Pokemon GO Introduces an All New Pokemon

Those who have been regularly playing Pokemon GO have likely been chasing a very strange critter with a Ditto-like blob for a body and a hex nut for a head. Turns out that creature isn’t just some unfinished horror or a placeholder: it’s Meltan, an all new Pokemon introduced in the mobile game and coming to its big brother Let’s Go releases.


Meltan is easily the smallest Pokemon released, coming in at a height of 0’08” yet weighing a little over 17 lbs. It’s a Metal type Pokemon whose liquid metal arms can corrode metals to be absorbed into its own body. Meltan can also store up electrical energy and shoot it as a beam from its eye.

Those who have managed to snag themselves a Meltan in Pokemon GO have likely already seen it transform into a Ditto once caught. However, the landing page introducing Meltan notes that snagging this unique Ditto in Pokemon GO is important to finding Meltan in either version of Pokemon Let’s Go. The site also notes that sightings of Meltan have been decreasing over the past few days, but the creature is not gone completely.

More details on the connections that link Meltan, Pokemon GO and Pokemon Let’s Go are expected in the coming days as part of the lead-up to the launch of both Pokemon Let’s Go games on November 16th. A likely part of this information drip are a number of videos featuring Professor Willow and Professor Oak, the first of which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Seriously, Meltan looks completely unfinished. Which, considering its generally blobby nature, shouldn’t be a surprise. We’ll stop fixating on Meltan’s looks and instead ponder the implication that the links between PoGO and Let’s Go could run pretty deep indeed, making both titles possibly richer in the process. Or more annoying, depending on who you ask.

Source: official site

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