Marvel Heroes Omega Faces a Mounting Wave of Refund Demands

It’s been a pretty rough few days for Gazillion Entertainment and a particularly frustrating few days for players seeking a Marvel Heroes Omega refund. Agitation over the game’s sudden closure has spilled out with myriad players demanding their money back and the game’s devs keeping generally silent.

marvel heroes omega refund

A report on the situation focuses on console players in specific, who only had access to Marvel Heroes Omega for a small number of months versus PC players’ years. The game’s official forums reflect the difference in temperment, with a quick scan showing far more angry (and closed) threads on the console side than the PC side.

For it’s part, Marvel Heroes did make posts regarding adjusted costs of in-game items on November 16th. PC players being granted 1,000G a day and a cost of 50G for in-game items and console players seeing item costs reduced to one Eternity Shard or 1G.

That said, Kotaku’s attempt to reach Marvel, Sony, Microsoft and Gazillion for further comment about refund demands were not answered back. Further, the Marvel Heroes terms of service states refunds are offered only to those affected by identity theft and that content can be removed at any time without requiring that Gazillion pay its players back anything, which is noted as a clause in the vast majority of EULAs.

Our Thoughts

So it comes down to legalese versus a sense of goodwill to fans – especially those who feel that they’ve been duped. The entire matter is pitiable to say the least and we hope that Gazillion Entertainment will offer up some manner of official response sometime soon.

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