Gwent iOS Available for Pre-Order Now

You would be forgiven for thinking Gwent was already available on iOS as most card games can be found on mobile, but in fact Gwent iOS is coming out late next month. The game is available for pre-order in the App Store now but it won’t actually be playable until October 29th. Gwent on iOS offers the full features available on the PC version of the game just reimagined for the touch interface. This also means that progress and purchases are shared between the iOS and PC versions of the game using your GOG account.


It will be playable on iPhone 6S or newer including iPhone 11, iPad Mini 4 and newer, iPad 5th generation and newer, iPad Air 2 and newer and all iPad Pro devices. The most powerful of those devices will be able to take advantage of Gwent’s 4K textures.

More information about the iOS version of Gwent will be shared this weekend during the Gwent Challenger master tournament event. The event can be watched this weekend starting at 4PM CEST on the 14th and 15th.

Gwent is already available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. The addition of an iOS app has started speculation on the possibility of an Android app as well or possibly even Nintendo Switch which seems to be the really popular platform to port games to at the moment. It would be pretty surprising if it came out for Switch before Android though so expect Android to be next.


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Pokemon Go Creators Release Harry Potter Wizards Unite in New Zealand

Niantic, the creators of the massively popular Pokemon Go have started the slow release of their next location-based game, Harry Potter Wizards Unite in New Zealand. It is being called both a soft-launch and a beta, so it isn’t quite clear when the next rollout of the game will be, or where. Niantic has also warned that features, design, and the overall appearance of the game are all subject to change. The game may also be buggy and unstable at times.

You may be asking yourself what the difference is between Harry Potter Wizards Unite and Pokemon Go or even Ingress, the game Niantic made before they made Pokemon Go. Well, from the sounds of it there is going to be a bit more story, which is to say any really. The game has the same basic premise as Pokemon Go, go out into the world to find important items and people. But, according to Gamespot, it has a lot of similarities to a traditional RPG thanks to things like skill trees and potion brewing.

Android users around the world can currently pre-register for the game on Google Play. Also, if you’re an active Pokemon Go player you should have received an email from Niantic offering you the opportunity to reserve your username in Harry Potter Wizards Unite ahead of the launch so you’re guaranteed to have the same name in Pokemon Go and Harry Potter.

Hopefully, the release of Harry Potter Wizards Unite in New Zealand means that the game is very nearly ready for a global release. We’re in that sweet spot just before summer where the weather (for most of us at least) is getting warmer and being outside is preferable to being indoors.


Source: Gamespot

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Dreadnought Goes Live on Steam

By my own admission, Dreadnought had kind of escaped my notice. Meaning there’s a “flying under the radar” joke in there. More to the point, though, is the press release confirming that a Dreadnought Steam launch has happened, bringing the internet spaceship battle arena to a wider audience.

dreadnought steam launch

The arrival of the game to Steam comes alongside the Command the Colossal update, which offered a number of revamps to the game’s UI and visual look as well as added support for several new languages. The update also brought a combat balance, which was detailed in a dev blog on October 10th.

According to Six Foot COO Christian Svensson, these updates also represent technical improvements that will “ensure new game content and updates for players everywhere at a higher pace than ever before.”

Incidentally, existing players of the game on PC can link their accounts to the Steam version, bringing their achievements along with them.

As one would expect, the Steam release has come along with a gameplay trailer showcasing some of the monstrous floating weapons platforms players can command. That video can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Considering the game currently sits at Mixed reviews on Steam, Dreadnought probably has a bit of work to do in order to really impress. That said, there’s also not many games like it out there and it does indeed have its dedicated fans, so time will tell if this “higher pace” of updates will be met. We wish the devs at Six Foot the best of luck.

Source: press release

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Sandbox MMO Boundless Officially Releases

If you call your game Boundless, it’s a fair bet that there’s lots of sand in the sandbox to roll around in. Today, players will get to find out if that is indeed the case as the Boundless launch is now upon us, bringing a shared voxel world for both PC and PS4 players.

boundless launch

Four years of early access have finally culminated in a launch product, which hinges on player cooperation for its in-game crafting, economy and politics. Boundless lets players open portals to a variety of different planets to explore, colonize or gather resources from. Boundless also features cross-platform play between PC and PS4 in a single in-game ecosystem.

“This launch is akin to the Big Bang in our eyes,” says Wonderstruck director James Austin. “In essence, we’re firing out the atoms to form a new universe that players will live, explore and create within, defining how it grows and changes with no input on our part.”

As usual, a new game release means a new trailer and Boundless certainly has one, though this trailer is precisely the same as their previous one, except with the declaration of its arrival. You can check that out below if you haven’t seen it previously.

Our Thoughts

This game certainly has potential for sandbox MMO fans, but we’re curious to know just how collaborative it will actually end up becoming. We wish those who are starting their own journeys in-game the best of luck in whatever endeavors they take up.

Source: press release

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Paladins Makes its Free to Play Launch on Switch

The Nintendo Switch is getting some fresh, team-based FPS action in the form of the Paladins free to play Switch launch after what has been a reportedly successful round of beta testing while also breaking down the Founder’s Pack paywall.

paladins free to play switch launch

“We are thrilled that so many members of the Nintendo Switch community have already entered the Realm and fallen in love with Paladins,” noted executive producer Chris Larson. “It’s incredibly exciting to open the gates and welcome all Nintendo Switch players to Paladins.”

That open launch has cleared what is likely presumed to be a number of technical hurdles as the fast-paced shooter operates at a clean 60 FPS in either docked or undocked mode. The Nintendo Switch edition will also feature cross-platform play between Switch and Xbox One owners.

In addition to the Nintendo Switch launch, Paladins overall has kicked out its latest Flanker hero Koga, a ninja-styled aggressor that dual-wields claws and SMGs, as well as a new Battle Pass full of ninja and Easter-themed cosmetics. This new Battle Pass also improves from the last pass with more rewards, 25% less completion time, and an additional month to unlock the shiny.

Those looking for some Switch-based hero shootin’ can snag the game on the Nintendo eShop now.

Our Thoughts

Pretty much everything about Paladins on Switch sounds like a win, from the framerate to the cross-play to the overall form factor of the system that lives for quick-hitting games like Paladins. Who needs Overwatch?

Source: press release

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Defiance 2050 Goes Live Platform-Wide

Whether you like to shoot aliens and mutants on PS4, Xbox One or PC, the Defiance 2050 launch has you covered. The updated vision of the original Defiance action MMO has gone live with some notable mechanics tweaks meant to refresh things from the first title.

defiance 2050 launch

As far as story goes, Defiance 2050 looks to be following the same general plot points of the original game. What’s different here are new classes that include the Assassin, Assault, Demolitionist and Combat Medic; a new enhancement system that lets players power up and customize their favorite weapons; and a variety of quality-of-life and graphical updates.

Naturally, Defiance 2050 will continue to apply updates over the course of the year, with two more classes – the Engineer and the Crusader – expected to arrive to the action MMO sometime during the winter of 2018. For now, players can learn more on the website or watch the trailer below for a sizzle reel-style overview.

Our Thoughts

Here’s hoping that the gameplay and systems adjustments made to Defiance 2050 are enough to maintain enough interest this time around. We’d love to hear your opinion on the matter: have you found the new updates to be enough to call this a new game, or is this just a tourniquet on a bigger injury? Sound off below.

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Albion Online Announces its Arrival to Steam

Sandbox MMOs are always better when they’re full of new people, so the announcement of an Albion Online Steam release is certainly not a big surprise. Sandbox Interactive has revealed their intentions to bring their game to the platform at some point in the not-too-distant future.

albion online steam

The reason for Albion Online’s arrival to the platform is pretty transparent: they want more players. “We think this is the right time to open the game up to the broader Steam audience,” said game director Robin Henkys in a statement. “New players will not only make the world of Albion Online more populated and vivid, but also allow for new economic opportunities, more PVP matches, and new social connections.”

The recently-released Lancelot update has put the MMO in a place where it can take on fresh arrivals or even draw in players who prefer to get their games through Steam specifically according to the announcement.

The announcement does not provide any hard calendar date yet, but the game’s Steam page is live if you’re looking to have it added to your wishlist in the meantime.

Our Thoughts

Yeah…yeah, that makes sense: get your sandbox MMO to as many people as possible to make it as populated as possible. We certainly hope that the arrival of Albion Online to Steam will bring in that influx of fresh players the devs (and hopefully the players) are looking for.

Source: press release

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Shroud of the Avatar Officially Launches

It’s been a pretty significant length of time between Kickstarter and now – 52 updates to the game, to be exact – but the wait is finally over for sandbox MMORPG fans. Today marks the official Shroud of the Avatar launch, bringing the game a whole bunch of new stuff as one would expect.

shroud of the avatar launch

R52 of SotA brings the final phases of iteration to the game’s top 10 launch priorities, with specific focus on performance, player direction, enemy behavior, and polish to story and UI. Players can also look forward to some new scenes and scene rebuilds, along with further refinements and balance to combat.

Beyond today’s launch update, players should expect to see monthly updates full of new content, new features and bug squishing. The devs also plan on releasing a Q2 update schedule detailing what each of these releases will bring.

As often is the case with updates to Shroud of the Avatar, the patch notes are extremely detailed, so be sure to grab a very comfy chair and maybe an entire lunch platter and give them a look. There’s also a new launch trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Our sincerest congratulations to the team at Shroud of the Avatar for making it to full release product. We suspect that many of the developers and the players have been eager for this moment to arrive, so we hope the fans enjoy the full launch update and the devs get perhaps a moment to catch their collective breath.

Source: official site

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The Lost City of Omu Launches in Neverwinter on PC

Ever wanted to investigate a city that houses a dinosaur that can vomit the undead and the death curse created by a lich? Then you’re ready for the Lost City of Omu release. You also probably are very easily bored by the mundane things in life and might want extreme hobbies. Or you’re very brave.

lost city of omu release

Today’s release of the newest update to the PC version of Neverwinter brings the Temple Ruins Adventure Zone where players can explore the jungles of Chult, party up for new encounters such as the Tyrant T-Rex dinosaur mentioned earlier, and wrap up the Chult leg of the Tomb of Annihilation campaign with a 10-player Trial against Acerak and the Atropal.

The update also brings features to the game like a smoothed progression curve between levels 60 and 70, class powers and weapon damage adjustments, new treasure maps, repeatable Adventures, and new recipes for Masterwork Professions.

PC players can update their game and get to attacking zombie-barfing tyrannosaurs today, while console players will have to wait their turn at a later time. In either case, you can watch the trailer below to see what it is you’re up against.

Our Thoughts

Oh gosh, seriously, a t-rex that barfs undead? Well….anyway, this definitely looks like a lot for Neverwinter players to do, hopefully. Here’s hoping that stuff to do is indeed enjoyable and the improvements are welcomed by all. Or at least as many as possible.

Source: press release

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Turn-Based Strategy Game Insidia Confirms a February Launch

After what one can presume was a successful open beta period this past September, Italian indie developer Bad Seed has locked down an Insidia release window for its free release on Steam. And that release window is for later this month.

insidia release

Insidia offers one-on-one tactical PvP where players individually control a team of four heroes to issue orders in rapid turns. The object of the game is to capture map objectives to open up their opponent’s base and leave it ripe for an attack in true MOBA fashion.

Heroes have a number of either passive or active abilities, and while they’ll await orders, they’ll not just sit idle as they automatically perform certain actions until given commands. Insidia promises a combat model that’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Insidia is also looking to make it into the competitive esports scene, with the game already being the first indie title to land a spot on the FACEIT platform. As such, integration with FACEIT opens members of the platform up to competitive features such as ladders, leagues and other tournaments.

If you’re interested, you can keep up with Insidia on its Steam page.

Our Thoughts

Looks like there’s another MOBA-like tactical title out there. That said, it sounds like Insidia has a lot more going for it in terms of its gameplay to make it truly stand out and hopefully avoid the recent MOBApocalypse that’s seen other titles shutter. We’ll see where things lead, but want to wish Bad Seed a hearty congratulations for the game’s upcoming free launch all the same.

Source: press release

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