City of Titans Talks About the Paths Players Will Walk

One of the best parts of the City of Heroes and City of Villains games were the comic book stories told with your character, whether that was done with the game’s questing, through roleplay, or by simply filling out the Character Bio section. The City of Titans Path system looks to take that a few steps further, with semi-tailored storylines for player characters to embark on.

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Paths are described as the “much bigger sibling” of the game’s self-contained Tips stories. Paths will be multi-part stories to help you define your character’s experience while also offering new angles to interact with the City of Titans world.

The Path system is currently being broken up into four different broad-stroke directions:

  • Hero North, where players of a more Silver Age disposition will fight the good fight in the northern sectors of Titan City.
  • Villain North, with villainous player characters doing their best moustache-twirling or “patently evil” deeds in the city’s northern sectors.
  • Hero South, which is described as a story arc for street vigilantes or “good guy in a bad town” types that takes place in Titan City’s southern areas.
  • Villain South, where the villainous character can rise up the ranks of the criminal underworld in the southern districts of the city.

With that said, the Paths system is trying to not shoehorn created characters into one form of archetype or trope. “The Path is meant to provide at least some scope for them all,” explains the post. “Whether that character is registered with the authorities or not, fierce or forgiving, casual or driven, mundane or otherworldly—those things are up to you.”

Part of delivering an experience unique to the character you’ve created comes from the MMO’s robust dialogue system, which will offer choices that can either be simply for flavor or have an appreciable affect on how you approach problems in the story arc. The other part is through your character’s relationships with NPCs, which can change the direction of your storyline.

Combat in Paths won’t be quite as cut-and-dry, either. According to the post, players could see situations where they’ll have to survive ambushes, dodge traps, or rescue someone being slowly lowered into a vat of acid.

More work is being done on the Paths system, but the devs aren’t quite ready to talk about that work just yet and will be waiting for release to share those details.

Our Thoughts

All of these quest systems for Paths sound like the next logical step forward from CoX’s quest system where players ran a series of missions, then were directed to a different contact of their choosing. Having your own personal comic book story will always feel good and City of Titans’ Path system appears to be one of the best mechanisms for making that happen.

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