Guild Wars 2 Bubble Tea Promotion Temporarily Taken Offline

So you recall that this month was meant to be a celebration of Guild Wars 2‘s sixth anniversary by way of a Kung Fu Tea promotion. Well, it appears that Guild Wars 2 bubble tea thing has gone rather pear-shaped, forcing the beverage franchise to halt the promotion for an undetermined length of time.

guild wars 2 bubble tea

An update posted on the Kung Fu Tea Facebook page has explained that the free outfit that was part of the promotion was being abused by bots claiming thousands of DLC codes at once, which taxed the system and caused a number of errors and other problems for legitimate participants.

Further muddying the matter is the revelation that this promotion is US only, a fact that was never communicated expressly in the press release we received. The only mention of as much is the following line: “Stop by any Kung Fu Tea location nationwide (emphasis ours) on September 1, 2018 to try the Elder Dragon Dreamy Delight.” The company apologized in a comment reply on its Facebook page, admitting that they had not explained this fact sooner.

According to the post, those who were told by the app that they had valid codes but were unable to redeem them will be getting them in the next few days. Those who received no such message will have to wait until the promotion comes back online, which currently has no hard date.

As for ArenaNet itself, our friends at Massively Overpowered reached out for more, but the studio declined to comment.

Our Thoughts

…and this is why we can’t have nice things. It’s astonishingly unfortunate that people had to bot the heck out of a bubble tea app for free cosmetics and we hope that both ArenaNet and Kung Fu Tea can resolve the matter sooner rather than later. For our part, we also apologize that a single word in the entire presser was missed that seemed to indicate the promotion had some pretty important restrictions.

Sources: Facebook, Massively Overpowered

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Kung Fu Tea Joins In on the Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Celebration

Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Guild Wars 2? Does it happen to be bubble tea? No? Well, a Kung Fu Tea promotion tied to Guild Wars 2’s sixth anniversary might just change your mind.

kung fu tea promotion

Starting in September and running through the entire month, Kung Fu Tea customers who link their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts through the Kung Fu Tea mobile app can claim unique in-game codes to download a dragon-themed character outfit. The stores themselves will also be getting into the anniversary spirit with the Elder Dragon Dreamy Delight, a Guild Wars 2-themed take on the Cocoa Cream Wow beverage.

In addition, a contest is running that lets customers enter to win a Deluxe Collection of Guild Wars 2, which packs in Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, an extra character slot and a max-level boost. All that’s required to enter is to take a picture of the new GW2 drink with the hashtag #GW2xKFT and you’re in.

Our Thoughts

Huh. That’s not a cross-promotion we expected to see coming. But then again, in a world where Domino’s Pizza and Final Fantasy XIV crossed streams, we suppose that pretty much anything is possible at this point. And now we’re kind of thirsty for some of that bubble tea…

Source: press release

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