Pokemon GO Fest is Making its Return

Think back to summer of last year when Pokemon GO Fest crashed and burned so spectacularly that it actually disrupted how the game works on a global scale. Well, Niantic appears ready to try once more with Pokemon GO Fest 2018, once more taking place in Chicago, IL.

pokemon go fest 2018

Described in the announcement as the “biggest North American event” being offered for the game, Pokemon GO Fest 2018 will be taking place at Chicago’s Lincoln Park from July 14th through the 15th. The event will feature a 1.8 mile walking trail with activities for fans of all ages and promises “a unique, immersive play experience unseen anywhere else.” What that specifically means, however, isn’t being elaborated on at the moment.

Naturally, the technical hiccups of last year’s event still weigh on the mind of Niantic CEO John Hanke, who promises that this year will be different as a result of prior events held in other countries. “After getting off to a bumpy start in Chicago last year, we hosted a number of record-setting events in Japan, Korea, and cities across Europe with attendance that ranged from tens of thousands to more than two million,” said Hanke.

Pokemon GO Fest 2018 will be part of a number of live events planned for the Summer, including a Safari Zone event in Dortmund, Germany on June 30th, a Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan later in the Summer, and a number of other events soon to be scheduled for players in Asia.

Our Thoughts

Running events that handled as many as two million players is a pretty good benchmark, but we’re definitely going to remain on the more “cautious” side of “cautiously optimistic” for this year’s event. Here’s hoping that all of the Summer events go off without a hitch.

Sources: official site, Polygon

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