MapleStory 2 Confirms its Launch Date

The chibi-fueled, color-soaked world of MapleStory 2 is coming perhaps a bit later than most people were expecting. The MapleStory 2 launch date was officially unveiled yesterday during a special event, along with plans for the time in-between now and launch.

maplestory 2 launch date

MapleStory 2 will make its official Western debut on Wednesday, October 10th. At launch, players will get the new Runeblade class, a total of 12 new dungeons and a new level cap of 60 on top of the content that was already in the game’s recent beta tests. Fans can also look forward to seasonal events and further updates beyond that.

With so much time between now and launch, what’s a Mapler to do? There is a pre-season for Mushking Royale, MapleStory 2’s take on battle royale, running between today, August 22nd and October 1st.

Mushking Royale has seen a number of updates since CBT 2, including Squad Mode and new items. The battle royale mode is a standalone piece of content that will let players who participate reserve a name when they make a character. Getting into the royale is a matter of installing MapleStory 2 from the Nexon game launcher.

If you happen to be a Founder’s Pack buyer, then you’re getting a significant head start with access for Founders kicking off on Monday, October 1st. Judging by the reaction of many fans in the game’s forums and on Twitter, there’s some calls of “pay to win” regarding this news.

The forums are also a bit on fire regarding MapleStory 2’s “fair fight” system, which caps the power of higher level characters who take on lower level content. According to those participating in one thread, the hamstringing devalues those who went through the grind for top-tier gear and makes clearing dailies take longer.

Our Thoughts

Personally speaking, having played in Final Fantasy XIV where higher level players are power-capped and put into lower level dungeons all the time, this “fair fight” whining is not really as big of a deal as perhaps many assume. What does seem to make one lean back in their seat, however, is the span of time between Founder’s head start and full launch. We’re not sure how “pay to win” this actually ends up being, but it does seem like a pretty significant span of time.

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