PUBG is Getting 3D Replay and Killcam Features

Seoul-based tech company Minkonet has revealed that it is working with PUBG Corp. in order to develop new PUBG replay and killcam features that will play in 3D, allowing players and spectators alike to take in more dynamic views of the battle royale action as well as possibly better catch cheaters in the act.

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The new 3D replay and killcam features are due to arrive to Battlegrounds once the game gets its 1.0 release on PC. The replay features will leverage 360-degree high-def data capture to let observers follow individual players or the entire arena for a “superior viewing experience”. The new killcam is described as a tool to let players consider missteps as well as to potentially spot cheaters in action.

Minkonet CEO Peter Kim said in a statement that while 3D live capture of multiplayer battle royale gameplay was challenging, his company knew that they had to meet some demanding expectations to make it happen. “We know expectations from the community are high,” said Kim. “Our team worked side-by-side with the PUBG developers to design and deliver a never-before-seen, immersive replay experience that is sure to deliver countless hours of ‘wow-factor’ moments and shareable content.”

3D replay functions offered by Minkonet – and presumably arriving to PUBG once 1.0 arrives on PC – include a Replay Highlight Cam, Esports Cam, Streamer Cam and Cinemax Cam. The company also hopes that 3D cam functions can be used by other companies to curb online cheating and other bad behaviors in their games.

Our Thoughts

Having a dynamic killcam can certainly help those interested in cutting together sizzle reels of themselves in action in PUBG, but we’re certainly more curious to know how these cam functions can be used to stymie cheaters. Or if these features will actually do that at all, for that matter.

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