Battle Royale Weekly: Development Ends for Islands of Nyne

This week we’re skipping that Fortnite news everyone is talking about right now, you know…the one with the dances. We’re also skipping PUBG because this week we’re going to focus on the underdog Battle Royale titles. As you read from the title of this article the big news this week is that development ends for Islands of Nyne, but we’ve also got news about a couple of events going on this weekend if you need an escape from your family or if you just want to introduce that younger cousin of yours to the world of Battle Royale. All of that and more is in the Battle Royale Weekly.


Egress Tournament Incoming

Egress made a post on Steam letting people know that a tournament would be coming soon. At this point, it is more of an announcement of an announcement sort of situation. There aren’t any details about the tournament itself yet but they are expected soon. In the announcement, they also say that they will try to give rewards to all participants; there are supposed to be a set of premium weapons for participating in the tournament. The development team also said that they will announce more details on the game’s Steam news feed, so if this is something you’re interested in you should be following along there.

Source: Steam


Development Ends for Islands of Nyne

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to Islands of Nyne. For anyone who has been following the game, this really won’t come as a massive surprise. It is a shame though. It was easily one of the more attractive Battle Royale games out there. The developers have said that there will be one more update to the game before they walk away. This update will add game credits and potentially make server changes to allow players to host their own servers. So yes, Islands of Nyne in its current form will still be available for the time being. How long that will last though…we’ll just have to wait and see. The in-game item store has been shut down and refunds for all purchases made from November 29th to today are available through Steam. The good news is that many of those who worked on developing the game have already found jobs elsewhere in the industry. For those who haven’t, we hope you land on your feet quickly.

Source: Steam


Proxima Royale Closed Beta This Weekend

Proxima Royale

With very little warning, Proxima Royale has announced that it will be holding a closed beta this long Christmas weekend starting on December 21st and running until December 25th. Each day the servers will be on for 12 hours, 1 PM to 1 AM Pacific, 4 PM to 4 AM Eastern, and 10 PM to 10 AM for Central Europe. Sucks to be Europe. Those who are backers or previously received beta keys from giveaways will be able to participate. If you want to take part you can still buy a Founder’s Pack on their website. The lowest Founder’s Pack is $22.49 and gets you a copy of the game, access to the beta, a nifty skin for your robot and weapons, plus Sparky, a pre-order exclusive.

Source: Steam and Official Site


Realm Royale Bonus XP Event

Realm Royale

It looks like Battle Royale games don’t want you to be bored this weekend. Realm Royale has announced via Twitter that from December 21st to the 26th you’ll be able to earn 4X Battle XP, no matter what platform you play on. They’re also activating the in-game shop where you can buy a variety of skins and cosmetic items.

The developers also warn that the alpha pack is leaving the shop on PC in mid-January. This will be your last chance to get your hands on it before it’s gone forever. Why are they doing this? Well, the game is now in Closed Beta and they’re getting ready for Open Beta, which is coming early next year.

Source: Official Site


Ring of Elysium Issues an Apology and Announces a New Gamemode

Ring of Elysium

A number of Ring of Elysium players mistakenly got caught up by the game’s anti-cheat measures and had their accounts wrongfully suspended. These accounts have since been unbanned and an apology was issued on Steam. They’re also giving players who were wrongfully caught up in the incident 1,000 e-points, which should be issued within 24 hours.

Shortly after their apology, the development team announced that a new game mode would be releasing on December 22nd called From Dusk Till Dawn. This mode has a twist. Instead of an ever-shrinking zone that you would normally see in Battle Royale games, you’ll have to manage your body temperature as night brings a massive drop in the temperature. Also, unlike other Battle Royale games, the winner isn’t the last man standing and is instead anyone who manages to survive until morning, the end of the round. This game mode is considered to be in testing at the moment and as such will only be available three times a day. These three times taking into account time zones and player locations. The times each day are as follows:

  • 4:00-6:00, 12:00-14:00, 20:00-22:00 (PST)
  • 12:00-14:00, 20:00-22:00,4:00-6:00(GMT
  • 20:00-22:00, 4:00-6:00, 12:00-14:00 (GMT+8)

Source: Steam and Official Site


Stormdivers Looking For Beta Testers


Housemarque is now looking for beta testers for its upcoming Battle Royale game Stormdivers. This game was announced back in late April, and since then we haven’t really heard anything from the developers about the title with the exception of some dev diaries on Youtube. While signups for the beta are available on the official site there is no word yet when the beta will begin. Though it has been said that the beta will take place on Steam. It is certainly shaping up to be a gorgeous looking game. If you want the chance to take part in beta testing when it starts head over to the Housemarque website with your Steam info.

Source: Gamespace

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Battle Royale Weekly: Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Will Go F2P

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds will go F2P. Islands of Nyne will have a tournament with real money prizes during their F2P weekend. Fortnite has 200 million players, but PUBG is outperforming them on mobile. This week we’re also seeing a couple of high profile Battle Royale games we’ve been waiting for move into a playable state. Plus there’s a whole lot more in this week’s Battle Royale Weekly.


Fortnite Brings in 200 Million Players

In June it was reported that Fortnite had 125 million players and now it has reached that ever so impressive mark of 200 million. It also has 8.3 million concurrent players on a regular basis. Most games hope for that many players in their lifetime.

But while Fortnite has more players than ever Twitch viewership is down and revenue has remained pretty flat despite the growth. At the same time though they’re working with the NFL and Marvel. They’ve got Fortnite branded Monopoly, Nerf guns, and who knows what else they’ve got lined up.


Source: Forbes


Islands of Nyne Open Tournament Announced

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

Islands of Nyne has announced they’re holding a tournament with a $2,500 prize pool. The event will be held on December 2nd and sign-ups are open now. It will be held during the F2P weekend and it is open to all, including those just trying the game out for the weekend. Further details are given once you register to take part.

The tournament has received a bit of backlash from fans as it is coming at a time when player population is at an all-time low. They also accuse the devs of abandoning the game without improving it. Will the tournament have the impact they’re hoping for? We’ll just have to wait and see what the numbers are like over the weekend.


Source: Steam


Mavericks: Proving Grounds Starts Testing

Mavericks: Proving Grounds

As you may recall Mavericks: Proving Grounds isn’t doing traditional testing like you’re used to seeing. Instead, they have something called The Forge, a sort of beta server where they test the game and new updates they’re introducing. Well, for the first time The Forge is opening for a limited number of players. During The Forge up to 1000 concurrent players will be able to take part in a free for all fight. If you don’t get picked to take part, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait to hear more about the game. There is an NDA in place though as they continue development this will change.


Source: MMORPG


PUBG Mobile Revenue Grows 166% in One Week

For the first time, PUBG outperformed Fortnite on IOS as it enjoys a 166% growth in one week. Player spending went from $4.5 million to $12 million just on mobile. PUBG mobile only started monetizing in April, which makes that $12 million all the more impressive. Each day last week there was about a half a million dollar difference in the earnings for PUBG Mobile and Fortnite on just iOS. PUBG Mobile brought in $1.7 million a day while Fortnite brought in $1.2 million daily on iOS. Will we continue to see these numbers beyond the long holiday week? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Source: SensorTower


Rapture Rejects Enters Early Access

Rapture Rejects

The hilarious and blasphemous Rapture Rejects is now in Early Access on Steam. It is one of those that you have to pay to get into. As of the time of writing this, we’re still waiting for the trailer to drop along with any welcome messages/patch notes/whatever else we might get. Hopefully, more information will come out before this article goes live, but, if you’re reading this then it didn’t. Live with it.


Source: Steam


Realm Royale Console Beta is Go

Realm Royale seemed to lose some steam on PC which is one of the reasons Hi-Rez is finally bringing the game to consoles. This may very well be the game’s saving grace. If you’re interested in trying it out they have been giving keys away on their social media. So if you don’t already follow them there, you should.


Source: Realm Royale Twitter


Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Battle Royale Mode

With the release of Red Dead Online, we’ve seen several new multiplayer modes. Since Battle Royale is the big genre everyone loves right now is it really any wonder that one of those modes is Battle Royal? Make it Count is what Red Dead is calling their Battle Royale mode.

Make it Count has two versions. In the first players are given a bow and a handful of arrows. To get more arrows you have to loot them off the corpses of the dead. The second version is quite similar but involves throwing knives instead of a bow and arrows.

At the moment Red Dead Online is only available to those who played Red Dead Redemption between October 26th and 29th, and Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition owners. Though it will be open to all Red Dead Redemption 2 owners from tomorrow, so you don’t have to wait long.


Source: Gamespot


Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Will Go F2P

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

After a recent community test of the new brawl mode Totally Accurate Battlegrounds announced on Steam that they would be going F2P in the future. But, before they can do that they have to finish the brawl mode, get some cosmetics made, and work on optimizing the game for streaming.

They have been quite honest about their reasons for going F2P. It can be quite difficult to get 50 players together for a match. The other reason is that server costs are, in their words “very high.” The move to F2P not only opens them up to the potential for more players to join in it also gives them the opportunity to sell various things in a cash shop.

There isn’t any word yet on when Totally Accurate Battlegrounds will go F2P. Developers recommend you follow them on social media to stay up to date. At the moment it sounds like they’ve got quite a bit on their plate before they’re ready to dedicate to this F2P transition. I personally wouldn’t expect to see it before Valentine’s Day.


Source: Steam

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Realm Royale is Bringing Back Classes (Mostly)

What happens when your battle royale game’s defining feature is removed because of loot issues? You get what is probably an extremely rote form of the game type. Perhaps with that in mind and in the interest of acting on player feedback, Realm Royale classes are making a comeback, though in a different form than they originally arrived.

realm royale classes

Instead of hardline classes, each class in Realm Royale will instead have a variety of inherent perks. With this new system, the Realm Royale devs hope they’ve hit a sweet spot between having dynamic class-based gameplay while still keeping loot open across the battlefield.

A broadcast with the devs provided insight into the sort of passive perks each class will be getting, like Warrior receiving a 20% damage boost when using Axes or Assassins getting extra headshot damage. It was noted in the broadcast that you’re not required to follow these traits to be successful, but the bonuses should encourage those playstyles more instead of making things too homogeneous.

The new class system will also be supported with a variety of unique skins for each class to help visually identify your role in a team, and changes to the Forge where only weapons your class is proficient with will drop. Each class will also get three different weapon type proficiencies to provide more options to players.

Finally, the devs are working towards introducing a skill tree to further customize your class. These trees won’t be outright replacing Runes in the game, though some Runes may be removed and replaced depending on how the system works out.

The patch which will see classes return is due to arrive at some point this Tuesday night or at some other point early this week. You can take in the full dev discussion video below for more.

Our Thoughts

Consider us on board with this decision. We’ve already seen a couple of battle royale games shrivel up because they didn’t really try to shake things up enough, so anything that will help bring Realm Royale out of mediocrity is a good thing for fans. After all, balance is fine, but it also can be astonishingly boring sometimes.

Source: YouTube

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Battle Royale Weekly: Gamescom and a New Battle Royale Game

Battle Royale Weekly was delayed just a little bit while we waited for news to come out of Gamescom. Now that the big push is out of the way though we can dive into things. We’ve got trailers for a few different games, Fear the Wolves Early Access has a start date, there’s a new Battle Royale game, and Fortnite is once again bringing in all the money. You can find all of that and more in this week’s edition of Battle Royale Weekly.


Battlefield V

Battlefield V is making a big splash at Gamescom this week. It’s playable on the convention floor and for anyone who isn’t there, we got a new trailer to watch for the Devastation of Rotterdam as well as possibly the first glimpse of the Battle Royale mode. The game will be going into beta in early September and will feature the new map.

Source: Press Release


Battlerite Royale

Last week Battlerite Royale got a gameplay reveal trailer that is sure to please. The game will be coming in September and beta sign-ups are now available.

Source: Press Release


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on Blackout you’ll finally get your chance starting on September 10th for PS4 owners. PC and Xbox One players will have to wait until September 14th for their chance to play the beta of the battle royale mode. The game will be launching on October 12th.

Source: Press Release


The Darwin Project

Last week, The Darwin Project reached the number one spot in the Microsoft Store for free games. They also launched a partners program for content creators who meet their requirements. The program officially launches in September.

Source: Official Site, Twitter


Dying Light: Bad Blood

Dying Light: Bad Blood is at Gamescom this week, but if you aren’t then you’ll be able to get your hands on the game in September as it goes into Early Access. If you’re very very lucky you might be one of the few selected for a one day preview of the game this coming weekend. Keys for it will be handed out on August 22nd so if you’ve signed up for the beta make sure you keep an eye on your inbox.

Source: Press Release


Fear the Wolves

At Gamescom, Vostok revealed that Fear the Wolves would be hitting Steam Early Access on August 28th after being previously delayed. To go along with the announcement we got a Release Date Trailer.

Source: Press Release



Revenue for Fornite on iOS has reached $200 million just 5 months after it launched. It took 3 months to reach the $100 million mark, which means that people are spending even more on the most popular game in existence right now. Thanks to new information from SensorTower we know that this was primarily from players in the United States who account for 63% of the total spent so far. That’s $126 million and 12 times the amount of the second highest country, the UK who accounts for just 5% of the total. What does this mean? Americans REALLY love Fortnite. $200 million puts Fortnite up there with the King of mobile, Clash of Clans which brought in the same amount of money in the same amount of time. Based on their estimates, SensorTower projects that Fortnite will gross over $450 million in 2018 on iOS alone. This means that Apple will be getting an additional $75 million in platform fees on top of the $60 million it has made so far since March. With numbers like that is it any wonder Epic has decided to skip Google Play? SensorTower estimates that in doing so Google will miss out on at least $50 million in revenue this year alone.

Source: SensorTower


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG is getting a training mode. This mode will allow 5-20 players to practice on a 2x2km map. This is part of the Fix PUBG Campaign that was announced earlier this month. The campaign is an effort by the developers to make PUBG a better, more stable, and fairer game. The training mode will allow players to practice all aspects of the game including driving vehicles, practicing parachute landings, and mastering the peek shot amongst other things.

Source: Steam Announcement


Realm Royale

Hi-Rez has split up into three developers so that each one could focus on a particular game. Titan Forge Games will focus on Smite, Evil Mojo Games will work on Paladins, and Heroic Leap Games will develop Realm Royale. This couldn’t come at a better time as Realm Royale has seen its population on Steam drop nearly 95% in terms of concurrent players after 2 months, a shocking number to say the least.

Source: PC Gamer, Steam Charts



Gamescom 2018 was only open for a few minutes before Stormdivers was announced. It was one of the very first press releases out the door and yes, it is, in fact, a Battle Royale game. It is being made by renowned Finnish studio Housemarque, who is known for games like Nex Machina and Resogun. This game brings us up to 35 Battle Royale titles we’re following. Check out the futuristic Battle Royale game in the official trailer below.


To be totally honest it’s a bit of a surprise that more new Battle Royale games weren’t announced. Gamescom isn’t always the best place to display new games so it is possible that there won’t be any. It’s also equally possible that there is a press embargo on some of the newer titles, so we will just have to wait until next week to get the full scope of what went down at Gamescom. If you’d like to just have the Battle Royale games of Gamescom 2018 we have another article just for you. Next week we also have PAX Prime to look forward to, which means even more opportunities for announcements and new games. If there are any new indie Battle Royale games made in North America, this is likely where we’ll find them.

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Realm Royale Sheds over 90% of its Players

While Realm Royale may have started strong out of the gate, the battle royale shooter based on Paladins is having a hard time keeping pace with the sub-genre’s biggest releases. A look at the most recent Realm Royale player numbers shows that over 90% of the players who were around at the game’s early access release have since fallen away.

realm royale player numbers

According to tracking website GitHyp, the head count of Realm Royale this past weekend was at a high of 7,000. When compared to a concurrency spike of 105k in the game’s first week, that equates to a 93% drop rate. According to the game’s Steam reviews, most of the negative remarks are aimed at patches that have made things feel unbalanced, which could explain some of the concurrency loss.

The trends mirror Twitch viewership of the title, which saw a spike in about the same week but then saw viewer numbers decline as streamers who visited Realm Royale went back to their Fortnite-playing ways.

With all that said, GitHyp does note that not all is lost for Realm Royale, citing the game’s plans to release to consoles. One also has to perhaps consider the announcement of a dedicated studio for Realm Royale opened by Hi-Rez, which could mean more new content and fixes to the aforementioned balance problems can come more frequently.

Our Thoughts

You can never say never when it comes to online games, but it would certainly seem that Realm Royale needs to pull up its bootstraps and address the problems players are having with the shooter before it becomes a flash in the multiplayer gaming fad pan.

Source: GitHyp

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Hi-Rez Founds Sub-Studios to Handle its Existing Titles

Hi-Rez Studios has its fingers in a lot of different pies, all of which are pies of their own baking. However, it looks like they’re hoping to reach their fingers out to different games industry pies…

Okay, this analogy has gone off the rails a bit. What I’m getting at is there are new Hi-Rez sub-studios being opened which will handle all of the company’s existing titles and free up the parent company to expand its publishing reach.

hi-rez sub-studios

Hi-Rez has opened three satellite studios:

  • Titan Forge Games, which will handle Smite;
  • Evil Mojo Games, which will manage Paladins;
  • And Heroic Leap Games, which will steer the Realm Royale ship.

Smite and Paladins executive producer Chris Larson has been tapped to be the general manager for all three of these new ventures, while the original staff of each game will transition to their respective studios and even be open to hiring new staff to further bolster development of each title.

As for Hi-Rez itself, it will now offer two service companies in a bid to increase its outreach to potential partners. These service companies consist of Skillshot Media, which seeks to build esports player communities; and Alacrity Arthouse, which will offer technical services such as art, FX, 3D animation, cinematic video creation and more.

“Our new Hi-Rez Publishing Group is designed as a service organization, whose sole mission is to enable each of our partner studios to reach their full potential and best serve their respective gamer communities,” said Hi-Rez president Stew Chisam. “By structuring ourselves in this manner, we allow the organization to scale to multiple games more easily, while ensuring our existing game communities receive a better, more focused service than ever before.”

Our Thoughts

We certainly like the idea of these new sub-studios potentially providing more focused development of Hi-Rez’s existing titles. If all of this means more significant updates to each game, then this can only mean good things for fans.

Source: press release

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Realm Royale Begins Console Beta Next Week

I promise, I’m not being intentionally vague in that headline regarding the Realm Royale console beta launch date. That’s literally the best information the announcement provided; the fantasy-based battle royale shooter is starting its beta on consoles next week.

realm royale console beta

At some point next week, players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will get their opportunity to battle royally in 100-player fights to the death. Entry to the beta will require a key, which sounds about as simple as signing up on the game’s website., so perhaps it’s safer to call it a soft launch than beta. Who knows anymore, honestly.

“Since Realm Royale first released on PC, the top three questions on social media have been ‘Console?,’ ‘PS4?,’ and ‘Xbox?’,” remarked executive producer Rory Newburgh. “We understand our community wants Realm Royale on console, and we’re thrilled to announce console closed beta testing starts next week.”

As is often the way of announcements like this, there’s a trailer full of hype attached which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

As loaded as the battle royale scene overall is, the console market for same doesn’t seem quite as crowded, so the arrival of Realm Royale to PS4 and XB1 could indeed be a good thing. In any case, we hope that fans of the game are looking forward to its console iteration.

Source: press release

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The Battle Royale Games of E3 2018

We went into E3 2018 expecting the convention to be completely dominated by new Battle Royale games. Now we can quite happily say that this didn’t come to pass. In fact, Bethesda came out and said that they WEREN’T working on a Battle Royale game. But, that isn’t to say that there were none. There were still a few announced. Some of them are just modes as part of a larger game, while others make it the sole focus of the game. So let’s dive into the Battle Royale games of E3 2018.


Fortnite for Nintendo Switch

We’re just going to get this one out of the way so we can move on to talk about other titles. Fortnite released on the Nintendo Switch during E3. In the first 24 hours, it received 2 million downloads. There was also some drama as people discovered there’s no cross-play with the PS4. In fact, you can’t log into a Fortnite account on the Switch that has been used on the PS4. Sony issued a pretty weak response that did nothing to cool tempers. Will anything change? Sony says they’re open to player feedback so…there’s a slim chance?


Mavericks: Proving Ground

Mavericks: Proving Grounds

We’ve actually been talking about Mavericks: Proving Ground for a little while now. It is taking Battle Royale and making it bigger. Most Battle Royale games currently have maps with 100 people, Mavericks is going with 1,000. It was literally the biggest game at E3. They’ve also opened up registration for closed beta, which will take place in August. The Battle Royale portion of the game is actually said to be Phase 1. It will have 400 players on the map then. Phase 2 will add RPG elements to the game as well as the rest of the players to make it a 1,000-person map.


Rapture Rejects

Finally, we get to move on and talk about new games! Our first one is Rapture Rejects, which takes place in the post-apocalyptic universe of Cyanide & Happiness. It’s being called a top-down, dark comedy Battle Royale, it’s exactly the sort of thing you’d expect from the folks at Cyanide & Happiness. It’s your job to scavenge for weapons and kill every other person on Earth…to impress God enough to let you into heaven after the rapture leaves only the worst of humanity behind. It’s being developed by Galvanic Games. “Rapture Rejects takes the battle royale genre, gets rid of the boring military stuff, and introduces a Worms-esque armory of insane weapons and over the top violent animation. Also, Satan is there.” – Rob, co-creator of Cyanide & Happiness

Sign me up! In fact, you can sign up for the alpha right now on the official site.


Battlefield V

Most of the talk around Battlefield V hasn’t been about the fact that there will be a Battle Royale mode. In fact, that has barely been getting any mention since the internet exploded and took offense to the inclusion of playable female characters in the game. But we aren’t here to talk about that, we’re talking about Battle Royale. The Battlefield V devs have said that it has been re-imagined for Battlefield V. They’re also promising an experience that you’ve never had before. But, that’s all that has been said about it so far.


Realm Royale

Hi-Rez brought Realm Royale out to play at E3, giving us the chance to see even more of the game. One of the things that sets Realm Royale apart is the game’s class system. Crafting also plays a big role in the game. It is totally free-to-play on Steam right now, so if you’re interested you can jump into the Early Access now.


Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 is calling its Battle Royale mode Blackout. The map will feature locations inspired by maps from all across the series. Though the exact size of the map hasn’t been stated yet, though they have said it will be 1,500 times larger than the fan favorite: Nuketown. Characters from all across the series, including Call of Duty Zombie Origins will be available. It’s going to feature land, air, and sea vehicles. Finally, we know you’ll be able to play solo or in teams. How this all fits in with the Call of Duty twist they’re putting on the genre…only time will tell.


Fear the Wolves

Vostok Games, the folks behind Survarium dropped a trailer for their new Battle Royale game Fear the Wolves just before E3 got started. The game takes place in Chernobyl where you’ll be faced with radioactive areas, anomalies, and yes, wolves. In Fear the Wolves gear can protect you from the harmful radiation in the area as you make your way to the extraction point where a helicopter waits, but there’s only room for one. The wolves are said to be only the first of many more mutant creatures that will be in the game. Fear the Wolves enters Early Access sometime this summer.


The Division 2…maybe

Finally, we’re going to just briefly mention The Division 2. No, they haven’t confirmed that there will be a Battle Royale mode in the game. But they have said that they’ve not ruled it out. So while we don’t have any confirmation about it at the moment it will be a game to keep an eye on in the future, just in case.


So there you have it: the Battle Royale games of E3 2018. There weren’t nearly as many as expected and some of them sound like they’re going to be a lot of fun. The fact that there were so few Battle Royale titles at E3 may suggest that the industry has learned not to jump on the latest fad. The last  big ones were MOBAs and hero shooters, and many of those ended up being a waste of time and money for the developers and publishers who worked on them. This certainly doesn’t mean that the genre is dead though. There’s still plenty of time left for more games to join in.

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Realm Royale Brings Class Mechanics to Battle Royale

Hi-Rez Studios has entered the fray of the ever-burgeoning battle royale multiplayer sub-genre with what it believes is a game that does enough different to make a mark. Today’s Realm Royale early access release on Steam begins another journey for the studio into a new category…or a new dragon’s tail to chase, depending on who you talk to.

realm royale early access

You’ve been here before, gameplay wise: 100 players drop into a map, loot abilities and weapons, and battle it out. Last ones standing are the winners. You’ll notice the plural there because Realm Royale’s first major difference is its application of team-based gameplay, with four-player squads being the focus as well as a requirement.

Another difference, of course, is the class system in Realm Royale. Players can choose from one of five fantasy-style classes like a Mage that can soar overhead and rain fire down on foes or an Engineer that can cobble together turrets.

Finally, Realm Royale has locations called Forges dotted around the map. These Forges are places where players can piece together their own Legendary-level weapons. Naturally, players will have to watch their back, as attacks on a Forge will hopefully be common according to the devs. “Gameplay elements like Forges reward players for staying active and taking risks,” says executive producer Rory Newbrough. “You can’t win a round of Realm Royale by hiding in a bathtub.”

Realm Royale is free-to-play and now available on Steam. A trailer for the title can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Well, if people thought Paladins was trying to rip off Overwatch, then we can’t wait to hear what people have to say about Realm Royale! In all seriousness, much like Paladins, Realm Royale sounds like it has a couple of interesting enough concepts that could make it carve out its own niche in the battle royale market. We wish the devs luck and hope players of the game have a good time.

Source: press release

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