Steadfast Pokemon Teased for Sword and Shield, Possible Gen 8 Leek

While you were sleeping, The Pokemon Company dropped a new tease for the next Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield. These came announced in a new and unique way. Fans were immediately off to solve the mystery, but the big question on everyone’s mind is “Who’s that Steadfast Pokemon?”

Whatever it is, it appeared on the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website over night. Both the North American and Japanese versions had what appeared to be a glitch. The viewer hovers over what appears to be a glitched out Pokemon of some sort. Then, the image bounces to another corner of the screen a couple times before finally staying still. Clicking it brings up a loading bar and the “cry” of a Rotom.


That’s when the screen pulls up their own version of a Pokedex entry, but it’s glitched out, covering some seemingly important words. What can be seen is the Pokemon is a Fighting-type, it weighs 257.9 lbs, and it carries the Ability called “Steadfast.” As a Steadfast Pokemon, the ability “increases the user’s Speed stat by one stage when flinched.”

Underneath, some of the Pokedex entry is covered in glitches, but parts can still be read. “Only — that have survived many battles can attain this —. When this Pokemon’s — —ers, it will retire from combat.” Another noteworthy point is that the Japanese website has a single extra bit of information: the last part of its name. This translates to the word “nite”, which many believe could be a pun on the word “knight” of some sort.


Could the Steadfast Pokemon hold a leek or a bone?

Fans immediately began to speculate at all hours of the night, but have narrowed the possibilities down to two options: Farfetch’d and Cubone.

Some people started looking at the middle part of the image and seeing a Cubone’s skull helmet, which could make sense. However, some fans noticed that turning the image on its side could be an option. This makes it look like a squat duck holding a green shield and some sort of lance or sword.


This brings attention to the infamous “Affleck leak.” The notorious 4chan post from earlier this year that was spot on for what it predicted. While still just a rumor, it is held in high regard in the Pokemon community. In the rumor, the post mentions a Galarian Farfetch’d evolution named Sirfetch’d. This would line up with the naming motif and with it being a knight and fit the bill (sorry, not sorry).

As for the Japanese name including “nite”, Farfetch’d is not named that in the Japanese version of the games. In fact, its Japanese name is “Kamonegi.” This is an abbreviation of the proverb “a duck comes bearing green onions.” This would mean that whatever it evolves into could have a similar naming scheme or be different entirely.

While we wait for the eventual unveiling of this mystery Pokemon, check out our little history on Team Rocket and why they were added to Pokemon Go recently. Maybe it’s just Missingno and we’re all crazy for thinking otherwise.

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The Best Fighting Games On Nintendo Switch That Aren’t Smash Bros.

While the Nintendo Switch’s small JoyCons weren’t exactly made for those that appreciate fighting games, there’s no question that the system can hold its own in the arena. Get yourself a pair of Pro Controllers and set them up for the following recommended games and we assure you that you’ll have a great time getting into a brawling mood.

No, the list isn’t about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Obviously that’s a recommended favorite, but there are so many other fighting games that are worth checking out as well, as we’ve noted below.

So load up on a bigger memory card and get those fighting thumbs ready, because things are about to get rather competitive up in this piece.

Dragon Ball FighterZ (Bandai Namco)

After taking our breath away on other platforms, we figured it would just be a matter of time before Goku, Vegeta and the rest of the Dragon Ball Z gang would arrive on the Nintendo Switch in the form of FighterZ.

Produced by the team at Arc System Works, FighterZ looks like an anime universe brought to life. It brings several of the DBZ characters to the 2D fighting realm in the best way possible. You’ve got your combos, your super moves, your counters and, of course, those super-dramatic moves where a planet gets cut in half after you hurl someone into it.

Dragon Ball FIghterZ

What’s more, the game runs impressively on the Switch, whether in handheld mode or playing on the big-screen. The animation is truly impressive, and the speed of the game is second to none when it comes to dialing in the big hits. And the gameplay is as smooth as ever, offering something for both newcomers and veterans alike.

Even if you’re not really that heavily into anime, you owe it to yourself to check out FighterZ. It’s a brawler’s dream come true.

Mortal Kombat 11 (WB Games)

So there is one rather big hang-up that you’ll have to accept with Mortal Kombat 11 on the Nintendo Switch – this sucker takes up a lot of space. The game runs at around 15GB install with the physical version, via a day one patch. And if you go digital, it’ll crank up to around the 22GB range, maybe even higher.

Now, if you have a memory card that can sufficiently handle that kind of range, and you don’t mind waiting a while for the download to drop into place, then you’re in for a hell of a port. Mortal Kombat 11 actually feels quite good on the Nintendo Switch, particularly with the Pro Controller. That said, portable mode isn’t too shabby either, if it’s the only option you have on the table.

Now, visually, the game does pale in comparison to its Xbox One/PS4 brethren, but the devs still managed to get it running smoothly enough that most players don’t mind. What’s more, like Mortal Kombat II on the SNES, MK11 is brimming with all kinds of sweet carnage. That includes limbs flying off, bodies exploding and so, so much more. It’s all here, fans.

Along with a satisfying story mode, Mortal Kombat 11 also features a balanced Towers mode to test your might and multiplayer options for those that want to mix it up with others. Local versus is your best bet, but that’s a good deal anyway considering friends want to come over and punch your head off.

Even with its technical limitations, Mortal Kombat 11 holds its own – and more – on the Switch. Now if we can just get a port of Injustice 2

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (Capcom)

At one point in time, it looked like the best way to get Street Fighter action on the Nintendo Switch was to pick up a copy of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers. And while that’s not a bad option to have, it doesn’t really do much for those looking for variety. Fortunately, the 30th Anniversary Collection easily picks up where the debut effort left off.

That’s because, for a mere $30, you get a pretty complete package of the Street Fighter saga, going from the original game that started it all in 1987 (before Street Fighter II four years later) to the awesome Street Fighter III: Third Strike, considered by many to be one of the best in the series. The ports of all these games are done incredibly well, and the fighting action feels as smooth as it ever has, right down to the counter moves and getting those occasional combos. Again, a Pro Controller is your best bet here, but it feels so nice.

On top of that, you can also take part in online fighting with some of the key titles, like Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting and Street Fighter Alpha 3. It’s a slight disappointment that online isn’t offered across the board, but it allows Capcom to focus on delivering top-tier performance in the games that really matter. And, yes, Third Strike has that support as well.

Also included in this game is a sweet Museum Mode, where you can delve into the history of Street Fighter. It’s mesmerizing just how stacked this is, and it’ll keep you busy while you wait to jump into your next match.

While Ultra Street Fighter II is a good game, this Collection delivers more than its weight in gold. Well worth it for the $30 drop.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (Arc System Works)

Although Dragon Ball FighterZ has more than enough of a recommendation on the Arc System Works front, we dare not forget about the game that put them on the map to begin with on the Switch – BlazBlue. In Cross Tag Battle, you’ll pair up with a number of characters across various fighting games in one huge mishmash of fists, kicks and supers. And it’s unbelievable, to say the least.

Featuring characters from the respective Persona, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY (as well as BlazBlue, obviously), Cross Tag Battle delivers an unprecedented roster of characters to choose from, as well as the option to expand upon it with several characters through downloadable content. It never hurts to see what all is out there, so you can master certain ones and deliver a true butt whooping online.

The game features stellar visuals that match the quality of FighterZ in terms of hand-drawn elegance and beautiful backgrounds. For that matter, the game also features a rockin’ soundtrack that will be right at home for those of you that love any of the franchises above. But it’s the gameplay that will truly hook you, with a 2 vs. 2 gameplay system that rivals the greatness of Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It has its own special tricks that you certainly shouldn’t miss.

There’s also an array of spectacular modes to choose from, which will keep you busy in both single player and against others in multiplayer. It’s impressively stacked, and you won’t have to sacrifice too much of your memory card if you take the digital route. (Of course, physical game fans will want to pick this up and add it to their growing collection.)

While one Arc System Works party with FighterZ may be enough for some, we recommend adding BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle to the party. If only because there’s more than enough 2D fighting goodness to go around, so why limit it to just one selection?

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (SNK)

Okay, we know. This isn’t exactly the most serious SNK fighting game out there, but there’s enough variety for that with the Arcade Archives releases, as you can load up on Samurai Shodown and Garou: Mark of the Wolves for less than a 20 spot. That said, SNK Heroines does deserve some commendation, mainly because of the two things it manages to do pretty well.

The first is delivering fan service. Sure, it takes a Dead or Alive route to do so, but that’s proven popular with Koei Tecmo in the past, so why shouldn’t SNK give it a try? The selection of female characters is rather startling, and their outfits would give Kasumi and company a run for their money. It doesn’t necessarily over-sexualize either, though it definitely doesn’t hold back on the cheesecake. There’s a reason it has a Teen rating.

snk heroines

As for the second thing, it just takes the fighting ball and rolls with it when it comes to entertainment. It’s a bit on the silly side, but the combo system works reasonably well; and the super moves are a blast to pull off. Plus, the game looks pretty good for a 3D SNK brawler, though obviously Samurai Shodown will take the throne whenever it arrives for the platform later this year.

While SNK Heroines may not be a favorite choice, it still gets thumbs up for those that are looking for something just outside of the norm.

Blade Strangers (Nicalis)

Although it’s not the most original crossover title out there, Blade Strangers has that certain appeal that some fans will love. Plus, you really won’t find a fighting game with a more diverse cast than this. We’re talking a buffed up Shovel Knight taking on the kid from The Binding of Isaac Plus, folks.

The game features a traditional 2D design that, while not as detailed as Arc System Works’ games, still looks very well done. And the 3D backgrounds are pretty nicely rendered to boot, so you actually feel like you’re battling in a living, breathing world.

On top of that, the control system is well handled here. If you’re approaching for the first time, the game will help you learn about what makes it tick, so you can adapt to its systems and get into the fight. And if you’re a veteran, you can figure things out rather quickly, so you can master your terrain.

Blade Strangers also packs on the fun as far as multiplayer is concerned, with lots of online match-ups that run relatively well for the Switch.

It’s not the most commendable fighting game out there, but Blade Strangers is a lot of fun. And it’s a good one-two punch to go alongside the Puzzle Fighter II-esque Crystal Crisis that’s set to drop in just a few days. Now fight!

ARMS (Nintendo)

While most folks would recommend Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the king of the fighting games for the Switch (and rightfully so), we have to give a nod to ARMS, a game that launched shortly after the system’s release. And while it’s a bit unexpected when it comes to its extendable limbs and deeper strategy, it’s a lot more fun than we expected it to be.

In the game, you choose from a number of characters that let their hands do the talking; and then drop into a 3D arena where you can try to knock them out before they get the chance to. There’s some cool stuff here, including selecting which limbs you want to go with, each with their own special abilities. What’s more, some of the characters provide their own extra spark as well, keeping things interesting with each brawl.

It’s a blast to play online. And what’s more, it’s a local favorite, too. And it actually makes proper use of the JoyCons in versus play, though, again, stick with a Pro Controller if you can.

Check out the trailer above to give yourself a good idea of just how ARMS works. We’d certainly be down for a sequel – provided they don’t call it something weird. Like LEGS or something. ELBOWS?

Pokken Tournament DX (Nintendo)

You didn’t really think we were going to leave the Pokemon out of this fight, did you? Did you? Silly trainers. Pokken Tournament left quite an impact over on the Wii U, so it only makes sense that the game do so on the Nintendo Switch as well. Nintendo, alongside the folks at Bandai Namco, really gave this the proper treatment it deserved. As a result, fans are sure to love it – if they can stop playing Pokémon Let’s Go for a good few minutes.

In the game, you’ll choose from a number of Pokémon characters and then engage in battle. A neat little system lets you fight between 2D and 3D planes, switching between them quite effectively as you execute special moves and try to win each fight. 

The controls are relatively easy to use, and take some time to truly master. So it’s got that perfect amount of balance that feels right at home, even to newcomers. As for full-blown Pokémon fans, there’s some great service here that you’re going to really dig.

Throw in a fun story mode (with a somewhat annoying announcer – just quiet down for a few, lady) and some great online versus action, and you’ve got a winner that will please both newbies and masters alike. We’d definitely take a follow-up to this one if we were given the chance.

Other Recommendations

Here are some quick recommendations you shouldn’t miss out on:

Pocket Rumble– a cool little $10 Game Boy-esque fighting game with fun characters and simple controls. A good game for kids and non-fighting masters to check out.

Samurai Shodown- the classic SNK game lives on via the Arcade Archives collection- and it’s a good warm-up for the new game coming in just a few months.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves– another SNK title that’s well worth your time, especially considering you get an all-out classic for just $8.

Nidhogg 2- an oddball fencing game, but one filled with wonderful tactics and fun local versus action. Plus, did we mention it’s weird? Because it’s damn weird.

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Pokemon Go is Hosting a Detective Pikachu Tie-in Event

If you thought Niantic was going to let an opportunity like the release of a Pokemon movie go without mention then you may not be paying attention to the world of online gaming enough. Pokemon Go is Hosting a Detective Pikachu tie-in event to celebrate the release of the film. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7th and running until May 17th a number of different things will be taking place in Pokemon Go and for the sake of simplicity here they are listed below.

Double XP on All Pokemon Caught in the Wild
Increased Encounters with Prominent Pokemon from the Movie; Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Aipom, and Snubbull.
Detective Pikachu Photobomb in Snapshot Photos leading to being able to catch Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu Inspired Raids
Detective Pikachu Inspired Field Research
Detective Pikachu Themed Shirt
Detective Pikachu Themed Hat


As of the time of writing this, we don’t know any details like how often you’ll be able to catch Detective Pikachu, who will be in these raids, or what the field research will entail. We also know that there will be a chance to see a shiny Aipom in the wild. Sadly Ryan Reynolds won’t be voicing Pikachu. But it would be so cool if he did. While the event begins tomorrow if you want to see the movie you’ll have to wait until the end of the week, it releases in theaters on May 10th in most countries around the world.


Source: Pokemon Official Site

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Pokemon-Like Temtem Alpha Test Begins

Over this summer Temtem was all the rage, everyone was talking about it thanks to their Kickstarter campaign. Now the team is proud to announce that the Temtem alpha test has started today. For the first time, fans will get to dive into the world of Temtem to catch creatures and make friends.

If you are expecting to take part in the Alpha and haven’t received a key yet, don’t worry. They’re sending them out in batches. Which batch you fall into is based on when you backed them on Kickstarter. Those who backed them first get first access.

The announcement that the game is now in alpha was made on Kickstarter where they also offer a few tips. Temtem is a challenging game and they encourage you to use items if you’re in trouble. There are no tutorials in the game yet but the menu opens using tab and you can interact with NPCs and signs using F. They’re also asking that if you see a bug you report it on the forums. Only a few of the Luma are available in the game right now; Paharo evo-line, Umishi evo-line, Kaku evo-line, Pigepic and Barnshe.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be in the Alpha and you don’t have a friend with a spare key you’ll still be able to see the game in action on Twitch and Youtube as streamers and content creators get in.

The developers recommend you check out their Discord server or Twitter to get the latest news about batches and how everything is going.

There isn’t any word yet on how long the Alpha will continue for. But, the devs have said that if you have an Alpha key that only grants you access to the Alpha and once they move into Early Access you’ll no longer be able to play the game.


Source: Kickstarter

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Pokemon Let’s Go: Hands On At EGLX!

The Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo opened its doors once more in Toronto, Canada last weekend and with it Nintendo of Canada booted up its consoles for eager players looking to get hands on with their upcoming major releases. Ahead of its launch on November 16th, I got an opportunity at EGLX to get hands on with Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu, one of two versions of the upcoming Nintendo Switch game. While it’s sister-game, Let’s Go Eevee, features the titular evolutionary fox, Let’s Go Pikachu prominently features the series defacto mascot as the player’s companion in their journey through familiar fields.

Returning to the Kanto region, Pokemon Let’s Go will feature a similar journey to the one found in the original duology of games, Red and Blue. In my hands-on time with the demo, players were restricted to the Viridian Forest, one of the game’s first gauntlets prior to the major Gym circuit. While the layout and skeleton did feel the same, Viridian has long since seen not just a graphical face lift, but a smoother transition into a wide field of Pokemon diversity. In my brief playtime I encountered not only the familiar Caterpie and Weedle enemies, but also found Rattata, Nidoran and Jigglypuff sprinkled throughout the area.

These Pokemon practically leap off of the screen with the Swtich’s small yet powerful hardware. As with most games I’ve played before on the system, no matter how bright the background or powerful the color palette, each Pokemon I encountered took center stage as they darted through the wild underbrush. That’s right, wild Pokemon are now present on the overworld in lieu of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest’s visible enemy encounters, allowing you to target specific pocket monsters or avoid ones you’d rather not face. That’s not to say that they’re simply passive creatures; if necessary they will engage and charge you if you’re not careful. Fighting the wilderness and trainers simply doesn’t feel as exhausting as it has in past entries.

Pokemon Let's Go

Here I found is where the direction that Nintendo has taken the franchise has met seamlessly with the traditional pacing of what Game Freak has laid before. The Battle System will be instantly familiar to veterans of the franchise, featuring the same 4-move turn-based combat the series is known for. New moves have been injected, however, as alongside Thunder Shock, Tail Whip and Growl my Pika-partner took flight with balloons and dive-bombed its enemy with gusto. It’s impossibly difficult to utterly revamp such a celebrated and fundamental game mechanic, so instead Let’s Go has taken a distinctly different route in invigorating the series.

Unlike past iterations, PLG has taken queues from Niantic’s hit mobile release, Pokemon Go, and has dynamically changed encountering and capturing Wild Pokemon. Whereas installments have repeated the Trainer Battle System players are familiar with, Pokemon Let’s Go instead pits you against Wild Pokemon alone with nothing but a Poke Ball and your sharp reflexes. Capturing Pokemon now requires you to track their movement across the screen and time your movements to avoid their deflecting techniques. Timing your throws with the shrinking targeting reticle will also increase the efficacy of your capture; the smaller the circle, the greater chance your wild target will stay in that little ball.

Capturing Pokemon has also been gamified to a greater extent than it has in the past. Much like Pokemon Go, capturing repeated species of the same creature rewards a multi-capture bonus. Wild Pokemon now also come in a variety of sizes, visually alerting you if one is smaller or much larger than average. Noticing these at the booth, I inquired with the Nintendo staff if these had any particular importance, but I was told that these were purely cosmetic and did not directly affect statistics or gameplay. To quote the attendant at the Nintendo Booth, “Some people just like to have a large Rattata!”

Pokemon Let’s Go

The biggest addition to the Let’s Go line is of course your companion Pokemon. Displaying and promoting the bond between critter and Trainer is the focus of these games, making their intent known every step of the way. Returning from it’s celebrated inclusion in HeartGold and SoulSilver, Pokemon will now follow you in the overworld. While the titular duo will ride on your avatar’s shoulders, other Poke-members of your party can follow behind your character as you adventure throughout the world. While only the basic Kanto starter Pokemon were available to demo in such a regard, the present Nintendo Employees did confirm that every Pocket Monster will be available to follow your character on your journey.

Customization and interaction has also been reinforced with distinct importance. You can, at any time, play with your Pikachu! During my demo time I got up close and personal with my shocking murine in the interaction system originally released with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Picking up Razz Berries and other items found throughout the world, Pikachu and Eevee can be fed and played with, responding to player interactions and feedback intelligently. In scratching Pikachu I discovered he loved head pats and ear-scritches, but nose boops were enough to threaten me with an electric shock.

In my demo my little partner was wearing a costume very similar to my trainer avatar, sporting a smart baseball cap and jacket. Across from me a young couple playing their game remarked and gushed over a similar outfit that their Eevee was dolled up in and the group of us appreciated these light touches. In talking to my Nintendo Rep she eagerly confirmed that this was a feature of the game, and that more costumes could be unlocked as players delved deeper and deeper into Kanto. Part of the charm, she remarked, was that Nintendo wanted characters to develop a special bond with their chosen partner as the game progressed. Costuming is intended to be wide and dynamic, letting players dress up their partner however they wish, whenever they wish.

Pokemon Let’s Go

As a long time player of the franchise, there was one question on my mind throughout. My first venture in the series was Pokemon Yellow, a special expanded edition of the original releases that saw Pikachu as your starter Pokemon whom followed you in a manner similar to that of Pokemon Let’s Go. However, much to my chagrin even in my adult years, Pikachu could never be evolved meaning that you either had a constantly underpowered member of your team or your companion was banished to Bill’s PC forever. I did ask if Pikachu and Eevee could evolve in Pokemon Let’s Go, but my representative simply didn’t have an answer for me. At the first opportunity we both jumped on the Booth Manager who deflected the question initially, but later admitted it was an answer he didn’t have either.

Controlling the game admittedly felt incredibly satisfying. While demoing Pokemon Let’s Go, the Nintendo booth was equipped with the Poke Ball Plus controllers, a three buttoned motion controller included with the deluxe edition of the games. Movement and menu selection was controlled with the central depressable control stick, while a button was located on the top red section of the ball to act as a cancel button. Controlling the game in this manner felt like a leap from the anime into reality, even with the twitchy weightlessness the control stick possessed. Motion controls felt just as responsive, either slinging Poke Balls with a flick of the wrist or hurling them with a hat-backwards-Ash-Ketchum-toss. Both were exceptionally responsive in the capturing segments, and the Plus controller possesses just enough to work for Trainer Combat.

Let’s Go plays just as well with a standard Switch Joy-Con, fully capable of the same motion controls and still feeling as solid in your hand as the Plus. I did ask about portability during my time, wondering how players were expected to go about this when the Switch was undocked. My representative confirmed for me that motion controls were indeed optional, even when docked, allowing players to be as interactive with the game as they want.

I also asked what the depth of the game was: would the Kanto region be the only realm to explore with our new partners? While my representative did confirm that Kanto was the main focus, I received multiple contradictory answers on if it was the only limit to the game. Despite being told that Kanto was all that was intended to be included, she later recanted and said that future expansions were possible depending on sales figures for the sister games.

Pokemon Let’s Go

With time under my belt, I’m fully confident that Pokemon Let’s Go will be a wonderful addition to an already incredibly strong franchise. Everything completely flows together to fulfill the ideal Trainer fantasy, from the bond of your partner to the feeling of encountering Pokemon in the wild. It injects just enough life to make the slog that is the Viridian Forest a welcome place to return to and re-experience on brand new hardware. I for one am deeply anticipating the rest of the game, to live in the Pokemon World with a better appreciated player fantasy. For now, I wait with bated breath for its release on November 16th.

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Complete List of Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

There are currently more than 100 shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go with more being added all the time. Shiny Pokemon are rare variations of regular Pokemon who have different colors on them. Their stats can sometimes be terrible, but no matter what their stats are their rarity makes them valuable and beloved by collectors. If you are lucky enough to find a shiny Pokemon keep them for yourself or find a local Pokemon Go group where you might be able to trade them for something you’re missing from your Pokedex.

This list will be updated regularly as new Pokemon are added. Niantic typically announces which shines are being added at the end of every month.


List of Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go Last Updated: October 14, 2018


The newest shiny Pokemon in Pokemon go are:

Shiny Krabby
Shiny Kingler

Shiny Nidoran (Female)
Shiny Nidorina
Shiny Nidoqueen

October’s Community Event is being held on October 21st and focus on Beldum. Even though it hasn’t yet been confirmed that there will be a shiny variation of Beldum, Metang, and Metagross, most community events do include a shiny variation of each stage of the Pokemon’s evolution. If that does in fact happen, that will bring us up to 8 new shiny Pokemon in October and the list will be updated accordingly.

Find the full list below in alphabetical order with the Pokedex number next to it. The newest added in the current month will have a new flag next to the name.

Absol (Raid Only) 359
Aerodactyl 142
Aggron 306
Altaria 334
Ampharos 181
Arcanine 59
Aron 304
Articuno 144
Banette 354
Bayleaf 153
Blastoise (Without Sunglasses) 9
Bulbasaur 1
Charizard 6
Charmander 4
Charmeleon 5
Chikorita 152
Cloyster 91
Dragonair 148
Dragonite 149
Dratini 147
Drowzee 96
Dusklops 356
Duskull 355
Eevee 133
Espeon 196
Flaaffy 180
Flareon 136
Forretress 205
Geodude 74
Glalie 362
Golem 76
Granbull 219
Graveler 75
Grimer 88
Growlithe 58
Gyarados 130
Hariyama 297
Ho-Oh 250
Houndoom 229
Houndour 228
Hypno 97
Ivysaur 2
Jolteon 135
Kabuto 140
Kabutops 141
Kingler 99
Krabby 98
Kyogre 380
Lairon 305
Larvitar 246
Lugia (Raid Only) 249
Luvdisc 370
Magby (Egg Only) 240
Magikarp 129
Magmar 126
Makuhita 296
Mareep 179
Mawile (Raid Only) 303
Medicham 308
Meditite 307
Meganium 154
Mightyena 262
Minun 312
Moltres 146
Muk 89
Murkrow 198
Natu 177
Nidoqueen 31
Nidoran (Female) 29
Nidorina 30
Omanyte 138
Omastar 139
Pelipper 279
Pichu 172
Pikachu 25
Pineco 204
Plusle 311
Poochyena 261
Pupitar 247
Raichu 26
Roselia 315
Sableye 302
Shellder 90
Shuppet 353
Snorunt 361
Snubbull 209
Squirtle (Without Sunglasses) 7
Sunflora 192
Sunkern 191
Swablu 333
Togepi (Egg Only) 175
Togetic 176
Tyranitar 248
Umbreon 197
Vaporeon 134
Venusaur 3
Wailmer 320
Wailord 321
Wartortle (Without Sunglasses) 8
Wingull 278
Wobbuffet 202
Wynaut (Egg Only) 360
Xatu 178
Zapdos 145

Shiny Tips and Tricks

Finding a shiny Pokemon is nothing more than random luck. Any of these Pokemon seen in the wild could be shiny. So even if you’ve finished evolving a certain Pokemon it never hurts to tap on them in the wild and see. You never know when you’ll see a shiny Pokemon. The best time to get shinies is during Community Day events, which are held every month. With the vastly increased spawn rate for the particular Pokemon in the spotlight that day you have a greater chance of catching one, or several, shiny Pokemon.


  • Lures and Incense can be used to find them because any Pokemon encountered in the wild that is on the list above can turn into a shiny.
  • They can also be found in eggs and it appears that shiny babies have a higher rate of appearance than others: one in 50 vs 1 in 450.
  • There is no guarantee that a Pokemon found in the wild will be shiny for anyone else. Pokemon appear shiny on a player by player basis.
  • If you evolve a shiny the Pokemon will remain shiny just like with the special event Pokemon wearing hats and sunglasses.
  • You will never run into an issue with a shiny Pokemon turning into a Ditto. When Shiny Magikarp was introduced Niantic removed Magikarp from the list of Pokemon who will turn into Ditto.
  • Before you transfer your shiny Pokemon to the Professor you will get a warning. That makes it more difficult to transfer it by mistake. Considering how rare shiny Pokemon are you will almost certainly never want to transfer any to the Professor.


Keep Track of What You’ve Got

There are a number of ways to keep track of which shiny Pokemon you already have. The first, and easiest, is to copy the list above into a spreadsheet and add to the spreadsheet manually over time. While this is the most straightforward way to do it there are other methods that some prefer.

You may prefer a physical printout to take with you while you’re out playing Pokemon Go. has your back here. After every new shiny Pokemon is introduced they put out a new checklist with an image for every shiny in the game. The downsides to this are that new shinies are being added frequently, which means having to print out and transfer one list to the next often. At the moment we’re talking about 2-3 times a month.

List of Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Finally, there is the Go Ranger App, which is highly recommended for all Pokemon Go players. The app itself is third party, meaning that it isn’t made by Nintendo or Niantic. However, it is a valuable tool that allows you to track which shiny Pokemon you have, when upcoming in-game events will be taking place, what Pokemon to use in raids, and much more. Even if you aren’t on the hunt for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go this is a valuable tool to carry around with you.

Between these three popular tracking options, you should have no problem following which shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go you’ve caught and which ones you’re still on the hunt for. There are of course other ways to keep track of them, but these are the easiest and most effective that the Pokemon Go community has embraced.


The hunt for shiny Pokemon is an exciting one that will keep you tapping on Pokemon long after you’ve evolved them to their highest form. Even if you don’t feel compelled to catch them all they can make quite valuable trade items. So, next time you’re out playing Pokemon Go tap on that Krabby, it might just be your lucky day.

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Pokemon GO Introduces an All New Pokemon

Those who have been regularly playing Pokemon GO have likely been chasing a very strange critter with a Ditto-like blob for a body and a hex nut for a head. Turns out that creature isn’t just some unfinished horror or a placeholder: it’s Meltan, an all new Pokemon introduced in the mobile game and coming to its big brother Let’s Go releases.


Meltan is easily the smallest Pokemon released, coming in at a height of 0’08” yet weighing a little over 17 lbs. It’s a Metal type Pokemon whose liquid metal arms can corrode metals to be absorbed into its own body. Meltan can also store up electrical energy and shoot it as a beam from its eye.

Those who have managed to snag themselves a Meltan in Pokemon GO have likely already seen it transform into a Ditto once caught. However, the landing page introducing Meltan notes that snagging this unique Ditto in Pokemon GO is important to finding Meltan in either version of Pokemon Let’s Go. The site also notes that sightings of Meltan have been decreasing over the past few days, but the creature is not gone completely.

More details on the connections that link Meltan, Pokemon GO and Pokemon Let’s Go are expected in the coming days as part of the lead-up to the launch of both Pokemon Let’s Go games on November 16th. A likely part of this information drip are a number of videos featuring Professor Willow and Professor Oak, the first of which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Seriously, Meltan looks completely unfinished. Which, considering its generally blobby nature, shouldn’t be a surprise. We’ll stop fixating on Meltan’s looks and instead ponder the implication that the links between PoGO and Let’s Go could run pretty deep indeed, making both titles possibly richer in the process. Or more annoying, depending on who you ask.

Source: official site

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Mewtwo Headed to Pokemon GO Raid Battles for a Limited Time

The powerful psychic-type Pokemon Mewtwo was only available to a limited number of Pokemon GO players, but those restrictions are coming off as the Pokemon is going to be part of a special Pokemon GO bonus event.

pokemon go bonus event

The event starts on September 13th at 1pm PDT, where the Legendary Pokemon Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres will be available in Raid Battles until September 20th, either in their standard or shiny forms. Additionally, players will see increased Kanto region critters in general and in Raid Battles until September 30th.

Then, starting on September 20th, Mewtwo will be making its way to Raid Battles. This is a first for this particular Pokemon, as players were only able to have a swing at Mewtwo if they were invited to EX Raids. This will be a limited-time appearance, though, as he’ll leave Raid Battles on October 23rd at 1pm PDT.

Finally, players will be seeing Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros attainable from 7km Eggs through the entire month of September in addition to the Alolan Pokemon.

Our Thoughts

For those Pokemon GO players who are absolute completionists, we suspect this news will be most welcome. Besides, Mewtwo is a pretty cool looking Pokemon anyway, so that’s also a plus. Regardless of which creature you’re going for, we wish players the best of luck in Raid Battles and hope that the RNG Gods are on your side when hatching those Eggs.

Source: official site

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PvP Possibly Coming to Pokemon GO by Year’s End

By all accounts, Pokemon GO has been doing a pretty okay job of adding social features to make the mobile title a little more like its series’ namesake. One feature, however, has been missing for some time: Pokemon GO PvP. However, if Niantic has their way, that gap could be filled by the end of 2018.

pokemon go pvp

In an interview with Gram, a Polish gaming website, Niantic’s head of product marking for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region Anne Beuttenmüller stated that the company is already at work on a PvP feature as the next update due to arrive to the game. The hope is to have things sorted out and released by the end of this year.

Beuttenmüller also mentioned the devs of Pokemon GO are working on a number of features to refine the game’s recently added trading features, including the ability to add notes to friends and arrange friends on your list into groups.

While a release date or release timeline for the game’s PvP feature was not provided in the interview, the work being done by the game’s team is part of a stated renewed focus on Pokemon GO’s various social features. “It’s all about friends,” Beuttenmüller is quoted as saying in the piece.

Our Thoughts

We suspect that a 2018 release might be rushing things a bit, unless work on this new feature has been ongoing for longer than assumed. In any case, we do hope this upcoming PvP feature will be as engaging and tactical as current PvP battles in the Pokemon games are, or at the very least will be close enough without making things too simple. Part of the fun of Pokemon battling with others is the almost chess-like strategy.

Source: Gram via Eurogamer

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Pokemon GO Teases Potential Generation 4 Arrivals

To the more casual observer, it’s a pretty innocuous reveal; a Pokemon GO second anniversary keyart image with a little social media question asking players about their most memorable experiences with the game. To fans of the app and the series, however, the image looks like it’s teasing Pokemon GO Gen 4 arrivals are on the way.

pokemon go gen 4

click image to expand

Did you pick them out? Scattered across different locations in the artwork above are the three starter Pokemon from the Sinnoh region of the series’ fiction Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig. The three creatures in question are the first time they’ve been seen in anything associated with the game.

All said, this little clue drop is the only allusion to what’s next for the mobile game. Players are still able to capture a summer-themed Pikachu to mark the second year of Pokemon GO until the end of the month.

There’s also a special Global Challenge that starts on July 14th. If all challenges are met on that day, players will unlock free Raid Passes and use them to raid Gyms in the area, where Zapdos will be available for a three-hour period worldwide on July 21st.

Our Thoughts

Judging by some of the reactions by fans, this new tease is a pretty exciting development. We’re certain to hear more about the next arrivals to Pokemon GO within the next few weeks…or even days, as Pokemon GO Fest is very nearly here and that certainly would be the perfect venue for some major reveals. Assuming, of course, there are no major technical issues.

Sources: Twitter, official site

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