Titanfall Creators Making Battle Royale Game Apex Legends

Since Titanfall 2 released in 2016 we’ve been wondering what Respawn would be working on next. Now it would seem we have our answer with battle royale game Apex Legends. Now, this may not be news to you as it has been talked about quite a bit on Twitter over the last week or so. The official reveal for the game is set to come later today. But right now, here are what the rumors are saying about the game.

  • There will be a maximum of 60 players on a map.
  • 3 players per team
  • Runs on a modified version of Valve’s Source Engine
  • Microtransactions ond Lootboxes are similar to the approach Overwatch takes
  • It will be free to play
  • The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4
  • Will feature classes and heroes with unique abilities
  • It seems to take place in the Titanfall universe, but there are no Titans.

The full reveal of the game will be taking place at Noon Pacific time on Twitch. How do we know so much about the game before it has even been officially announced? Well, Respawn recently hosted an event where they invited influencers and members of the press to play the game. Members of the press had an NDA where they couldn’t reveal anything about the game. Meanwhile the influencers were allowed to post on social media that they had attended the event. This obviously puts press at an extreme disadvantage. And, clearly someone broke then NDA to talk about the game. MMOGames didn’t attend the event and as a result we’ve signed no NDA, which is why we’re able to talk about it now.

Apex Legends isn’t the only game that Respawn has in the works. You may recall that they’re now owned by EA, which of course means a Star Wars game is coming. They’re working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Plus, according to wiki they’re also working on an untitled virtual reality project.


Source: Engadget, DualShockers, Rod Breslau

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