WoW Wednesday: What’s New in Season 4?

Ny’alotha awakens and with the rise of N’zoth comes Season 4 for Battle for Azeroth! As the last Old God begins to unfurl the lengths of his millennia spanning plans, champions of Azeroth gird themselves for a war for the fate of the world. With Season 4 officially beginning this week, we’ll be diving into everything that’s new with its release.

Ny’alotha, The Waking City

First and foremost is the release of Battle for Azeroth’s fourth and final major raid tier, Ny’alotha, The Waking City. With its newfound freedom, N’zoth has begun his long awaited siege on the waking world. Enroaching upon the Forge of Origination, Azeroth’s land-scouring reset button, and the Engine of Nakk-Shalak, its power source, it is only a matter of time before the Old God removes all hope. Desperate to end the threat before everything its lost, Magni Bronzebeard, the Speaker for Azeroth, and Wrathion the Black Prince prepare a desperate gambit. In order to destroy N’zoth forever, they must besiege his very seat of power and hope that the corruption does the hearts of its heroes…

Following the previous raid tier, Azshara’s Eternal Palace, Ny’alotha, The Waking City continues to follow a linear progression system in its boss encounters. While there are several ‘choice’ encounters that players can rotate through, each of the raid’s twelve boss encounters are mostly linear in their progression.

Following previous concepts from the final raids of Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor and Legion, Ny’alotha features an immense host of cosmetic rewards including one that will only be available until the Shadowlands pre-patch. Rewarded for defeating N’zoth on Heroic and Mythic difficulties only, the Uncorrupted Voidwing will close a loop with the Black Prince that remains unanswered. With the corruption of Twilight Dragons and their servitude to the Old Gods, what future does the doomed flight have in Azeroth?

New essences will also abound for players venturing into The Waking City. Similar to the Aqueous Reliquaries of the Eternal Palace, Encrypted Ny’alotha Texts can be combined to form the raid’s Heart of Azeroth Essence. These Texts will only drop from five bosses, including The Prophet Skitra. Like previous raid-progression systems the amount of Texts you can collect per week will increase with higher difficulties. Mythic will reward the most week-to-week.

Looking for Raid Wing 1 and Mythic Difficulty will open the week after your region’s particular launch of Season 3. Players are advised to complete the introduction storyline and gain the first few ranks of their new legendary cloak, Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve, before entering. You can read up on that and the Horrific Visions systems from our previous coverage.

Step Into the Arena!

Battle for Azeroth 
Season 4 brings a new and glamorous title to the mix, “Corrupted Gladiator.” With the rollover into the next season of Rated PvP, both personal and matchmaking ratings will normalize and return to zero. This means a fresh start for all players seeking to carve their name into the halls of conquerors.

Returning to Season 4 is the graduated Elite Gladiator System, rewarding players who advance their rating with progressive unlockables for your Elite Notorious Gladiator sets, as well as the seasonal tabard, enchantment, and cloak. Those looking to claim the Gladiator Title and the Corrupted Gladiator’s Proto-Drake must also win an additional 50 games in the Elite bracket (2400+). Those looking to claim the “Corrupted Gladiator” title must place in the top 0.1% of rankings in their region, as well as claim 150 victories in 3v3 Arenas during Season 3. The returning Gladiator’s Dreadflame enchantment appearance will still be attainable for those who hit 2100 rating in Season 4.

Returning to Season 4 are temporary seasonal “Elite Class” titles. These titles will be awarded to players who reach the Elite bracket. Several PvP exclusive Essences will continue to appear in Conquest Chests at week’s end, including Conflict and Strife. Others such as Blood of the Enemy can be unlocked through several PvP encounters. Like their PvE counterparts, these Essences have various ranks and may require improving your personal rating to unlock higher tiers.

At this time, Gladiator PvP sets from Seasons 1, 2 and 3 will be unavailable to purchase until a later date.

Marvelous Mythic+

With the start of a new season comes a plethora of adjustments for the Dungeon Delvers of Azeroth. Whereas there is no scaling adjustments akin to Season 3’s brutal changes, difficulty and health will increase more in line with what players are used to from previous seasons. Key depletion will, however, be far more intense, and failed dungeons have the potential to scale down by multiple ranks. A host of Mythic+ dungeon mechanics, including several found in King’s Rest and Freehold, are seeing nerfs due to the heavy and punishing damage they can rapidly deliver. The Quaking Affix has also received a massive change; no longer will players be able to damage themselves but the damage increase for their fellows has increased from 20% to 40%!

With N’zoth’s growing reach across Azeroth and the waking world, a new Mythic affix has been introduced as the Seasonal Affix: Awakened. Similar to last season’s affix, Beguiling, each Mythic 10 dungeon and higher will have a series of pylons scattered around the instance. Whenever these pylons are interacted with, you will be dragged into the dreaming world where a Lieutenant of N’zoth and his minions are contained. After they are defeated you can return to the waking world, allowing you to potentially skip large swaths of the dungeon! But beware: each Lieutenant left alive will join the final boss when you face them.

Additionally, the Season 2 affix, Bwonsamdi’s Bargain, will return on dungeons that are Mythic 9 or lower to encourage you to play depleted keys. Mechagon, 8.2’s megadungeon, also enters the Mythic+ rotation with its two major halves divided up. The Junkyard will feature the exterior portions of Mechagon and its first four bosses. The Workshop will feature all encounters inside Mechagon City itself, and is more boss heavy than it’s predecessor. Hard Mode will not be eligible for players engaging either wing in Mythic+.

Upgrading Gear Tables!

Alongside the opening of Ny’alotha, The Waking City, players will find new loot with increased item levels in their weekly activities. Baseline rewards in Normal, Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+ content have been increased by 30 item levels, putting them on par with previous raid tier rewards.

Gladiator PvP Gear now begins at item level 430 in both the Conquest Chest and regular rewards from Rated Player vs. Player activities. Like last season, players will be able to choose from at least four different rewards in their weekly Conquest Bar. On weeks when the gear rewarded is neither a piece of Azerite Gear, trinket or weapon, players will be able to choose between two different item slots of gear.

Emissary rewards for World Quests have likewise been increased and several items may re-roll or update their stats with the star of the Season. Throughout Season 4, gear may have the chance to become corrupted by N’zoth’s growing influence, and bring with it dangerous new rewards. These can be mitigated by venturing through Horrific Visions, which are vital to your progression in the new Season. You can read more about it here!

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WoW Wednesday: What’s New In Patch 8.1.5?

With Patch 8.1.5 just on the horizon, the story of Battle for Azeroth begins to chug on past the utterly deadly siege on Dazar’alor, the capitol of the Zandalari Empire. With the Alliance and Horde returning to lick their wounds and welcome new allies into their ranks, its time for us to take a keen look at what is on the horizon for our heroes of Azeroth. This week we’ll be dissecting what’s coming up for players in this bridge-patch for World of Warcraft, introducing two new allied races, a new raid, and a plethora of additional and returning content.

The first major portion of the patch is of course the introduction of Azeroth’s two newest Allied Races. The Alliance will finally formally invite the kingdom of Kul Tiras into its ranks, while the Horde will stand by the empire of Zandalar. Both require additional pieces of content for players to complete before they are unlocked, which may take you a significant period of time if you haven’t been working away at them. You must have reached Exalted with either the Proudmoore Admiralty or Zandalari Empire factions respectively, as well as having completed all of their home continent’s major storylines. Players must also have completed both components of their faction’s War Campaign from 8.0 and 8.1. For players wanting to make either a Kul Tiran or a Zandalari Troll, you can only create them if that server has a level 110 character on it, similar to old Hero Class Restrictions. For those who have been skipping on their current patch content there is no need to complete any part of the Battle for Dazar’alor raid in order to unlock either Allied Race.
 Starting April 16th and additional bridge-raid will open for players beneath the Shrine of the Storm, similar to the Trial of Valor and the Ruby Sanctum. The Crucible of Storms has been prepared by N’zoth, Old God of the Deeps and Patron of the Naz’jatar, for players to test their mettle. While only comprised of two bosses, the Crucible will offer loot at a higher item level above Dazar’alor, including artifacts with unique abilities and terrible power. Players will also see the return of Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire as she is reawakened. Seeking freedom from her eternal prison, she will reveal the darker history of the Stormsong Valley, and reveal to heroes the terrifying truth of what may truly be driving this war forward.

For those looking to escape the battlefront, the infamous Brawler’s Guild returns to both Stormwind and Orgrimmar. While players can return to prove their grit in the pit players will also find that a grizzly murder has twisted the once (relatively) peaceful brawling clubs. As players progress through the ranks they’ll uncover more about the mystery and its supposed suspects, culminating in some clever detective work. Players solving the mystery will find themselves saddled upon the just as dangerous Bruce, while those who top out at Rank 8 will unlock an exclusive Brawler’s Guild transmog set. Challenge Cards and Shirts will, of course, be returning, as well as mysterious additions throughout the clubs…

For those diligent tradesmen, new quests will open up through your Professions for your Tools of the Trade. These epic relics will be unlocked through a series of involved quest chains, some taking you beyond the realms of time itself, in order to achieve these powerful tools. Each item has a unique effect for players to utilize, from stealing the health of the fallen to creating indestructible armor. These will only be created and found by those with crafting professions, but are no doubt a vital addition to any tradesman’s collection.

For those who like to skip beyond the bounds of time, Timewalking will also be expanding its roster. Scaling players back to expansion-based statistics, Timewalking challenges players with Heroic level dungeons from the time, offering the bold a change of pace and unique rewards to go along with it. New to the line-up will be (in)famous dungeons from Warlords of Draenor, Warcraft’s 5th expansion. First planned to appear in May of this year, six dungeons will be available during this timewalking event including: Everbloom, Bloodmaul Slag Mines, Iron Docks, Auchindoun, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds and Skyreach. New rewards will be available with the event’s currency, Timewarped Badges, including two new mounts that made exclusive appearances alongside Beastlord Darmac’s encounter inside the Blackrock Foundry raid.

For the more PvP oriented, two older battlegrounds will be receiving a heavy facelift. Both Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin have received large-scale cosmetic facelifts to match the ongoing war across Azeroth. While the old physicality and design of each battleground will remain the same, both have been adjusted and uprezed to a more modern world. Included in this update is also the new Arathi Basin Brawl, “The Arathi Comp Stomp,” where players will fight Island Expedition style AI in the Basin! Alongside them, the Siege of Wintergrasp returns for players, which will be accessible through the Epic Battleground group finder.

New to the wonderful, marvelous Darkmoon Faire is the Darkmoon Roller Coaster! Easily noticeable by any entering the Faire’s main gate, this new attraction is best experienced in first-person view, and will set players on the tracks of a turbulent attraction! Just like the Darkmoon Carousel, players will also gain the WHEE! buff based on how long you ride the treacherous coaster. After all, doesn’t fortune favor the bold?

More controversially added into Patch 8.1.5 is the heavily requested Portal Rooms. Located in the Stormwind Mage Tower for the Alliance, and the front Gates of Orgrimmar for the Horde, these rooms now include portals to each major hub across the expansions of Warcraft, including the Jade Forest and the Court of Farondis. However this change has come with an ill-received, and in my opinion poorly made, decision on Blizzard’s part. Across the rest of Azeroth, any major city that contained a portal will now only contain one back to your faction’s major city, including Legion’s version of Dalaran which included portals to the Caverns of Time and Karazhan, two zones which both Alliance and Horde players respectively need to go extremely out of their way for. There is also no manner to travel to Hellfire Penninsula in Outland for players, not on the introductory quest to The Burning Crusade content. These rooms also do not contain portals to other major faction cities outside of expansion locked ones.

But I think perhaps the best, and most overlooked addition is, of course, the new Heirloom pieces which will raise experience-boosting gear to level 120. A necessary addition to those of us looking to finally create our Zandalari Paladins and Kul Tiran Druids.

So what are you most excited for with the release of Patch 8.1.5? Zandalari Paladins or Kul Tiran Druids?

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WoW Wednesday: Weekly World Bosses

Everyone has their routine, especially in the World of Warcraft. With a weekly system that logs and records what players participate in to manage rewards, many players often have that routine locked down to various activities across your free days. Some players like to start their week off with Mythics, move to Battlegrounds on the next and then start their weekly raiding runs in time for the weekend. Many often include older runs for collectibles and rare objects, but most overlook some of the rarest raid bosses in Azeroth. This week we’ll talk about a series of bosses that you should include in your weekly routine that often are ignored; Weekly World Bosses.

For players not in the know, World Bosses are flexible Raid Bosses that can be found out in the world of Azeroth. Introduced back in the original World of Warcraft and they have continued to be implemented since the launch of Mists of Pandaria up until the latest expansion Battle for Azeroth. Designed as a more attractive and accessible means of PvE content, current players have to coordinate outside of guilds and potentially beat back the enemy faction to potentially retrieve lucrative pieces of loot. While some of the most dangerous and important bosses currently plague Kul Tiras and Zuldazar this week we’ll be giving you a list of some of the most important bosses to hit across the world.

“The Legion will conquer all!”

One of the first and oldest bosses, Doom Lord Kazzak is the last incarnation of the very demonic lord who assaulted the Blasted Lands in the times of old Warcraft. Promoted by the Burning Legion for his reopening of the Dark Portal, the Doom Lord now oversees Ered’ruin and the Seat of Kil’jaeden in Hellfire Penninsula. Much like his counterpart Kazzak drops loot with unique transmog appearances such as the Exodar Life-Staff.

The Doomwalker is the Burning Legion’s living siege-weapon in Shadowmoon Valley. In binding the souls of fallen Draenei, Kil’jaeden used the mighty construct to lay siege upon the Black Temple and his rebellious agent Illidan Stormrage. Just like Kazzak, the Doomwalker contains several unique transmogs but also possesses an incredibly LONG respawn timer as it patrols old Shadowmoon. This one is better to farm just after the weekly reset, with a few friends who want in on the action.

Introduced in Mists of Pandaria, the following bosses all now have 15 minute respawn timers, allowing players to kill them at any point in the week.

“Yes, YES! Bring your rage to bear! Try to strike me down!”

Introduced to Pandaria at launch, the Sha of Anger is one of the seven manifestations of negative energy that plague the Pandaren homeland. Raging throughout the Kun’lai Mountains (and harassing the poor Grummle packmasters) the Sha threatens to escape the mountains and ravage the wider lands in its destructive throes. Not only does this world boss reward an achievement (and credit towards the Tranquil Master), this particular Sha drops various class-pieces for PvP Season 12 and tier 14. As well it currently drops the rarest mount in game, the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent, which reportedly only has a one percent drop rate making it lower than Invincible from Icecrown Citadel.

Alongside the Sha, a warband of Saurok lay siege to villages in Valley of the Four Winds. Mounted atop their colossal mushan Galleon, Chief Salyis and his cowardly lot have been terrorizing the land since their inception at the launch of Pandaria. Players willing to brave the cannon fire and take down their siege weapon will find spoils aplenty for the taking, including pieces of Tier 14 that would otherwise be class locked in raids from the time. As well players may scoop up the Son of Galleon, a mushan mount that some may find far more tamable than its mighty father.

With the launch of Patch 5.2, The Thunder King saw the launch of the Isle of Thunder, a massive daily quest hub that introduced a server-wide campaign to stop the Thunder King Lei Shen, reanimated by the dark magics of a war-minded Zandalar. With its introduction, it also added two new World Bosses to our list that drop important and rare mounts.

“I am born of thunder!”

Found at the very gates of Lei Shen’s palace, Nalak the Storm Lord is the greatest of the Thundering Cloud Serpents, possessing the very power of the storm itself. The Thunder King’s personal guard-dog, it bars entry to the Throne of Thunder and threatens to obliterate any unwary adversary that steps into its domain. Like his Pandarian cohorts, he also drops several tier and PvP seasonal pieces, including those that would otherwise be class restricted. He also has a small chance to produce the Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent, a new beginning for the Lei Shen’s pet.

Located on the northern-most island found in Pandaria, the Zandalari have brought their dinosaurs to assist in the defense of the Thunder King’s holdings. Chief among them is the mighty Ravasaur, Oondasta, a beast infused with the raw fury of the Loa that has often seen many victories for the island kingdom of Zandalar. Heroes brave enough to traverse the island my challenge the mighty beast and in turn be rewarded with elite and unique gear appearances, as well as a chance at the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn. Sometimes the best things just come in blue!

The last four world bosses of Pandaria are not a necessary addition to your weekly rotation. However, they are the only manner in which to grind reputation with the Black Prince faction and will take almost an entire year to raise it to exalted. The four August Celestials all drop pieces of Season 14 PvP gear, as well as tier pieces for the Siege of Orgrimmar. Whether you choose to fight Xuen, Yu-Lon, Chi-ji or Nizuao all share the same loot table and only one will reward you with loot and 250 reputation with the Black Prince.

While still rare, many players can also engage Ordos, Fire-God of the Yaungol if they have one of the Legendary Cloaks from Pandaria. There isn’t much to be gained from putting down the destructive demi-god aside from several tier loot pieces from Siege.

In the alternate timeways of Draenor, several beasts of madness still threaten to devastate the landscape. Both Tarlna the Ageless and Drov the Ruiner plague Gorgrond, their children locked in world-altering battles. While both are defeatable during lockout, they do share the same theme in their loot-tables and will only offer some older and otherwise locked out transmog.

“Rukhmar is venerated as a deity by the Arrakoa, seen as an embodiment of the sun itself!”

Summoned by the adherents of the arrakoa, Rukhmar is lauded by the chittering priests of the nation as a god, an effigy of the great sun itself. Worshiped and used to justify some of the greatest atrocities among the overzealous population, Rukmar may now prove a greater threat to the invasion forces as they struggle to survive Draenor’s harsh landscape. Those looking to topple a god can find the beast in the Spires of Arak, who drops not only several tier pieces but the rare Solar Spirehawk mount. A great addition to any Blood Elf Prince’s collection.

Promoted just in time for the Legion’s occupation of Draenor, Supreme Lord Kazzak directs the insurgent forces from within his overlook in the Tanaan Jungle. For those looking to seek a little vengeance, he drops Heroic versions of loot you can achieve throughout the Hellfire Citadel raid tier.

Players adventuring throughout the Broken Isles and Argus can also still engage the World Bosses from Legion, but these still seem to be regulated to their weekly rotational lock-out, preventing players from rapidly completing several achievements.

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WoW Wednesday: The Dark Halls of Uldir

The Endgame has begun! With the update finally hitting worldwide, Raiding, Mythic +, Warfronts and the 26th Season of Rated PvP have finally landed in Battle for Azeroth. As with our Zones of… series we’ll be introducing you to each section week by week of the newest end-game content for World of Warcraft. This week we’ll be talking about the expansion’s first major Raid Encounter; intended for max-level players in groups of ten or more, the twisted halls of Uldir have opened to the world.


What is Uldir? After an ancient war on Azeroth against the god-like Titans, the Old Gods, ancient creatures of the Void, were all but exterminated and imprisoned beneath the planet’s surface. After the death of the Old God Y’shaarj and the destructive corruption its dying breath caused to the planet, the Titans endeavored to find a cure to the Old Gods and their threat across the universe. Thus Uldir was created as both a research and quarantine facility, dissecting and experimenting on the remains and minions of the Old Gods’ Black Empire. With their plans laid out, the Titans departed Azeroth and would never have the chance to return.

Uldir, however, was not an idle fortress. For centuries the agents of the Old Gods were experimented on until finally, the facility systems stumbled across an anomaly. Further experimentation on this anomaly only empowered it, until it created a terrifying monstrosity. Built from the ancient corpse of an Old God, the creature was reanimated into Undeath and began to spread a toxic decay across the Titan facility. G’huun, as it came to be known, sought to work on escaping its prison as its ancient brothers did but unlike the corrupting void it sought only one thing; to bring death and ruin to all life on the infant Titan of Azeroth.

Whispering its maddened promises of power to the world, it would not be until the treacherous Prophet Zul set his plans into motion that G’huun would have a chance to escape. With Horde players directly engaging his armies in Nazmir, Princess Talanji would later come across Zul’s dark bargain and endeavor to stop them. However, she and her heroes were much too late. Breaking the three great seals of Uldir in Atul’aman, Nazwatha and Dazar’alor, G’huun now prepares its army of Blood Trolls to make its great escape and purge the world of life itself.

G’huun’s necrotic decay, seeping into the halls of Uldir.

Players first stepping into raiding this expansion will have multiple difficulties available to them. If you aren’t a member of a regular raiding guild or aren’t interested in pick-up groups, the Looking for Raid Finder difficulties are available up to the second wing as of the time of publishing, which requires item level 320 equipment to queue. For regular raiders (or brave PUGers) both flexible Normal and Heroic difficulties are fully available, rewarding item level 355 and 370 gear respectively. Last week the Mythic difficulty opened and now rewards item level 385+ equipment for the top tier raiders. As a retired cutting-edge raider, I recommend for first time raiders that you seriously consider a relaxed progression guild if you intend to raid any level of Uldir. While the first boss is quite forgiving, mechanics for later bosses can be incredibly punishing and can take some time to learn and progress through as a group, especially for players used to Heroic and Mythic 0 level dungeons.

Uldir opens up ominously enough, with a deep descent into the facility as you face Taloc, the titanic guardian of Uldir. Despite being originally constructed as a jailer of the facility, its systems have fallen into disrepair and its protocols have been overridden; now it serves to keep anyone who might challenge G’huun out until its master can emerge. In terms of design philosophy, Taloc is an incredibly similar fight to Nythendra from Legion’s Emerald Nightmare raid. Focusing primarily on minor add-control and area awareness, most players will be preoccupied in safely depositing puddles of damage-dealing plasma around the room for Tanks to clean up. While it has a soft-enrage mechanic after stage two, most raid teams will more than likely clear it without difficulty.

M.O.T.H.E.R. or Matron of Tenacity, Herald of Endless Research, is a titanic watcher located in Uldir. The chief artificial intelligence and researcher of the facility, she has ceaselessly researched solutions for both G’huun and the Old Gods. With the arrival of the corrupted races of Azeroth, she will not permit them entrance into her facility lest they enable further corruption. Much like the previous encounter, M.O.T.H.E.R’s encounter focuses on area awareness and mechanic management. Unique to this encounter are three rooms which will build energy over time while both players and M.O.T.H.E.R. are standing in it, emitting massive damage once they reach maximum energy. This encounter is a Healer Check, intended to test your healers as each member passing between rooms will cause massive raid-wide damage.

Zek’voz, attempting its dramatic escape…

Zek’voz is a servant of the Old God N’zoth and was sent to the shores of Zandalar after the Sundering of the world. Intent on bringing the isolated kingdom to heel, the creature was prepared to succeed by any means necessary. It did not, however, anticipate Uldir and its defenses and was quickly captured. Over the eons, it has been ruthlessly dissembled and studied and now awaits its chance to escape. Zek’voz is the most difficult boss in the first wing of Uldir, featuring punishing tank-swap mechanics, raid wide area of effect damage abilities and varied abilities which can jump from player to player. Additional adds will spawn during several abilities with the potential to cause a raid wipe and end your encounter suddenly. There are also several abilities that will require players to constantly be aware of their positioning, either avoiding certain areas or purposefully engaging Zek’voz’s abilities.

The Fetid Devourer is a horrific abomination; ancient loa caught in Uldir’s gaze were experimented upon for untold years until they finally took a lethal turn. With their remains disposed of improperly, it didn’t take long for the dark consciousness in Uldir to take notice and begin to twist them to a newer, darker purpose. For old hat raiders, the Fetid Devourer is a standard Patchwerk-style fight with the potential to spread damage over time abilities to select members in the raid. Add control is a must throughout the fight, as those which spawn can be consumed by the devourer for an incredible amount of health.

Long ago a terrible Blood Plague struck the trolls of Zandalar, twisting them painfully before their horrific death. In desperate search of a cure, the Uldir facility collected samples in an effort to relieve the affliction. However, it found that only containment and destruction would stop the plague. As the facility began to fail, the plague found itself tainted by G’huun’s twisted blood and Vectis was born. The only major mechanic for players to deal with is the Omega Vector, similar in effect to the Lich King’s Necrotic Plague, which will jump around the raid as it expires. Raid awareness is tantamount in the second phase for personal survivability.

The Prophet Zul, reborn by his master’s blood.

Zul, the traitorous prophet of the Zandalari. Thought dead by the combined might of King Rastakhan and Bwonsamdi, Zul has been reborn under the powers of G’huun, necromantic and sanguimantic magic now animating his twisted form. Zul is a DPS Check encounter more than anything and shouldn’t take long for an appropriately prepared team. Adds will spawn throughout the room during the first phase, where some can fear players they touch while others can deliver punishing raid-wide damage. The second phase features a soft-enrage much akin to Taloc’s, where Zul must be killed before the room can kill the raid.

Mythrax the Unraveller, imprisoned beneath Vol’dun for centuries. Finally freed and with its master’s shackles broken, he returns to G’huun’s side to prepare for its dark awakening. Mythrax is an incredibly unforgiving encounter, rivaling the Lich King and even Prince Kael’Thas Sunstrider in my opinion. Situational awareness is the highest priority, as multiple abilities can afflict players with a debuff that reduces their maximum health. Working as a soft enrage this debuff can easily reduce players to little health, resulting in an entire raid being one shot by its basic mechanics. Players must focus on avoiding abilities that generate this debuff and rescuing team-mates throughout the encounter.

G’huun, the Old God of Death. While the Titan experiments delved deep into the anatomy of the Old Gods, they dove too deep into G’huun. As they picked apart the ravenous, hungering need to corrupt that the void possesses, they created the ultimate contagion and gave it life. G’huun is the God of Parasites, and its pestilent undeath will plague the world if it can escape. G’huun is the biggest multi-phase encounter in Uldir, and the boss itself cannot be directly attacked until players can activate the facility’s Reorigination Machines while the raid manages vastly varied adds. The majority of the fight will revolve around area awareness, add management and debuff management while activating the Reorigination machines again.

The last seal of Uldir, all that holds G’huun back from its conquest of Azeroth.

Uldir overall is a fantastic instance, but its shortcomings are far from unnoticeable. Unlike the newly revealed Crucible of Storms raid due in Patch 8.1, it feels as if the Horde’s Zandalar storylines were sacrificed solely to build up Uldir as an instance. Bosses, while wonderfully varied, suffer too much from similar mechanical themings with somehow less mechanical variety than Legion’s Emerald Nightmare. Add management and area awareness are incredibly basic and do not deviate from the basic building blocks of encounter rules. While the sheer quantity of mechanics makes fights like G’huun feel as epic as both C’thun and Yogg-Saron of raids past, the shared similarities with other bosses simply make the encounter feel tired at the end of it all. While Uldir is a fun and challenging raid, the taste of G’huun, much like the expansion so far, has been bittersweet.

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Destiny 2 Players Manage to Glitch Their Way to Early Raid Rewards

From the very first game and its Loot Cave, the players of Destiny have a storied history of finding exploits that the devs perhaps just didn’t see coming. That proud tradition continues in Destiny 2, as players have managed to find their way into the Last Wish raid and even gotten their hands on raid loot days before the instance opens.


last wish raid

The glitch itself was discovered at the Rheasilvia area of the Dreaming City, where players discovered a seam in the wall that could be leapt through. With a number of deft jumps and sword-assisted movement, players could get into a part of the game that hasn’t opened yet and open a chest that spews current raid equipment.

It is important to note that this new gear doesn’t appear to be tuned to the upcoming end game power level spike. The redditor that first shared the glitch suspects that this is due to the raid not being available.

For the record, Last Wish is due to open up on Friday, September 14th at 10am PDT. Last week’s update from Bungie offered a couple of interesting tidbits for those racing for a world first clear of the raid. Korean players will be joining the race for the first time, and the fireteam that crosses the Last Wish finish line first will be getting a literal championship belt and other real-world trophies.

We’ve embedded the video showcasing how this new glitch works. It should play right at the point of the action, bypassing the usual YouTuber trap of a pointlessly drawn-out introduction.

Our Thoughts

Heh! Well, par for the Destiny course, all things considered. We expect that Bungie will be plugging this little hole soon, but at the very least these newly found pieces of kit don’t seem to be game-breaking. Whether they’ll stay at their discovered power levels or rank up once the raid opens is another matter entirely, but we expect that won’t happen. Time will certainly tell and we’ll be sure to update this story if there are any big developments.

Sources: Destiny 2 subreddit via Eurogamer, Bungie website

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Bungie Offers Dates and Times for the Next Destiny 2 Prestige Lairs

Guardians, start your engines! The race to world first for the next Destiny 2 Prestige raid lairs has been granted some firm dates and times for those players who are desperate to sit atop a leaderboard and bask in a little bit of glory. For, like, a few hours. Maybe a day. It’ll be a nice day, though, I’m sure.

destiny 2 prestige raid lairs

The next lairs for the Prestige difficulty of Destiny 2’s raids are the Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars. First up will be Eater of Worlds, which will be available at 11am PDT on July 17th. 24 hours after that, on July 18th at 10am PDT, Spire of Stars will open up.

The delayed opening of the Eater of Worlds Prestige lair, according to one of the devs, is to ensure that everyone gets some time to install update 1.2.3. While the Prestige lairs themselves are going to offer week-to-week variety, the team still is eager to see who comes through first.

Meanwhile, if you’re one of those folks who hasn’t played Destiny 2 yet or perhaps doesn’t care one whit about this world first nonsense, there’s going to be a free weekend starting today, offering up the entire campaign, all game modes, and all weapons and gear from now until July 8th.

Our Thoughts

As much as we might be poking the side of world first raid runners, we do want to wish those going for the achievement the best of luck in making it through these next Prestige lairs. In the meantime, we’ll just be sat here, locked at a certain Power level because finding Guided Games for Nightfalls is agony.

Sources: Bungie website, Blizzard Twitter

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WoW Player DDoS’d Their Way to an Antorus Raid Spot

The race to earn world first in raids is generally taken remarkably seriously, but it looks like one Warcraft player took it way too far. In order to secure a place in a WoW Antorus raid, one player went so far as to DDoS his own teammates in order to make sure he was the chosen healer.

wow antorus raid

Adois, the offending player in question, is a member of Limit, the NA region’s top raiding guild in Warcraft. According to a tweet from one of the guild’s officers, Adois had used a shortened spoofed link that led to an IP scraper, which was used to make a healer player disconnect from Warcraft as well as the guild’s Discord and Mumble servers. Adois then stepped in to take the healer’s spot.

Reportedly, this is a stunt that Adois has done before; he was benched for a fight in the Tomb of Sargeras raid, but was forced to be called upon by Limit to heal the encounter after the selected healer began to immediately experience connection issues. Once the raid was done, the first-choice player was able to connect without issue.

Adois has apparently been officially kicked from the guild and is currently facing community blacklisting as well as at least one memetic response. The officer who revealed the information is also going on record as saying that Adois is apparently just a bad player.

Our Thoughts

yikes. What kind of person is so thirsty for a raid spot that they’re willing to screw over their own guildmates to get in? In the broad spectrum of online jackass maneuvers, this is pretty powerful stuff. GG Adois.

Source: PCGamesN

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World of Warcraft Shows Off the Antorus Raid

World of Warcraft players have had to deal with a frozen throne, so reason would perhaps stand that now they’ll have to deal with a burning one. An Antorus raid preview published by the devs offers a closer look at all the hot stuff awaiting WoW players.

antorus raid preview

As per usual, Antorus will unlock in stages over the course of the next several weeks. November 28th will see Normal and Heroic difficulties open up; December 5th will add Mythic difficulty and Wing 1 to the Raid Finder; Wing 2 arrives to the Raid Finder on December 19th; Wing 3 gets added on January 2nd, and Wing 4 arrives to the Finder on January 16th.

Also perhaps unsurprisingly, the preview offers a closer look at the 11 bosses for each of the raid’s four wings, with all of the flavor text and pictures one could care for – likely so fans can appreciate the boss designs before they get to only look at their ankles in-game. You can get all of those details on the website.

Our Thoughts

The crowning moment of the Legion expansion and the final co-operative strike between the Alliance and the Horde before they’re at each other’s throats once more. This should be a good one and we hope that the raiders of World of Warcraft are looking forward to all of the fights awaiting them.

Source: official site

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World First Destiny 2 Prestige Raid Cleared via Weapon Glitch

For those who like hearing about people locusting content, you’ll be pleased to know that the Destiny 2 Prestige raid has achieved a world first clear. That said, the clear apparently was achieved through a known glitch involving one of the game’s heavy weapons, which is inciting discussion on the validity of the achievement.

destiny 2 prestige raid

Clan Redeem was confirmed by Bungie as the first to blow through the Prestige version of Leviathan, beating out another team by a margin of four minutes. However, a response to that same tweet showed a clip of one of the clan’s members utilizing the “Coil glitch” – a glitch that involves the Wardcliff Coil heavy weapon that lets players, essentially, get free heavy ammunition if they swap from the Coil to another heavy weapon after picking up just one heavy ammo drop.

In spite of the alleged use of the glitch, Bungie appears to be unwilling to remove the world first acknowledgement from Clan Redeem, despite noting that a different type of exploit baked into the Prestige raid would be tracked and disqualify world first acknowledgement if it was utilized.

“We have seen the reports that an ammo exploit was used today in the Prestige Raid. This was not the specific exploit we were checking for and we don’t currently have the ability to detect it,” reads a response from community manager Cozmo. “We will release the top 3 finishers in the TWAB. You can make your own decision as to who should be celebrated.”

Our Thoughts

World first acknowledgement is really nothing more than a pissing contest, but obviously people like to know that an achievement – no matter how perceptually banal – is earned without using what would be considered a cheat. Do you think Clan Redeem won fair and square, or should the second place team be granted the nod?

Sources: Twitter, official forums

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Secret World Legends Adds Lair Megabosses and Manhattan Raid

So there’s a Secret World Legends raid now. It has you fighting against something that’s called “The Unutterable Lurker”. Doesn’t that just sound like a snuggly good time? If so, then the latest update to the MMO is right up your very weird and disturbing alley. But hey, you do you.

secret world legends raid

SWL’s top-end content lies in the Manhattan Exclusion Zone, where ten players will get to face off against Captain Huggy Squid and any number of other horrors within the instance. The raid is available to anyone who is at least level 50 and is offered in a variety of difficulty levels.

Rewards include new Extraordinary Weapons and Talismans with new effects, and have no key or token requirement to collect though there will be a timed lockout.

In addition to the New York raid, Lair Megabosses can now be challenged. These 40-player fights are summoned at the Public Raid portal in Agartha provided you have the right sort of items harvested from Regional Lair bosses. Lair Megaboss access is offered first to the summoner’s group and nearby cabalmates and then becomes publicly available until 40 players are in.

Rewards for taking down these massive monsters are stashed within a chest that can be opened with one Lair Key, while the summoner receives extra rewards at no additional cost.

The latest update has a variety of other adjustments in it, so be sure to check out the patch notes.

Our Thoughts

…eeugh. Well, now players will get to fully take on the huge monster that they first encountered during the game’s opening beats. We’re certain that Secret World Legends players are always eager for more reasons to share their world in this “shared world RPG”.

Source: official site

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