for free. ESO Update 20 is an important one for those housing raiders, then, as a couple of new tools to help folks build better homes have been introduced.

eso update 20

When we say “a couple tools”, we literally mean two, but those two tools are pretty impactful. First is an Undo and Redo function that allows you to instantly revert or reapply anything you’ve done. A total of 200 previous steps backwards can be taken in a session, and it’ll even return a removed housing item to your inventory.

The second function is Item Linking, which lets you tie “child” items to a “parent” item. This lets you do things like arrange items on to a tabletop, link those items to the table, and then move the entire group around by moving the table. 50 child items can be linked to a single parent item, and those child items can even be linked to other items to create an entire sub-group.

Finally, a running History of all of the changes you’ve made to your house will be visible in a new UI, letting you keep track of what the heck happened to make that rug look so out of place, ugh.

Our Thoughts

Being a WildSar player, I can personally say that improved housing tools are a wonderful thing and so I’m certainly happy for the players of ESO to see these features arrive. We’re looking forward to seeing what sorts of cozy little nooks players will put together with these features.

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Crowfall Battlements Let You Create the Aesthetic Castle of Your Dreams

Crowfall continue with their regular developmental updates with a look at Battlements. Battlements? Why yes, they give your Eternal Kingdom Keeps and Castles additional aesthetics while also being pretty functional.

Crowfall Battlements and Beyond

Having previously outlined such things in Crowfall’s Eternal Kingdoms as multi-player city building, Battlements give us a little peek into just one part of the Castle customization process.

When building your strongholds, you will be able to stack battlements on top of stone walls and gatehouses, the latter of which are being broken up into modular pieces making building with them even easier. The team wants Castle customization to come with the most amount of options with the least amount of assets and deed, to save in inventory space.

They also give us a little look into what they are calling “Mega Deeds”. These will be a collection of deeds within a deed and Artcraft say that these “will totally change the Eternal Kingdom creation game.” And the higher quality your deed, the more aesthetic options will be available to you.

Panels are also being implemented, allowing you to change any wall, gatehouse, tower, or battlement for any aesthetic or even practical purpose.

Of course, the official post goes into much better detail so be sure to check that out and start thinking about what kind of look you want to give your stronghold!

Our Thoughts

Well I mean, we love messing around with creating and customizing in the MMOs that we play so a deeper dive into battlements is gonna get us a little bit excited all over again for the idea of building and maintaining our own castles in Crowfall’s Eternal Kingdoms. That’s just the way it goes. It’s also awesome to see how Artcraft fiddle with different elements to make the act of customization easier all around. I just really like castles, okay?

Source: Crowfall Post

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Naoki Yoshida Addresses Final Fantasy XIV’s Housing Problem

With the launch of patch 4.1, the new housing district of Shirogane was opened to players looking to buy an in-game house…and was picked clean within mere moments. The Final Fantasy XIV housing issue has not escaped the notice of producer Naoki Yoshida, who posted a note about the matter on the game’s official forums.

final fantasy xiv housing

Yoshida admitted that the number of plots for people interested in relocating fell short of demand and the relocation feature itself didn’t stop people from abusing the system, which made it impossible for some players to relocate entirely due to server stress upon the patch’s launch.

As a result, patch 4.2 will receive additional housing wards in all locations and the servers will receive additional attention to ensure they work properly upon the next housing rush. The number of new housing wards and how they will be sold will also be different, but those details are being withheld “until absolutely necessary”.

“I hope we can count on your continued support, and that you all will continue to enjoy the various new content added in patch 4.1,” closes the post.

Our Thoughts

If the system didn’t work the first few times, why did the devs believe it would work this time? Isn’t trying the same thing over and over the definition of insanity? Regardless, we’re glad to know that the devs appear to be taking steps to correct what has been a very sore spot for many Final Fantasy XIV players.

Source: official forums with thanks to The Moogle Post

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Wildstar Homecoming Invites Players to Build Together

You can now collaborate with your friends in Wildstar in an all new way, making a house. Wildstar Homecoming has launched, the prominent feature of which is the Community, a home you can make with your friends.

That isn’t the only part of the patch that deals with homes, developers have also introduced a new event that will take place for one week every month that focuses on the home. The Residential Renovation will feature a variety of housing related activities that will offer some amazing home décor upgrades. It will run for the first time from September 15th to September 22nd. They’re also holding a housing related contest which is only open to residents of North America and Europe, but, registration is now open for it. The prize is a sweet $2,500 which is to be split amongst the winning teams of each region. 7 honorable mentions will also win the opportunity to claim any 10 items from the Housing section of the in game store.

Of course, it wouldn’t really be a patch without some content, so they’ve elevated The Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden dungeon and Deep Space Exploration Expedition to Prime status.

It also happens to perfectly coincide with Madame Fay restocking with some of the coolest looking things you’ve ever seen. The Arcterra collection will only be available for a limited time so be sure to grab what you want while you can.


Our Thoughts

It’s fantastic to see this long requested feature finally added to Wildstar. For those who are housing junkies, and lets face it, we all are, this is a fantastic day. Hopefully, it will ignite the passion for those who may have lost it along the way. But at the top of our list are those adorable pets from Madame Fay. They might just be the cutest thing we’ve seen in an MMO this year. Who can say no to those adorable gigantic eyes?

Source: Official Patch Notes


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