WoW Wednesday: Prepare for the Visions of N’zoth!

Ny’alotha rises in Battle for Azeroth, and Patch 8.3 draws ever closer for its adventurers. With it will begin the new Content Season, introducing new raids, new mechanics, and new rewards. The final opportunities to get BFA Season 3’s rewards are slowly falling away, and with it some will vanish forever. This week, we’ll talk about everything you need to do in order to make the most out of 8.2 and be raiding ready for when N’zoth reveals his master plan…

Finish Your Rewards!

Whether it be Rated Player vs. Player or delving into Mythic+ Dungeons, you need to get the last few rewards of the season NOW. Some, like the Vicious War Basilisk, will be available at a later time but others, such as the Notorious Gladiator’s Proto-Drake, will never return to World of Warcraft! Titan Residuum will also reportedly be reset within the next few resets (either today for the EU or next week for the world) and exchanged for gold. If you’ve been coveting a particular piece, or even just need the item-level boost, spend it NOW before it turns into little more than chump change!

Patch 8.3 will introduce a number of newer rewards, including new Essences. As several Essences, including the Vision of Perfection and Azeroth’s Undying Gift, are tied to current tier content it will inherently become harder to collect them! For those exploring the Eternal Palace, you don’t need to tackle the raid up to four times per week to maximize your Aqueous Reliquaries. Rather, tackling the highest difficulty will reward ALL Reliquaries that would have been given by lower difficulties as well as your current one. If you’re contemplating getting your other spec’s Essences as well, remember that after you achieve Rank 3 for the first Eternal Palace essence, the cost of making the others is reduced by 67%!

Visions of N’zoth

Make Some Friends!

With the release of 8.3 come two new playable races for the factions. The Alliance will join forces with the kingdom of Mechagon and their Mechagnomes, while the Horde will induct the caravans of the recently freed Vulpera. If you want to begin levelling your characters on patch day (or even just transfer your character to their race) you’ll need to have unlocked their recruitment questline. This requires that you’ve reached Exalted with their respective factions (Rustbolt Resistance for Mechagnomes and Voldunai for the Vulpera) as well as that zone’s story. The easiest way to track which quests are vital to its completion can be found under the Battle for Azeroth tab of your Quest Achievements; The Mechagon Threat tracks the journey of the Mechagnomes, while Secrets in the Sands unravels the mystery behind the Vulpera’s aid in the region.

For Worgen and Goblin players, you’ll want to grind your respective faction’s reputation! With the launch of 8.3 both races will be getting brand new Heritage Armor sets which can only be unlocked on characters of that race. After maxing their level, you’ll also need to be exalted with either Gilneas or the Bilgewater Cartel depending on your race.

Catch Up On the Story!

There’s a LOT to unpack with “Visions of N’zoth” in Patch 8.3. Frankly, to keep up to speed, you will need to complete the story up until this point. In order to do so you’ll need to complete portions of Nazjatar’s story, up to getting a battle ally up to Rank 3. Afterwards you’ll need to complete the entirety of the War Campaign, up until the epilogue to spy on Jaina’s private meeting. Afterwards, you’ll need to kill Queen Azshara once in the Eternal Palace, even on Looking For Raid difficulty.

This will unlock a questline in the Heart Chamber. With N’zoth’s sudden freedom, Spiritwalker Ebonhorn (or Ebyssian as his dragon-friends call him) is beginning to be attacked by the Old God’s whispers. From there you’ll need to embark to find the Black Prince, Wrathion, and hope he has a cure for the suffering dragon. This will, largely, bring you up to date with the story so far.

Power Up Azeroth’s Power Source!

While Artifact Knowledge will continue to increase with the launch of 8.3, the Heart of Azeroth still has quite a bit to offer players. With stats increasing with its level, up until 70, there is plenty of work to be done for those looking to say they’ve ‘finished’ the grind before this artifact gets its own infinite trait. While new Essence slots and powers will be released with the increased cap, you will still need to unlock the slots to use them. Your first essence, The Crucible of Flame, is also unlocked by progressing your Heart of Azeroth with the Rank 4 essence locked behind its current maximum level. This questline has story tied to the growing presence of the Void, and should be considered supplementary to the main quests you’ll need to finish.

Start Hoarding Your Resources!

Whether or not your Heart is maxed out or your rewards are all together, there are certain things you should begin hoarding for the release of the patch.

The first are your Paragon Caches. These crates contain a not-insubstantial amount of Azerite, War Resources, and currency for its respective faction. If you’ve maxed out your Heart of Azeroth you should begin generating Caches but DO NOT claim them until after Patch 8.3 hits your region. This will allow you to get a TON of Azerite on the first day and give you a good headstart on the next levels. Reputation will increase beyond the Paragon Cache requirements, meaning you can grind a large portion of your NEXT cache out while waiting to claim the former.

If you’ve been pursuing Island Expeditions in hopes for some illustrious rewards, you’ll be able to spend all of those hard earned dubloons come 8.3. Introduced next to the current dubloon traders, a ‘Salvage Expert’ will appear to sell Salvage Crates. These boxes, costing dubloons, will contain random loot from predetermined creature types. Coming in a variety of rarities, this will allow you to target specific islands that are outside your usual rotation, and earn the rewards you want.

Those hording your Honorbound or 7th Legion Commendations will also want to save up for new mounts being introduced to your faction’s commendation vendor. The Sandy Nightsaber will only be purchasable after you’ve completed the Heroic Darkshore Warfront being launched in 8.3, but features a unique coloration of the new saber-cat models.

For those eager to play the new Auction House, it will be wise to gather Osmentite and Zin’athid, the ore and herb materials from Nazjatar. These materials will be used plentifully in new profession recipes and will undoubtedly sell well within the first few weeks up until Mythic Ny’alotha opens.

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WoW Wednesday: Get Artifact Level 126 in a Few Simple Steps

Editor’s Note: This article goes over the new questline added this week. If you want to experience them fresh, there be spoilers ahead. Otherwise, read on!


That’s right, Artifact level 126. That is the highest level your Artifact weapon in World of Warcraft can reach. Yesterday, the final quest for the Silithus quest chain was released. Everyone thought that on completing this quest chain that our Artifacts were supposed to be deactivated. Though that will still happen, our Artifacts will not be deactivated until Pre-Patch officially hits live servers. Until then our Artifacts will get an increased boost each week starting with maxing out all of our Artifacts for each spec.

Sadly you will have to do the quest chain on each character at this time, but it may change. Allow me to take this WoW Wednesday and show you how to get Artifact level 126 in a few simple steps and reach a power you never even imagined.

Quick Note: I will be doing these quests from the perspective of an Alliance toon, though I’m sure it’s pretty much the same for the Horde side.

Summons to Stormwind / Gifts of the Fallen

To obtain this quest you previously had to kill Argus on any difficulty, but it seems to have changed. It’s being reported now that upon login you will receive this quest regardless of killing Argus or not. Summons to Stormwind is self-explanatory, take the Dalaran portal to Stormwind and fly over to Lion’s Rest to turn in the quest. Gifts of the Fallen is also simple, speak with Mathias Shaw again and watch the short clip.

Witness to the Wound

With a base camp already established in Silithus, it’s time for us to take make our way there to monitor the Horde operations. To make this journey quicker head over to the old Cataclysm portals and take the portal to Uldum. Once you’ve loaded into Uldum it’s a quick flight over to Silithus. Check the screenshot below for portal location.

Get Artifact Level 126 in a Few Simple Steps

Free Samples / It’s a Sabotage

“The crown has ordered SI:7 to infiltrate the goblin mining operation and collect any information we can find on this mysterious new substance.” “I need someone who can take the direct approach.” So in short for the quest Free Samples, it’s time to start murdering the Horde again for some Mysterious Ore. Because you pick up Free Samples and It’s a Sabotage together it’s safe to assume that It’s a Sabotage will also include some form of Horde sabotage. For this quest, while you’re killing goblin miners you will also be on the lookout for goblin shredders to place some good old fashioned dynamite on.

Get Artifact Level 126 in a Few Simple Steps

The Twilight Survivor / A Wee Bit O’ Cloth

Most will remember all of those Twilight Hammer cultists all over old Silithus. It seems that most of the cultists were destroyed by Sargeras in the attack, but a few still remain. We are tasked with taking down their leader Michiel Voidstrider. On your way over to take out Michiel Voidstrider, you will run into an outhouse that is offering a quest. It seems someone has run into a bit of problem with there being no cloth left in the outhouse. You’re tasked to find a wee bit o’ cloth. What’s the easiest way to obtain this cloth? That’s right, just kill the twilight cultists in the surrounding area.

Desert Research / The Source of Power / Larvae By The Dozen

Desert Research: “The crown wants the surviving silithid dissected and studied.” “Tammy Tinkspinner is conducting the research and in need of a collector.” Head over and speak with Tammy Tinkspinner, turn in Desert Research and pick up two new quests. It seems the silithid are stronger than before and it’s your job to murder them, collect their brains, and collect a few silithid broodlings. Kill the bigger silithid for the brains, but for the broodlings, you have to click them instead. Killing the little larvae won’t count towards completion.

Get Artifact Level 126 in a Few Simple Steps

A Recent Arrival / The Speaker’s Perspective / The Blood of Azeroth

These next few quests are quick talk to and turn in type quests which is a nice break from all the mindless killing. A Recent Arrival has you simply walk over and talk to Archmage Khadgar. For The Speaker’s Perspective, it seems Khadgar is upset will the fighting between the Horde and Alliance. Before he leaves he has another request for us. He asks us to take a letter to Magni Bronzebeared.

After giving him the letter and accepting The Blood of Azeroth, Magni tells us that what we have been fighting over this whole time was actually the lifeblood of Azeroth! He hopes that we can reason with the Alliance to stop the mindless fighting.

The Speaker’s Call / The Power in Our Hands

These are the last two quests before receiving your new powers. I don’t want to go into these quests because of the spoilers it brings, plus I think it’s something you should experience, not something you read and try to understand what’s actually happening.

Personal Thoughts

First I’d like to say that I didn’t expect this at all from Blizzard. I didn’t expect them to give us such a huge power boost from just a few quests and possibly even more of a power boost each week leading up to the pre-patch. I know it’s the end of the expansion, but at the same time, this will give so many players more opportunities to clear Ahead of the Curve, Mythic Argus, any Mage Towers they have yet to complete and much more! Artifact level 126 is a massive jump to a lot of players, believe it or not, it’s actually a massive DPS boost.

Get Artifact Level 126 in a Few Simple Steps

The quests themselves weren’t that impressive, they seemed somewhat just thrown together. Just kill this, kill that, talk to this person, and repeat. I expected something a little bit more epic for such a big event in our characters story. Hopefully, the next events that will happen in the actual pre-patch won’t be as much of a let down as this was to me.

Let us know what you thought about the quests and the storyline of it all. I am genuinely interested in hearing what others thought about the story of what was supposed to be this big epic event involving our Artifacts.

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