The Elder Scrolls: Legends Alliance War Exclusive Card Reveal

We’re just a few days away from the release of The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Alliance War, the upcoming expansion to the successful Elder Scrolls card game based on the endless war of the alliances as seen in Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda has reached out to us with an exclusive opportunity to reveal a card from the Alliance War expansion pack. Alliance War is going to have more than 100 new cards when it releases on April 15th. It is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

So, without any further delay here is a short message from Community Manager for The Elder Scrolls: Legends Christian Van Hoose to explain the Daedric Titan card.

Daedric Titan is a powerful five-cost creature that can hold its own against both Aggro decks and Control decks. Usually, a four-health creature for five magicka would be a bit problematic, as commonly-played removal actions like Lightning Bolt would be able to easily dispatch of it – not the case with Daedric Titan! As long as you have another creature in each lane, the Titan can’t be targeted by your opponent’s actions, so your opponent is going to have to deal with it the hard way: with their creatures. If you can keep it protected, they’ll have to clear out your other creatures before being able to target it. Additionally, the Drain keyword will allow you to gain valuable health against aggressive decks, so even your Aggro opponents will have to find a way to deal with the Titan.


We would like to thank Christian Van Hoose and everyone working on The Elder Scrolls: Legends for giving us the opportunity to reveal this badass looking card. If you haven’t played The Elder Scrolls: Legends yet what are you waiting for? The base game is entirely free to play. If you preorder Alliance War ($49.99) you will receive 50 card packs, an Alliance War Legendary card, plus the exclusive Warmonger title and premium card back which will be available once the expansion goes live.

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Sneak Peek at Eternal: Defiance Cards

We’ve teamed up with Dire Wolf Digital to reveal 4 of all new Eternal: Defiance cards from their exciting CCG’s newest expansion which drops this week. Below are just 4 of the 278 new cards that are being introduced to the game. Plus, after the cards there’s more on the new Pledge system which is also being introduced in the expansion.

As you can see, most notably on Syl there is the new mechanic called Pledge. Quite simply Pledge cards can be played as a sigil during a player’s first turn. This gives them unique flexibility based on the amount of power vs non-power cards in-hand. If you’re interested in learning even more about how this new system works Dire Wolf has made a blog post about it and given real, in-game examples of how it will work.

Eternal has had a very busy month so far. They’ve already launched on Steam and Xbox One. They also launched their esports program with a $5,000 cash tournament that will ultimately lead to a $100,000 World Championship.

If you haven’t already checked out Eternal you can do so on Steam, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. It is a free to play turn based strategy card game that boasts unlimited choices and infinite possibilities.

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Stormdivers is a Battle Royale Shooter Full of Sci-Fi Superpowers

It would appear that the formula to making a battle royale shooter is to combine battle royale gameplay with X, where X is any interesting video gaming trope. Of course, the Stormdivers reveal from developer Housemarque is a little more in-depth than that, but calling the upcoming shooter a cross of battle royale and sci-fi powers isn’t too far off the mark.

stormdivers reveal

Stormdivers takes place in a near-future dystopia where the titular operatives are picking through an abandoned island, trying to avoid the threat of an ever-present nano storm as well as other competing Stormdivers. Gameplay will take place primarily in third-person view in teams or solo and promises “chaotic battles and volatile explosions” that seek to bring the dev studio’s arcade-style expertise to bear.

In spite of what we all might be thinking regarding Stormdivers, Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen asks that players not paint Stormdivers with too broad of a brush:

“Stormdivers is more than just another battle royale game. We began its development when battle royale was still a niche gameplay mode, yet despite the number of BR games on the market now, Stormdivers will excite players with its fast-paced gameplay, metagame, classes and various events. We plan to roll out new content regularly in the future to continuously expand the experience.”

Part of those regular content rollout plans include PvE co-op missions, new areas and new classes among other updates.

Stormdivers is taking registrations for its beta at its website. You can see if anything the game has to offer intrigues you via the embedded gameplay trailer below just in case you haven’t seen it already.

Our Thoughts

We’re not terribly convinced there’s enough dynamic elements here to make Stormdivers really stand out. It looks like just another Unreal Engine-built BR game with a few flashy power effects that will eventually blend into the furniture. That all said, we’re truly hoping to be proven wrong here and will keep an open mind to see if this one will really bring anything special to battle royale.

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EA and Nexon’s Game is FIFA Online 4

Today is the day, and we’re a mixture of disappointed, wondering why we were expecting something entirely different, and maybe a bit relieved. The joint EA and Nexon project that was due to be revealed is a FIFA Online 4 announcement.

fifa online 4 announcement

FIFA Online 4 is the sequel (duh) to the massively multiplayer online football/soccer title FIFA Online 3, which was released in 2012. Naturally, the five-year gap between games means things are improved on both the graphics and AI side of things, with a new “next-generation engine” being touted that powers improved player movement, stadium appearances, weather effects, and player AI. The five years of feedback from FIFA Online 3 players is also noted in the development of the new title.

FIFA Online 4 will indeed be on the show floor of G-Star 2017, with plans to enter a South Korean closed beta some time next month. After that, the plan is to have the game released next year before the start of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Our Thoughts

With all of the possibilities (both interesting and worrying) among ourselves and MMO fans, we all can now perhaps tilt our heads as well as maybe breathe a sigh of relief for the greater MMO-playing world. That said, are you at all interested in FIFA Online 4, or has the combination of EA and Nexon already made you flee?

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Survived By is a Retro-Style Roguelite Bullet Hell MMO

The combination of retro graphics, bullet hell shooters, MMOs, and a roguelite permadeath game are all coming together with the Survived By reveal. The newest MMO from publisher Digital Extremes and developer Human Head Studios has been officially detailed and is entering its closed alpha.

survived by reveal

Survived By pits up to 100 players in a fight against a mysterious corruption that has taken over the villages and towns of the World Tree. Players can select a variety of classes to beat back the hordes of monsters, explore dungeons, and craft powerful new weapons. According to executive producer Ryan Jackson, Survived By is trying to create a game with “a tremendous sense of wonder and an addictive blend of crafting, social team-work and twitchy bullet-hell madness”.

One of the bigger wrinkles comes in Survived By’s unique death mechanic, where dying takes away nearly all of your equipment and grants you the opportunity to play as a descendant of your slain character. The new heir to your character carries a part of your previous hero’s legacy with them in the form of new buffs and stat boosts.

Survived By will be free-to-play at launch and is currently accepting registrations for a chance at the closed alpha test on its official website. The MMO will also be playable at this year’s PAX West for anyone attending. Until then, you can check out a teaser trailer for the game below.

Our Thoughts

Well this one certainly came out of left field! We’re most definitely intrigued by everything being offered in Survived By and are absolutely looking forward to learning more about this unique MMO experience.

Source: press release

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