Worlds Adrift is Getting a Public Test Server

The weekly update from the folks at Worlds Adrift has offered a couple of intriguing pieces of information for those who aren’t otherwise interested in the air-faring sandbox MMO’s development minutiae. Namely, it confirmed the arrival of a World Adrift PTS for those who are looking forward to testing the title’s features.

worlds adrift pts

The announcement of the PTS was made during a livestream this past Thursday, which revealed that the server will make its way to the sandbox at some point in the end of July. The devs promise that the builds on PTS will feature substantial updates in order to help “find the big weird live bugs that need hotfixes” as well as speed up the dev process of larger updates.

The devs have also teased an upcoming plan that will help what Bossa Studios calls its most active and outspoken community members better collaborate with the studio on “a more streamlined, wholesome and collaborative level.” Whatever this plan is, it has no release date, though it is directly associated with the incoming Alliance system.

More details about how the game’s PTS will be handled are expected to arrive this coming Tuesday, July 24th shortly after Patch 0.2.2.X goes live. Those who have questions about the test server are invited to leave them in the comments section of the announcement.

Our Thoughts

Opening a PTS is certainly one of the more obvious decisions the team at Worlds Adrift could have made, but we’re still glad to see that it’s coming soon and hope it will be of benefit to the devs and players alike. Now that we’ve said our peace there, how about we learn more about this community initiative thing, hm?

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ESO: Summerset Gets a PTS Arrival Date

The Elder Scrolls Online’s next large-scale content update is about to open up to players an awful lot sooner than we expected it to. Starting next week – Monday, April 16th, in fact – invited players can hop into the Summerset PTS build and check out the latest content.

summerset pts

Invites for this round of public testing will be sent to a large number of new PTS testers, but those who happened to take part in the Morrowind PTS build last year will be able to join in without waiting for an invitation.

It bears mentioning that the new main storyline of the Summerset PTS build is going to be hidden behind an NDA, and those who do join in the test will see a visible watermark to identify folks who have breached the agreement. Beyond that, other content in the PTS update will be open for sharing, including jewelry crafting, the new Cloudrest trial, delves, world bosses, and other such encounters.

Full details on how things are going down are available to read on ESO’s website.

Our Thoughts

Hurray, elf island! Here’s hoping that players of Summerset enjoy their time in the new content and that testing goes well. We’ll definitely be curious to see more of this new update and what adjustments are made between PTS launch and full launch.

Source: official site

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RIFT PTS Datamining Finds Patch 4.4 and RIFT Prime Details

As it seems to be the case with every MMO public test build release, dataminers have dug into the recent RIFT PTS update and uncovered a wealth of new details for the game, including a look ahead at what’s coming in patch 4.4 and some initial pieces of info regarding RIFT Prime.

Of course, this means that it’s time to deploy a SPOILER WARNING and note that you should not scroll past the picture below if you don’t want RIFT update spoilers. We would have called in Spoiler Puppy, but he’s sleeping right now.

rift pts update

Patch 4.4 of RIFT’s current Live game will be kicking off the Carnival of the Ascended once again, with new backpacks, masks and wings for players to earn. There are also some new mounts including what appear to be parade balloons and a new Apocalypse Snail.

There will also be a new 10v10 deathmatch Warfront in the form of the Tenebrean Prison, which currently has a first to 20 scoring mechanic, with two points earned for every kill and one point lost for every death. 4.4 will also bring the Droughtlands and Moonshade Highlands IAs to the game.

As for RIFT Prime, some intriguing first details were included in the PTS. According to data, enemy health and damage appears to be adjusted based on level, while Prime-specific class changes are also apparently included. A total of 173 different content flags have been found, including standard and normal versions of each dungeon and raid.

Miners have also found information that suggests the Prime LFR will be updated for 20-player matchmaking and LFR, Normal, and Hard difficulties for level 50 Greenscale’s Blight will be included, though likely not available at launch. Zones like Ember Isle, Planetouched Wilds and Vostigar Peaks also appear to be gated off.

Our Thoughts

We’re not completely surprised by the zone gating and Greenscale’s Blight lock, but it’s still interesting to know just what Prime players may be able to expect. Are you intrigued by anything that’s been revealed for Prime, or are you concerned about this new progression server like one of our writers? What about Live’s patch 4.4? Let us know below.

Source: The Ghar Station via Massively Overpowered

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Conan Exiles Brings Sprint and Wield Tweaks to Test Server

Running around and whipping out your weapons are generally rudimentary actions in any MMO’s combat. That said, there are some new sprint and wield adjustments coming to the Conan Exiles test server that could offer players a little more mobility.

conan exiles test server

When a player starts to break into a sprint, they will now automatically sheathe their weapons and will auto-wield them once sprinting stops. The change is meant to help introduce a greater level of control while sprinting, including the ability to run diagonally, make sharper turns, and continue to sprint while leaping if the sprint button is held down.

The test server also has a variety of animation adjustments included that affect combat, such as the ability to “ghost” actions through a special state, like pressing the attack or block button while dodging or keeping your block up after a knockback or hit confirm.

The test build also offers up a number of bug fixes, all of which can be read on the game’s Steam page.

Our Thoughts

They’re not exactly marquee adjustments by any stretch, but these new additions could perhaps make combat and movement flow a little better as well as offer a tighter level of control. Anything that makes fighting in the brutal world of Conan Exiles more direct is likely going to be a welcome addition.

Source: Steam

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