ArcheAge Senior Producer Pens a Letter to Assure Fans

After the wave of layoffs that hit at least one higher level position at the sandbox MMO, fans of ArcheAge might be a little understandably concerned. Enter an ArcheAge producer letter, which is hoping to provide a little context to the whole situation.

archeage senior producer letter

Senior producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai made a post on the game’s forums, offering both his thoughts on the three people who left the game and reminding fans that the team behind the MMO itself is still very much firmly in place.

“I would ask you pause for a moment and know that many people at Trion pour their hearts into supporting the game, even though you only see a few of us in public,” wrote Lee Kwai. “Another 60+ people at Trion and the entirety of XLGames remain committed to delivering and improving the game and world you love.”

To the point of improving the game, Lee Kwai promised that players will get word of what’s next for the MMO as soon as possible. In the meantime, he has a meeting with ArcheAge’s creator Jake Song later in the week to discuss the game’s current state, incoming updates like the 5.0 patch and the MMO’s content plan for next year.

Our Thoughts

While the positions vacated and the timing of the CM’s departure definitely is a head-tilter, we agree with Mr. Lee Kwai in that it takes way more than those people to keep a sandbox MMO like ArcheAge up and running. We appreciate Mr. Lee Kwai’s candor and are looking forward to whatever information may come out of this face-to-face meeting with Mr. Song and the other folks at XLGames.

Source: official forums

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