Hyper Universe Launches Ranked Mode

Competitive games and competitive gamers naturally want to know how they stack up among themselves, and one of the best ways to do that is with a ranked mode. Hyper Universe understands. Hyper Universe cares. Hyper Universe ranked mode is now a thing with the side-scrolling MOBA’s latest update.

hyper universe ranked mode

Hyper Universe’s ranked mode will introduce eight different tiers for players to climb, from Rookie all the way to Grandmaster. Climbing the ranks is based on what’s being called a “True Skill System”, where wins earn points and losses lose points. There will also be a drafting system where players can decide to ban certain Hypers.

In addition to simply earning ranks, players will be rewarded an exclusive Forgotten Hero skin for the Hyper Allen after their 30 Ranked wins. Those who make it to Gold rank or higher by the end of the first season will a gold-plated Hyper selection name plate as well as the Sonny Boy skin for Sonya.

The new update also introduces the Specialist character Captain Red, who can call in teammates to help him out with several of his skills provided he’s gathered enough Courage Charges to do so.

Ranked mode in Hyper Universe is currently in preseason, with the official start of Season 1 due on Thursday, February 22nd. Players who have an account level of 15 and at least 12 Hypers including those in free rotation can participate in the preseason, and a player’s record will not count until Season 1 begins. More details can be seen on the website.

Our Thoughts

Win, earn points; lose, lose points. Seems pretty cut-and-dry to us and sometimes that can be the best way to do things. Assuming, of course, people don’t try to intentionally throw matches for reasons that we fail to comprehend. We’re looking forward to seeing how players will take to the new Ranked Mode added to Hyper Universe and whether things will change for further seasons.

Source: press release

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