You Can Pre-Load Destiny 2 on PC Tomorrow

It’s really just about as simple as the headline states, honestly. PC players can expect a Destiny 2 pre-load on the platform through the launcher starting Wednesday, October 18th. And then look at the unlit blue “Play” button on said launcher for another six days.

destiny 2 pre-load

The announcement came by way of a tweet from Bungie. While the timing of when the pre-load will become available was not specified, there’s certainly more than enough time between the 18th and the 24th of the month for players to have things downloaded, installed, and ready to fire.

The game’s pre-load appears to be part of the ongoing stirring of the hype soup that has included a new trailer, which rather obviously doesn’t provide any sort of new information, but does showcase the game running on PC in 60FPS while touting the PC port’s uncapped framerate and 4K resolution.

You can take in said trailer below. And be sure to gloat at random console players to get your digital brownie points.

Our Thoughts

Despite the knock on PCMR-minded players, Destiny has always felt like a game that belongs on the PC and so we’re very obviously excited to see Destiny 2 arrive to the platform at long last. Bungie is very good at making FPS games that look and feel their best and the unparalleled control of a keyboard and mouse means that the arguably best Destiny is finally coming home.

Still sucks about that six day wait, though.

Sources: Twitter, YouTube

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