Nexon’s Newest Mobile Title Returners Launches in Singapore

Nexon’s newest mobile game Returners launches in Singapore, and Nexon promises that launches in “…several more markets around the globe” will follow shortly. Returners is a team-management style mobile strategy game for both Android and iOS which lets players form teams of 5 characters from legends, folklore, and history, and battle against other teams in PvE and PvP modes.

Returners Launches in Singapore


Returners had previously been available only in Korea, but the most recent update to the game introduced new elements, in addition to readying the game for the wider market. Of the other game changes, Nexon says “The latest content update adds essential new gear, a fantastic new character and launches the highly anticipated Platinum League.” The gear changes refer to the fact players can now visit the in-game shop once per day for a free item drop, which has a chance to be a rare item. The new character refers to Lewis Carroll’s Alice, who, according to Nexon, “..joins the fray bringing an inimitable set of skills acquired from her many misadventures exploring the colorful, fascinating and downright dangerous corners of Wonderland.” And the Platinum League, the final new content element mentioned in the press release, is a high-end PvP league which is “…open only to masters in the top-10 bracket of the daunting Gold League, and who hold a combat power greater than 21,000.”

No mention was made of when the game might be available in the other markets alluded to. Players interested in learning more about Returners should visit Nexon’s official site.


Our Thoughts

It seems like new mobile games come out very quickly nowadays, and for good reason; they’re an immense chunk of the gaming market. The premise of Returners sounds interesting, and the gameplay looks entertaining enough. I wonder when it will be available in the West?

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