City of Heroes Emulator SEGS Guesstimates a Launch Window

As eager as I am to see the City of Heroes legacy project MMOs come to life, there sometimes just ain’t nothin’ like the real thing. So if you’re like me, you’ll perhaps be intrigued to know that a rough SEGS launch window has been put out there. Emphasis on “rough”, though.

segs launch window

This little nugget of information comes by way of a response from the SEGS Twitter account, who chimed in on a conversation that spawned from a September blog post made by Massively Overpowered writer Justin “Syp” Olivetti, where he mused if he’d still be playing City of Heroes, SWG or other shuttered MMOs if they were still online.

In the responses, one reader outright said they would play City of Heroes “all day long”. SEGS replied with: “Can ya pencil us in for like 1.5 years from now? That’s our rough guesstimate.”

It’s important to bear in mind that this is a pretty off-the-cuff remark and so should definitely not be taken as gospel for release. That said, the team behind SEGS seems to be making some steady progress. Its most recent update on October 3rd made a variety of improvements on powers, certain Inspirations and other fixes.

Our Thoughts

Look, we’re probably not meant to report on emulators, but the City of Heroes community is one of the more impactful ones in MMO gaming and the original game’s closure spawned multiple crowdfunded titles. So that’s what’s prompted the report. As ever, we wish the SEGS team luck and clear legal skies in their project development.

Sources: Massively Overpowered, Twitter

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New Release Window for Anthem Confirmed by EA

With all hands on deck over at BioWare, apparently, a new Anthem release window has been revealed by EA. During a call to financial analysts, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen stated the intention to have Anthem out by the end of Q4, or March 2019 specifically.

anthem release window

Verbatim, Jorgensen told analysts to expect Anthem “in the last quarter of the year and in the last month of that quarter,” which is execu-speak for March 2019 owing to the fact that EA’s fiscal year runs from April to March.

In spite of expressed excitement for the release of Anthem, Jorgensen also advised caution to analysts regarding the game’s arrival and its financial impact for a number of reasons. For one, the game is based on a new IP; and two, its late arrival in the fiscal year might not mean much to the money folks, particularly since its Q4 release could mean the company will have limited restocking even if Anthem is a hit.

“We’re very excited about the game. It’s extremely unique, and I think players are going to really enjoy playing it, but we’re careful not to put too large of a forecast in there,” said Jorgensen in the call.

Our Thoughts

Ideally, this length of time will grant the devs of Anthem the time they need to make a good multiplayer co-op shooter title. With Destiny 2 not hitting the mark for many, the time could be ripe for another game of its sort to rise up.

Source: Eurogamer

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TERA Promises Console Launch This Year

En Masse has shared a TERA console development update, which has some pretty exciting news for players eager to try out the MMO on their PS4 or Xbox One. The update has promised that players on console will be seeing TERA on their system during the first half of this year.

tera console development

So what took them so long to think about bringing TERA to console? The reason is much like the one offered at last year’s PAX East: console hardware just wasn’t up to the task. Flash forward to today, however, and the current gen’s hardware has now caught up.

TERA’s console development team is said to have spent considerable time working on the game’s controls to ensure the MMO’s signature form of combat feels appropriately visceral, along with a lot of time spent adjusting the game’s UI to enhance both ease of use and living room viewing distance.

In preparation for the game’s console arrival, TERA’s website is going to be seeing a fresh coat of paint and some console-friendly features such as a news feed and multi-language support. Additionally, players can look forward to more updates on TERA’s console launch in the coming months, including beta test plans and a firmer release date. Until then, there’s a video detailing the road the devs have traveled up to this point which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

It’s happening! While it feels like things have been pretty silent from En Masse’s and Bluehole’s end in regards to where things are with TERA’s console edition, we sort of suspected the devs had their heads down and were working hard. All the same, it’s good to know that that was indeed the case and that we’re that much closer to the MMO’s arrival to console players around the globe.

Sources: press release, official site

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Monster Hunter World Offers a Release Window for PC

Monster Hunter fans have been probably asking one question over and over: when is the Monster Hunter World PC release date? Well, we don’t have that yet, but a new video message from producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has offered up a release window for the multiplayer monster slayer at least.

monster hunter world pc release

In the video shared by the game’s Twitter account, Tsujimoto recounted the past year of the game’s lead-up to console launch, including shows across the globe and the two beta tests held in December. Finally, the producer revealed the PC release window of Autumn of 2018.

According to Tsujimoto, the team is hard at work on optimizing the game for PC, which could account for the delay between Autumn of this year and the January 26th launch of the title on consoles. Tsujimoto also reiterated earlier statements that the game will be receiving free updates after the 26th, including new monsters for players to hunt.

You can watch the full video below.

Our Thoughts

So we’re of two minds here. On the one hand, it’s great that we have an idea of just when PC players in the West will finally see a supported and official launch of a Monster Hunter game. On the other hand, January and Autumn is a pretty big gap of time. Where do you stand on this announcement? Let us know.

Source: Twitter

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Niantic Offers a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Window

It’s not a firm release date, but a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release window is just about as good. Unless you’re excited beyond words for the mobile AR game. In any case, Niantic’s CEO John Hanke has let at least a couple of beans spill.

wizards unite release window

Unfortunately, the release window in question is rather wide. Citing a story in the paywall-hidden Financial Times, has reported that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is eyeing a release sometime in the second half of 2018.

Hanke has promised that the rollout of Wizards will go smoother than 2016’s Pokemon GO as a result of experience. “In terms of dealing with public locations, government policy, regulations and public reaction to people being out in the real world, we have built up our expertise there,” said Hanke. The CEO is also promising that problems will be more swiftly handled this time around.

Additional details are currently unavailable, including scope of release and devices that will be supported.

Our Thoughts

We honestly weren’t really expecting this one to come out this year at all, let alone the nebulous window of 2018’s second half. While Hanke’s promises certainly nod to recognition of PoGo’s meteoric rise and fall, we’ll wait and see until things actually play out this time around.

Source: via

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