MapleStory 2 Celebrates 1 Million Registered Downloads

It would appear that MapleStory 2 is off to a strong start. With only a week behind it since the MMO’s official free-to-play launch, MapleStory 2 registered downloads have hit the six figure mark – a milestone that the game will be celebrating with free stuff and a little in-game event.

maplestory 2 registered downloads

It’s not entirely clear whether these 1 million downloads have actually translated into 1 million active players, but graphics put together by the devs seem to suggest that as many people are enjoying the game. The announcement gives particular nod to the fact that it’s increasing its servers, particularly the Oceania server.

Regardless of the semantics about how many people are actually playing, the MMO’s growth has been reason enough to offer goodies to fans. Starting this Friday, October 19th until the following Friday, October 26th, players can look forward to double the bonus items from normal difficulty Adventure Dungeons.

In addition, there will be a special login campaign this weekend for those who have hit the max level of 60. Players who login between Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st will receive a free Style Crate, while logging in between the 21st and 22nd will net you 500 Red Merets.

These are on top of the ongoing Halloween event being celebrated in-game, where players can enter a totally-not-haunted hotel and feed a pumpkin slime for various rewards. In case you missed out on that, a trailer can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Our own review certainly found plenty of comfort in this particular MMO, so bearing that in mind it’s probably not hard to see why it’s doing so well. We’d like to offer our congratulations to the MapleStory 2 team and hope that things continue to look up from here.

Source: press release

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Dying Light: Bad Blood Fails to Break 500 Players at Launch

Battle royale is undoubtedly one of the hotter sub-genres in multiplayer gaming right now, but matching the zeigeist of games like PUBG and Fortnite is pretty challenging. This looks to be the roadblock Dying Light: Bad Blood is running in to, as Bad Blood player numbers have not had a particularly impressive peak.

bad blood player numbers

According to tracking site GitHyp, Dying Light: Bad Blood hit a concurrency peak of 455 total players during its first week. At the time of this story’s writing, the game has 117 current players and an average daily high of 271.

These numbers put Bad Blood below the concurrency numbers of other underperforming battle royale shooters, and puts the standalone battle royale shooter at 94% below the concurrency of its mothership single-player title Dying Light for the month of September.

GitHyp reasons that the game’s $19.99 box cost is the biggest wall for the shooter, assuming that the title’s transition to a free-to-play model could be imminent. Current reviews of the game on Steam also point to issues with lag as well as long wait times for a match, with one user review noting that matches are too short to make sitting in the queue worth it.

Our Thoughts

As is often the case with stories like this, we can never say never for a game to bring itself from the brink. That said, it seems pretty apparent that something needs to be done to right the ship, so perhaps a shift to free-to-play would be enough to entice players in. What do you think?

Source: GitHyp via IGN

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Remastered Update Fuels an Uptick in Black Desert Online Player Numbers

Guess people like to see pretty things. After the release of the Remastered update last week which revamped the sandbox MMO’s visuals and sound, Black Desert Online player numbers saw something of a surge upwards, both in terms of returning players and new players.

black desert online player numbers

According to a press release from Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss, the Remastered update helped to bring a week-over-week increase of 103.6% in returning players and 24.2% increase in new players. The numbers were gathered from both NA and EU regions.

“We are ecstatic after seeing that our hard work on Black Desert Remastered has been so positively perceived by the community at large,” remarked Pearl Abyss executive producer Jae Hee Kim. “The heart-warming reactions have definitely been a morale booster. We want to thank our players all over the world for playing our game.”

As one would probably expect, the devs of BDO aren’t resting on their laurels as the team continues to work on localizing the Drieghan update, which was brought to the Korean version of the MMO in March. According to patch notes from that version, the update will bring a new region, new Awakening weapon, and a new gathering mini-game among other updates, though those features may change as they make their way westward.

Our Thoughts

A burst of new people to look at the shiny new graphics isn’t a terribly surprising development, all things considered. The trick, of course, is keeping those newly returned and acquired players around for longer than that. Here’s hoping that those who have come to the game are enjoying themselves.

Sources: press release, Inven Global

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Realm Royale Sheds over 90% of its Players

While Realm Royale may have started strong out of the gate, the battle royale shooter based on Paladins is having a hard time keeping pace with the sub-genre’s biggest releases. A look at the most recent Realm Royale player numbers shows that over 90% of the players who were around at the game’s early access release have since fallen away.

realm royale player numbers

According to tracking website GitHyp, the head count of Realm Royale this past weekend was at a high of 7,000. When compared to a concurrency spike of 105k in the game’s first week, that equates to a 93% drop rate. According to the game’s Steam reviews, most of the negative remarks are aimed at patches that have made things feel unbalanced, which could explain some of the concurrency loss.

The trends mirror Twitch viewership of the title, which saw a spike in about the same week but then saw viewer numbers decline as streamers who visited Realm Royale went back to their Fortnite-playing ways.

With all that said, GitHyp does note that not all is lost for Realm Royale, citing the game’s plans to release to consoles. One also has to perhaps consider the announcement of a dedicated studio for Realm Royale opened by Hi-Rez, which could mean more new content and fixes to the aforementioned balance problems can come more frequently.

Our Thoughts

You can never say never when it comes to online games, but it would certainly seem that Realm Royale needs to pull up its bootstraps and address the problems players are having with the shooter before it becomes a flash in the multiplayer gaming fad pan.

Source: GitHyp

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Monster Hunter World Has a Big Weekend on Steam

It’s perhaps no surprise that Monster Hunter World on PC was going to be a popular game, but now we’re getting something of a look at just how popular. New Monster Hunter World player numbers are showing that the action RPG has indeed drawn in plenty of eager hunters, though not without some bumps on the way.

monster hunter world player numbers

At launch this past Thursday, Monster Hunter World had hit a pretty high mark at 240,901. That number only rose over the past weekend, with a peak of 334,684 – nearly 100k over its launch concurrency. The numbers even saw the game rise above evergreen chart toppers like CS:GO.

According to estimates from Steam Spy, this puts sales of the game on PC somewhere between the range of 2 million and 5 million copies. Those numbers, however, are now made extremely inaccurate thanks to Steam’s meddling. That said, one member of the ResetEra forum with access to SteamSpy Premium has stated that owner numbers are around 2,376,000 at the time of this writing.

In spite of the game’s weekend surge, things aren’t completely smooth sailing for Monster Hunter World. The game has seen an aggregate of “Mixed” reviews on Steam, with most negative marks referencing the online multiplayer’s instability.

The title has also been pulled from Tencent’s WeGame platform in China, citing a large number of complaints and requests from Chinese authorities for the move. According to a statement, Monster Hunter World didn’t “fully comply with relevant regulatory and policy requirements”, though many in the region attribute this to a combination of Steam user complaints and a “clean up” of online content by authorities in the country.

Our Thoughts

We suspect that Capcom will crow about its hard numbers for the game’s launch soon enough, but it already seems that it’s doing quite well in spite of its online functionality being wobbly. Which, if we’re honest, is pretty much par for the course when it comes to online game launches nowadays. It feels like it shouldn’t happen, but it keeps on happening. Hopefully time will balance that all out.

Sources: VG247, RADII China via DSO Gaming

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Sea of Thieves Touts Over 5M Players as Cursed Sails Goes Live

It took a few updates for Sea of Thieves to hit its stride, but it appears that the piratical sandbox title has done just that. With the arrival of the latest Cursed Sails update, the folks at Rare Ltd. are marking a new high point in Sea of Thieves player numbers.

sea of thieves player numbers

According to the latest word from executive producer Joe Neate, over 5 million players are setting sail in the Sea of Thieves. Counted among that number are content creators who have helped to rack up 300 million views on YouTube and 40 million hours of Twitch broadcast time.

The news comes just after the game’s Cursed Sails update went live, which added skeleton-crewed enemy ships, the three-player Brigantine ship, and the new Alliance feature to help crews come together under a common banner. The update has also kicked off another three week-long limited Campaign.

“On behalf of us all at Rare, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been a part of this amazing adventure,” writes Neate. “Every single one of the five million players who’s played has bought something unique and special to the game: themselves. It genuinely wouldn’t be the same without you.”

Our Thoughts

No matter how you feel about a game when it first arrives, seeing an MMO bring itself back into a stable and enjoyable experience is one of the best parts of watching this genre and we’re glad the team at Sea of Thieves has apparently done just that. Here’s hoping the fun continues for fans of this game.

Source: Xbox Wire

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Richard Garriott Talks About Shroud of the Avatar’s Population

Apparently there’s some concern about Shroud of the Avatar player numbers if the source link for this story is anything to be believed. There’s also the whole “team size adjustment” that was made in mid-June and mixed reviews on Steam and low Steam concurrency, for whatever water that holds for you. To those points, Richard Garriott had a few things to say.

shroud of the avatar player numbers

To the point of SotA’s impact on Steam, Garriott says that represents the barest fraction of people who play the game. “The majority of players don’t play on Steam,” said Garriott. “We are in the many thousands but not in the many tens of thousands of monthly active users at the moment. We’d be quite content with tens of thousands of monthly active users, and we’re within shooting range of that.”

As for the staff reduction, Garriott referred to it as an operational shift in order to meet an affordable “burn rate”, but did mention that the team at Portalarium are hoping to bulk up staff numbers again once Episode 2’s marketing kicks off. He also made mention of the fact that the studio’s staff is more like somewhere below 20, which is close to the base team size to begin with. That said, that number doesn’t include contracted staff.

Ultimately, Garriott believes that poor marketing for SotA’s initial release is to blame for the MMORPG’s current state. “We spent a chunk of money on the April marketing but literally no one in our office saw it,” recounts Garriott. “Sadly we misfired a chunk of change on mistargeted marketing.”

Our Thoughts

Marketing can only go so far and word of mouth about Shroud of the Avatar may already have done a bit of a number on this particular sandbox MMORPG. That said, we don’t wish any game ill and so hope that future updates and Episode 2’s release truly does bring in the player numbers that Garriott and company expect.

Source: Eurogamer

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Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile Tops iOS Charts

So the mobile edition of Fortnite Battle Royale has only just begun its testing phase. That said, the testing phase is either drawing in a huge player pool or is exceedingly popular. Fortnite mobile player numbers are already making the game climb to the top of the iTunes charts in 13 different countries, including the UK and the US.

fortnite mobile player numbers

The data comes by way of Sensor Tower, which caught wind of the game’s popularity over the weekend and shared its findings in a tweet. According to the tweet, Fortnite BR mobile not only topped the charts, it did so for free overall apps, meaning it wasn’t just at the top of the heap merely for games only.

As of this writing, Fortnite is still sitting at the #1 spot for free apps in both iTunes UK and iTunes US charts.

It is worth mentioning that the list of compatible devices that were part of the initial announcement has been edited down. Specifically, the iPhone 5S and iPad Air 2 are not compatible with the game. Testing, meanwhile, presses on for iOS users with no revealed plans for the Android edition’s testing phase as of yet.

Our Thoughts

That is a very big testing pool. It also bodes well for Fortnite mobile’s popularity, especially as PUBG mobile is slowly making its way to mobile devices with its own test. Here’s hoping this means lots of data for the devs of Fortnite mobile to iterate on in order to make the game’s final build as stable as possible.

Source: VG247

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PUBG Sales Rise but Player Numbers Decline

Combined good news and bad news for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which potentially are two sides of a similar coin. Reports are coming in that PUBG sales have seen an uptick, though the number of players who are actively playing the game is starting to dip for the first time in the game’s history.


According to data from SteamSpy, PUBG has crested 30 million units sold. However that same website as well as details taken from SteamCharts has seen the game’s concurrent player count drop off, with SteamCharts showing a 5% drop in the last 30 days at the time of this story’s writing.

Part of the issue may be related to PUBG’s still-rampant cheating problem, which anti-cheat tech company BattlEye says is mostly coming from Chinese players. According to statistics gathered by Youxi Story, 99% of the cheaters banned from the game come from China, with the country also making up about 46% of the game’s playerbase.

BattlEye had confirmed earlier this month that the company banned over 1 million cheaters, but also stated that “things continue to escalate” according to a tweet from the company.

That said, PUBG could see yet another spike in player numbers overall. Chinese player numbers have leveled off according to a graph shared by Steam Spy at the end of January, which may be due to the fact that players in the area are waiting for the official Chinese release. Over 10 million players have reportedly already pre-registered for the game’s official launch in the country.

Our Thoughts

So for the sake of perspective, we’re pretty sure that PUBG will remain healthy and popular; it’s hard to think that the 100-pound gorilla of the battle royale market is going to be unseated completely. That said, it’s pretty clear that the game’s cheating problems are beginning to have an appreciable affect, so we hope that the tide will abate soon, if for nothing else than to have a game that players can enjoy without having to wonder “what if”.

Sources: SteamSpy and SteamCharts, Youxi Story via IGN, PCGamesN

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For Honor Sees a Rise in Player Numbers

It was March of last year that we reported a meteoric crash in the number of For Honor players. Now, we’re happy to report, that it looks like Ubisoft has begun to right the ship as the medieval battling MOBA-like has recorded some new highs in both total players and concurrent players.

for honor players

In an earnings call to investors, Ubisoft has reported that For Honor now boasts a playerbase of 7.5 million, with a monthly playerbase of 1 million unique players. The turnaround is attributed to the frequency of regular updates, which has kept players in the game engaged.

Speaking of updates, the next major one, Age of Wolves, will usher in the game’s fifth season of play. Age of Wolves is looking to tweak the Kensei and the Conqueror, along with changes to the game’s fighting system, new customization options, and the launch of dedicated servers. The update will also introduce a new training mode for players to hone their skills.

The Age of Wolves update is due to launch tomorrow, February 15th. A video talking about what to expect can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

When we first talked about the number of people playing For Honor, we mentioned the fact that getting things back on track wasn’t off the wall. Now, a year later, Ubisoft appears to have done it, and the additions due in with the Rise of Wolves update should help to keep this online brawler on solid footing and further upward momentum. Congrats to the For Honor team!

Sources: IGN, official site

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