Guild Wars 2 Introduces Capes

You’d think a game that is often referred to as Fashion Wars 2 would have already had capes but in fact, Guild Wars 2 only got them today. Yes, today Guild Wars 2 introduces capes to the game for the first time. These capes are backpiece item skins that can be used on any back item you already have. The fancy Emblazoned Cape is available in the gem store for 500 gems. This comes with 4 dye channels so you can color it to match your armor.

There is also a more basic version of the cape available for 10 gold and 10 guild commendations. This one is quite a bit smaller than the cape you can get in the gem store and it has your guild’s logo on it. It also only has 2 dye channels instead of 4. Even though I have the Emblazoned Cape I’ll be adding the guild cape to my list of things to get because I have 30 characters and capes!

ArenaNet has also noted that they cannot add dye channels to backpieces. This is a pretty wise move as the questions almost certainly would have started pouring in right away. They also added that there will be dyeable backpacks in different styles in the future.

In addition to capes, ArenaNet has brought out a couple of quality of life features that will help you get the most out of your cape. New checkboxes have been added to each weapon, giving players the option to hide their weapons when they’re stowed.

The update that released today also allows Engineers and Elementalists to swap weapons. Though they can only do so out of combat. There are a number of balance changes made to all of the classes and some that are for PvP only. If you want to read up on all of them I recommend you check out the patch notes.


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Final Fantasy XIV Shows Off HUD Adjustments

We’re a week away from the next content patch for Final Fantasy XIV as of this writing and there’s definitely a lot to look forward to. Perhaps one such quality-of-life feature is the new adjustments coming to the Final Fantasy XIV HUD, which were detailed in a dev blog.

final fantasy xiv hud

The latest developer blog takes a deep dive into the variety of ways players will get to arrange their HUD when 4.1 hits. Players will be able to increase HUD element size to 200%, break up target information into three separate windows, and split buff and debuff information into separate windows as well as increase the amount of buffs/debuffs that can be displayed at once.

The overall HUD adjustment window will also see a number of improvements, including a drop-down list to let players resize things instead of hitting CTRL+Home or the R3 button. The majority of the new HUD options will be accessible from windows as well instead of combinations of key or button presses.

You can check out full information about “HUD Layout (Extreme)” on the Final Fantasy XIV dev blog.

Our Thoughts

It’s a minor thing in the grander scheme of new content for Final Fantasy XIV, but as we’ve mentioned before, many times the smallest quality-of-life feature can make the biggest improvements. We’re certain that a lot of players of this MMO will welcome these new options.

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