Hi-Rez Backpedals on Video Welcoming Paragon Players to SMITE

A cheeky little SMITE PR video offering soon to be displaced Paragon players a home in their MOBA has been officially removed. Some apparent backlash at the video’s attempt at humor incited the decision, though said backlash appears to come from within SMITE’s community and not Paragon’s.

smite pr video

The video features community managers Isiah and MLC St3alth talking about SMITE’s features and five year lifespan, with occasional tight shots of each person as they whisper “Para”, “Gon” and “Epic Game” with goofy grins as they rib the sunsetting MOBA Paragon.

If one takes the comments within the SMITE and Paragon subreddits at face value, the pushback against the video was spearheaded by Twitch streamer DMBrandon, who called the original post “embarassing” in a tweet.

Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris later issued an apology on Twitter, clarifying the video was “intended as good fun and not as disrespect”. “We’ve had to shut down games before and so we know first hand it is crushing for both the dev-team and the community,” he added.

For the sake of record, Paragon players that frequent the game’s subreddit don’t appear to be particularly chafed by the video itself. “Didn’t bother me at all, actually thought it was genuinely funny,” wrote one player, while another writes “It was nice of them to acknowledge the new influx of Paragon refugees, and we thought it was all in good fun for sure”.

DMBrandon, however, appears to be dumbfounded at the reception he’s received on his reaction. “It’s amazing how hirez can make a video mocking the failure of a game and I’m somehow the bad guy,” he tweeted. “We care that the paragon devs see that stuff and feel like they’re being kicked when they’re down. It had nothing to do with either community.”

You can see a mirror of the original video below and decide for yourself.

Our Thoughts

We can kind of see both sides of this issue here. On the one hand, taking advantage of a game’s shutdown could certainly come off wrong to the devs who worked as hard as they did on said game. On the other hand, there didn’t really seem to be any genuine ill will in the video itself and it appeared to be honestly just a bit of fun. We’re interested to know what you have to say about the matter in our comments below.

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