Crafting and Winter Take Up Crowfall’s October ACE Q&A

As sure as the seasons turn, a fresh month has brought along a fresh Q&A video from Crowfall‘s lead devs. In the October ACE Q&A session, design lead Thomas Blair and creative director J. Todd Coleman talk economy, parcels, the gameplay beats of winter and more.

october ace q&a

The video opens with a question about why crafting materials are available from vendors. In short, the devs wanted to balance time spent on the low end between harvesting and PvP, as there was too much time spent harvesting materials to get back into the fight. That said, the cost of materials are a bit too cheap, so that is due for adjustment.

The next question talked about the parcel token system, which essentially is a way to gauge how many buildings of a certain size can go on a single parcel. As of right now with patch 5.7, it’s an incomplete feature; parcels will be able to be upgraded to allow more buildings, but that system has not been built yet.

The devs also take a moment to talk about the gameplay beats tied to the four seasons that run through a Campaign. As of right now, since fall and winter aren’t in play yet, most of the gameplay focuses on a lot of harvesting and crafting with an admitted lack of purpose to PvP. Ideally, once fall and winter come online, players will see increased combat. The plan is spring and summer will have more plentiful resources and so teams will focus mainly on crafting weapons and armor to fuel the late-game war effort.

The Q&A video also offers word on nerfing the Assassin, getting more cutting grit, and other matters. You can take it all in below.

Our Thoughts

Once a full Campaign and all of its related seasons come, things in testing for Crowfall should be significantly more interesting, especially for the wider majority of folks who want a more complete game experience. We’ll hopefully not have too long to wait, but considering the pace of this particular MMO’s development, that wait won’t be too tough.

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MapleStory 2 Producer Talks Fair Fight, PvP Gear and More

Even though PAX West has come and gone for a while now, there’s at least one last little tidbit from the show that will be of interest to MapleStory 2 fans. A brief MapleStory 2 Q&A from one of the MMOARPG’s producers discusses several things relevant to fans including the Fair Fight balancing system, the arrival of PvP gear and other topics.

maplestory 2 q&a

According to the producer, the Fair Fight balancing system that normalizes high-level players with lower level ones during early dungeons is a necessary evil, stating that not having the system would make things too easy and soloable. Even so, adjustments do need to be made, especially in the interest of those with multiple high level alts chasing the same achievements. As a matter of fact, Fair Fight adjustments are what’s keeping back the game’s ultimate launch.

PvP gear was also discussed and confirmed to be high in the priority list for the game’s devs. The delay here is related to balancing issues, particularly since PvP and PvE stats are not separate. The producer also stated that there are no plans to break up these stats since that would essentially mean doubling the number of classes.

The Q&A also takes a moment to explain why the Runeblader class is delayed until October 10th, when to expect the Design Lab and GvG features and more. Be sure to click here for the full list of responses.

Our Thoughts

Like we’ve said before, we’re pretty sure that Fair Fight is not quite the monster it’s being made out to be, but we do hope the planned adjustments will appease those who feel differently. Also, we are a bit sad that there won’t be any separation between PvP and PvE in terms of stats, but once again we can appreciate the line of thinking here.

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World of Warcraft Dates its Next Developer Live Q&A

As the World of Warcraft player caterpillars continue to chew through the succulent leaves of the Battle for Azeroth content plant, they likely have some questions for the devs. So, once again, a WoW live developer Q&A session is coming this week to pick up the burning questions from the MMORPG’s playerbase.

wow live developer q&a session

The next dev Q&A will take place this coming Thursday, August 23rd. The primary subject for this round of questions should be no surprise: it’s Battle for Azeroth. So, if you’re hoping to pick the brains of the devs about the current expansion’s direction, you’ll want to join in the forum conversation or via Twitter with the appropriate hashtag.

As for Battle for Azeroth itself, a hotfix was deployed yesterday that made a few minor tweaks. Of note is the fact that Siege of Boralus and Kings’ Rest unlocks are now account-wide among a small number of fixes and changes. The complete changelog can be read here.

Our Thoughts

We’re not sure if this Q&A will be terribly revelatory. On the one hand, Blizzard obviously will have a presence at this year’s Gamescom, but on the other hand they might be sitting on any major reveals until their own BlizzCon. In either case, we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled if anything big does come out of this Q&A.

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Seed Answers Numerous Community Questions

The galaxy-level sandbox MMO Seed still isn’t technically a thing, but there’s enough game there for the devs to take on some Seed community questions, which ran the gamut from controlling griefing to how colony governments form and practically everything else in between.

seed community questions

There’s a pretty large amount of topics to cover in this Q&A session from the devs, but we’ll try to focus down on the more interesting bits:

  • Players will get to choose where they start, be it on their own or with friends. The devs also have plans to incentivize letting new arrivals join a colony.
  • There are no plans for safe zones specifically, but the team will step in and enforce them if they’re needed.
  • Colonies will get to form their own governments, and the team has even taken on the aid of a Harvard law professor to set the system up.
  • Incidentally, colony government formation is the method by which players will be empowered to mitigate trolling and toxicity, along with more standard reporting tools. “Seed is about building a new world and shouldn’t have ties to the atrocities of the past,” reads part of the answer.
  • The specifics of how warfare will work are still not decided, but the devs do say it will be more strategic, with factors like Seedling tiredness and hunger playing a factor.

As mentioned before, there’s more to take in from this round of community answers, so make sure you head to the game’s website for all of the specifics.

Our Thoughts

On the subject of toxicity; it’s been made clear time and time again that tools to manage vile behavior in MMOs have to be integrated. The ideal is that players form together to manage things themselves and have the most agency, of course, but this pie-in-the-sky scenario has never happened and there’s little to believe that Seed’s hands-off approach will do anything differently.

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Fractured Plans Two Q&A Livestreams This Week

With about $5,000 remaining in the sandbox game’s Kickstarter campaign at the time of this writing, two Fractured Q&A livestreams are planned for this week to further give backers and interested MMO fans a look at several of the game’s systems.

fractured q&a livestreams

Both livestreams will go down one after the other, with the first going live today, Monday, July 23rd and the second on the following Tuesday, July 24th. Both will broadcast at 4pm EDT/10pm CEST on the sandbox MMO’s YouTube channel.

Today’s livestream will take a deeper dive into the MMO’s races and planets in a dedicated broadcast that will likely further explain the differences among each. Tuesday’s livestream, meanwhile, will take questions regarding the housing and town systems, which got their own spotlight this past Friday.

If you perhaps have questions about any of these topics, you’re welcome to submit them to dedicated threads on the Fractured forums. Links for each of those forum threads are part of the broadcast announcement and can be found right here.

Our Thoughts

First off, we want to wish the devs the best as the crowdfunding drive for Fractured comes to a close. Secondly, we hope that the answers provided by the devs will end up being suitable for the fans of this incoming MMO. Maybe we’ll also hear about some more systems during these broadcasts?

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Anthem Executive Producer Fields Several Questions

Something of an AMA happened on Twitter. Anthem’s executive producer took a laundry list of Anthem fan questions, providing a bit more insight into just what features the multiplayer shooter will include along with a few other tidbits.

anthem fan questions

Mark Darrah took it upon himself to take several answers from fans on his personal Twitter account regarding the upcoming looter-shooter, providing a number of insights with his answers:

  • Everyone will start off with the Ranger Javelin, but will soon unlock the others through regular quests.
  • Regardless of what Javelin you’ll pilot, you should see drops for others, though there is a confirmed “bias” towards the one you’re currently wearing.
  • Additionally, the starting experience will likely only offer loot drops for the Ranger until you unlock the other Javelins.
  • On the subject of drops, the level of found loot is tied to character level, letting players swap Javelins more easily if they wish.
  • While inside your Javelin, you cannot switch your loadout. You will have an inventory, however.
  • Plans for activities like raids and strikes a la Destiny are in the works.
  • There will be a reward system for those who explore the game’s open world.
  • Trading items among players will not be in at launch in the interest of balance, which seems to indicate that it will arrive later.
  • Character creation is, of course, a thing. Alternate races, however, are not; everyone is a human.
  • Freelancers will have skill points to improve their abilities. And there will be a respec system of some sort.
  • There will not be cross-platform play at launch.
  • There will be matchmaking for all game modes, including at the end game.

The Q&A session appears to be ongoing, so be sure to keep an eye on Mr. Darrah’s Twitter account if you’re looking to get more details. He appears to be willing and ready to answer questions. Even the sillier ones.

Our Thoughts

Overall, a pretty good set of answers. We certainly appreciate Mr. Darrah taking the time to field so many questions, which is likely blowing up his Twitter account. Here’s hoping for more insights into Anthem soon and that the line of questions he’s receiving don’t kill too many brain cells.

Source: Twitter

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World of Warcraft Talks BFA Pre-Patch and Shares its Main Theme

Yesterday had yet another Q&A session with Ion Hazzikostas full of Battle for Azeroth answers as the expansion continues to work through beta and its ultimate global release. Among other matters were details about Battle for Azeroth pre-patch content, along with a few words on flight, gear and the expansion’s patch cycle. The devs have also decided to offer up the expansion’s theme for your listening pleasure.

battle for azeroth pre-patch

According to Hazzikostas, the pre-patch content will feature all of the expansion’s class changes; War Mode, the new Honor system and Honor talents; community and profession updates; and the stat squish. All of this content is heading soon to the PTR, as the test realm is being updated for 8.0.

As for other Q&A reveals, the broadcast covered the usual cornucopia of topics:

  • The inability to switch gear in Mythic+ is intended.
  • The buffing effect of Azerite will be proportional to the item level of the item, with higher-tier Azerite Armor being found in locked content like raids, weekly Conquest rewards and the weekly M+ chest.
  • The ability to unlock flying will not be part of 8.0; instead, it’ll be associated with a later point of the expansion.
  • BFA’s patch cycle isn’t going to focus on a regular schedule so much as focus on releasing content when the time is right.
  • No, Blood Trolls aren’t going to be a thing. The dev misspoke during that E3 interview and meant to say Zandalari Trolls.

Finally, the devs have shared the work of their “musical mages” and composer Glenn Stafford with the orchestral opening theme for Battle for Azeroth, which is titled “Before the Storm”. You can take in the epic tune in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

As ever, there’s plenty to unpack in this week’s Q&A, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s coming to WoW, be it pre-patch content or BfA content or otherwise. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to listen to “Before the Storm” again.

Sources: Wowhead, official site

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Bless Online Answers Several Press Preview Questions

While the most recent media preview event from Bless Online certainly provided some insight, there’s still more than a few questions in the minds of many. Thus, a Bless Online preview Q&A has been posted by the devs to perhaps answer those questions and further ease some lingering aggravation.

bless online preview q&a

One of the first questions approached the topic of the Premium Service option, which was explained not as a subscription fee but a benefit that will “increase efficiency or provide an effect that will, for a limited amount of time, reduce the costs of convenience related fees”.

A few of these boons include reduced equipment repair and fast-travel costs; a 20% increase in hunting XP, hunting gold earnings and dungeon points; and an increased exchange amount of daily activity points, which are earned through in-game activities and cashed in at an Exchange Office for in-game store currency.

The devs also brought up the “premium customer service” feature that was listed in the Collector’s Edition of the game, explaining that user feedback has been heard loud and clear; the service offer has been removed and all players will receive the same level of customer service regardless of Founder’s Pack tier. The devs have also reduced the cost of the Collector’s Edition from $199 to $149 in response to player feedback.

Finally, the devs confirmed that future updates to Bless Online will not be hidden behind paywalls. The devs plan to update the title every month, with larger-scale updates arriving every three months. These updates will include features like new classes, new battlefields and level cap increases.

Our Thoughts

Our kudos to the Bless Online team for tackling some of the bigger issues that rose up for fans of Bless Online. While a few of the benefits of premium membership still sound a bit dubious, they also don’t sound quite so game-breaking. Additionally, we’re glad that the Collector’s Edition is seeing a price drop and that all players can expect the same level of customer service.

Source: Steam, with thanks to reader Tehbeardedgamer for the tip!

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Crowfall’s May Q&A on Win Conditions, Testing Scale and Dungeons

Another month has arrived to 2018 and with it the Crowfall May Q&A video with design lead Thomas Blair and creative director J. Todd Coleman. In this round of questions, the lead devs answer when Crowfall’s testing scale will ramp up, when new win conditions are coming, and whether dungeons will ever be a thing among other questions.

crowfall may q&a

The lineup of questions touched on another broad variety of subjects including the ones listed above along with guild support, monster camps, season changes, imports and exports with runegates, and more active character advancement systems.

  • The tug-of-war win condition is seen as stale and the devs are considering ways to spice things up.
  • Active progression systems are going to be focused on a bit more, but the devs are looking to strike a balance that doesn’t grant high power to those who have lots of time invested.
  • Dungeons aren’t going to be available at launch for technical reasons, but there should be something coming post-launch.
  • 5.6 will not have guild support. Campaign world cluster systems/zones are taking priority.
  • Testing scale is still a gradual process to best simulate a live game service, but most major system tests are going to continue to be in short spurts.

Those are the bigger highlights this time around for the majority of folks, perhaps. The full video is below for the more specialist fan of Crowfall’s development.

Our Thoughts

Pity that they’re not making a full game yet, or aren’t ready to act like a full game yet, but we can appreciate the thought process of keeping test scales down in order to make sure systems are operable. Here’s hoping that Crowfall will make strides to that full-on sandbox MMO….something. Also, we need to know where Mr. Blair got that “happy meowr” shirt. For reasons.

Source: official site

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Fractured MMO Answers an Array of Fan Questions

If a summary from a Fractured MMO Q&A livestream is anything to go by, potential players of the sandbox MMO are an extremely curious and varied bunch. The Q&A session drew in questions that covered pretty much every aspect of the in-development title, from PvP to combat to monetization and beyond.

fractured mmo q&a

On the gameplay side of things – specifically exploration, which is said to be a chief component of Fractured thanks to the Knowledge System – activities like unlocking abilities, farming, house building can be done solo. That said, some activities are perhaps more challenging as a solo player such as dungeon diving and fighting boss monsters, but those won’t be a primary focus of Fractured’s gameplay. Furthermore, anything you can do solo can also be done within a group.

As a matter of fact, keeping Fractured solo and small-group friendly is a primary design concern of the devs. According to the Q&A, a direct competitor sandbox MMO like Albion Online is “not very fun for solo players” and so the devs want to make sure people of all group sizes can enjoy their game.

The Q&A synopsis also touches a bit more on how PvP will work, how Guilds will operate, and the situational impact of gear in the game. There was also some word on how the game’s monetization will work, with news that the game will likely cost between $20-$30 and will feature a cosmetics-only cash shop. Whether the game will also add a subscription model isn’t yet decided on. You can read up on all of the answers here.

Our Thoughts

Seems like the devs have got an overall plan on how they’d like Fractured MMO to turn out and a pretty clear vision. The question is how many people will be on board with Fractured. In our opinion, having a sandbox MMO that lets solo or smaller groups have fun is just as important as one that requires you to join massive guilds or war efforts.

Source: official forums

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