Revelation Online Announces Skyward World Expansion

The 3rd anniversary is coming to MMORPG Revelation Online and with it comes the largest content update yet. Later this month, Skyward World will launch as a free expansion!

Revelation Online Skyward World


Upcoming features:

  • 10 Player Raid – The City of the Demon Gods: Claim your right to raise hell in this all new instance-based dungeon. Up to 10 players can battle eldritch terrors and fiery demons, including the City’s five most hellish lieutenants as bosses.
  • New abilities for all seven classes: Need some more power to take on the new adventures in time and space?  Players will be able to unleash extraordinary new abilities for the Gunslinger, Blademaster, Swordmage, Vanguard, Spiritshaper, Occultist, and Assassin classes!
  • Recruit three more Battle Companions: Team up! Characters can team up with a trio of new Battle Companions for their journeys in Voras: Sky, Aniya, and Yue Zhang!
  • Cross-Server Weddings: Let there be Love! With the introduction of cross-server weddings, players can get married in the spectacular Crystalline Palace, invite guests from any server, try on a beautiful new gown, and tie the knot in style with a dreamy carriage mount.
  • New Progression System: Book of Enchantments: With the new Book of Enchantments progression system, players can collect enchantments to power up their character and unlock its true potential.
  • Achievement System Updated: The achievement system has been revamped with an improved UI and navigation, and a new tab showing claimed and unclaimed rewards. As players earn achievements through their adventures, they’ll unlock 13 milestone rewards based on score, with a special mount that unlocks after accumulating 30,000 achievement points.
  • Imperial War: Battle for Voras: The cross-server PvP Madness of Imperial Wars is coming to Voras. Defend or attack during the scheduled skirmishes in this weekly event, where up to 300 players on both sides can clash in an attempt to outwit and outlast the enemy team! Fight for control of four islands, including the Wild Realm, the Guardian Realm, the Noble Realm, and the Realm of Voras. Weekly events and special server titles will be available throughout the Imperial War.
  • Revamped user Interface & New Tutorial: The Tutorial has been expanded, now featuring characters destined to play a vital role in the new adventures. Additionally, many quality of life improvements have been implemented alongside a revamped UI across the board.
  • Starting today: Promotions celebrating the 3rd Anniversary: From today, until March 11th, Players can head on over to the MY.GAMES Market to claim daily rewards! We will be introducing a new item one day at a time.

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Revelation Online MOBA Game Mode Released

In a time when every other studio is looking at how to either get on the Battle Royale bandwagon or the Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality bandwagon, the makers of Revelation Online have decided to go back a couple of trends with a Revelation Online MOBA game mode.

The game mode is a competitive 5v5 mode in which players can pick from a variety of iconic NPC heroes from Revelation Online. It has the tradition 3 lane setup that MOBA veterans will all be very familiar with. Destroying the enemy team’s crystal is the ultimate goal of the game, though of course getting rewards is pretty sweet too.

These days you don’t see many new MOBAs being released. During their height of popularity, you couldn’t go a day without a new one being announced. Sadly, most MOBAs didn’t live very long before they were shut down due to low population. EA’s Dawngate was perhaps one of the most famous to shut down during that time. Since the end of the boom though you don’t see MOBAs mentioned all that often anymore. So seeing that Revelation Online has a MOBA mode now was certainly a surprise. Was it something they had started planning back when the genre was at the height of its popularity? Maybe they’re hoping to grab people who are unsatisfied with the current MOBA options. Or maybe the devs just thought it would be a fun addition to the game. Whichever the case may be we’re now seeing the fruits of their labor and what a surprise it is.

The MOBA game mode was released as part of Revelation Online’s Mythical Conflict expansion which focuses entirely on this new mode and is now live. If you’re interested in seeing the new mode in action check out the trailer below.


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New Sulan Update Revamps Revelation Online

Revelation Online has hit something of a reset button with the release of its New Sulan update, which not only revamps the primary city that shares the update’s name but also the MMO’s dungeons, classes and more.

new sulan update

Of course, the update revamps the central hub of Sulan, offering adjustments meant to make the location more friendly for trade and easier to navigate overall. The location now boasts new buildings and changes to NPC services and quests.

On the class front, every class has seen some level of adjustment, but the most attention was reportedly paid to the Vanguard, Occultist and Spiritshaper. Additionally, every class can get themselves some spiffing new class mounts, and female Assassins, Blademasters and Gunslingers can now be created.

A number of the MMO’s dungeons have been retooled, with rewards and difficulty being streamlined for several encounters. There’s also new rewards waiting for those who take on the Heroic modes of the game’s dungeons.

The New Sulan update has also made a number of adjustments to housing, guild features, PvP systems and more. Basically, it’s a lot to take in, so you’re going to want to get a look over the patch notes for all the details.

Our Thoughts

It’s definitely not too fargone to say that this update is looking to make a significant impact to how Revelation Online feels across the board. We’re very curious to know whether fans of this MMO feel the changes are enough and hope everyone playing likes what they see.

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Revelation Online Arrives to Steam

It seems like today is the day where several MMORPGs decide to make their way onto Steam. We can now count Revelation Online to the ever-growing list as today marks the Revelation Online Steam launch, bringing over the complete title’s form and all of its updates to the popular games distribution platform.

revelation online steam launch

As one would expect, Revelation Online’s arrival to Steam is the full game, which includes seven classes and nine expansion udpates’ worth of content including game modes, housing features, dungeons and plenty more.

To mark the game’s arrival to Steam, every new user that arrives to the game on the platform can claim a free welcoming pack that adds a unique title and a pet to sit on top of your head. The Steam page is also offering the usual bundle of starter packs to buy full of boosts and other goodies if they so choose.

In any case, the full game is free-to-play. A trailer was hitched to the launch announcement which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

It’s hard to say whether Revelation Online is going to make any sort of significant impact to Steam with all of the other MMORPGs arriving to the platform. We’ll have to wait and see what players have to say…though if the comment sections of other games are anything to go by, they probably won’t be glowing or particularly insightful.

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Next Revelation Online Content Update Brings Cross-Server PvP

The next Revelation Online content expansion is for the PvP’ers of Nuanor. First Contact will be opening up some arenas and battlegrounds to the MMO and drawing in players from different servers to fill them up with combatants, along with a new server and new auction house features.

revelation online content expansion

Revelation Online will open up Arenas to cross-server play in 1v1, 3v3 or 5v5 varieties as a means to earn both experience and equipment for bigger battles ahead. Those battles range in a variety of team sizes and objectives, but all offer the same cross-server functionality.

  • The 10v10 Darkwood Vale, where teams must complete tasks or kill monsters and bosses in their opponent’s side of the field for points.
  • Iron Precipice Blitz is a 20v20 battle for control of five different resource points scattered across the map, with more points earned the longer points are held. First to 1,000 points wins.
  • The 30v30 Machinist’s Gauntlet calls for an attacking team to defeat the Dragon’s Orb that sits on the top of the defending team’s Ancestral Dragon Spire
  • Finally, a guild vs. guild tournament area will be opened, which mixes both ground and aerial combat and promises tactical gameplay and requires good player management.

In addition to all of the PvP battleground content, First Contact will also bring cross-server connectivity to the game’s auction house, support for French and German languages, and a new EU server for players of the region.

First Contact doesn’t have a hard release date yet, but is promised to arrive this March and will, of course, be a free update. A teaser trailer for the content can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Nothing is worse than waiting in a queue for your PvP match to start, so we’re definitely glad to see that cross-server tech is being brought online for Revelation Online. It also sounds like the new arenas and battlegrounds will be a good time, too. Here’s hoping the PvP’ers of the game have smooth connections and great fights.

Source: press release

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Shadowblade Expansion Adds the Assassin in Revelation Online

It appears that the Shadowblade expansion has officially dropped for Revelation Online. The Assassin has been a highly anticipated class ever since its reveal and now players will finally be able to get their hands on it.


Those who make it to level 45 or above will be able to take on a heroic questline to unlock the rare Venom ZX500 motorbike mount. Not interested in leveling a completely new character? There will be a class and equipment change feature to swap over your existing character.

In addition to the Assassin class, there will be all kinds of new content for the original classes including unique Class Areas with access to new vendors, Soul Grids, class-specific skill sets and abilities. Here is a list and description of the seven Class Areas:

  • Assassin Area – Scorpion Plains: The misty Scorpion Plains bring together the most lethal mercenaries.
  • Blademaster Area – Contender’s Peak: High above the clouds and guarded by wyverns, this rugged spot is a meeting place where Blademasters put their steel to the test and forge the mightiest weapons.
  • Gunslinger Area – Imperial Marksman Academy: The Gunslinger Class Area is located underground, flanked by an enormous pyramid. Countless silos ensure that there’s always enough gunpowder to go around.
  • Occultist Area – Realm of Shattered Light: Ominous whisperings can be heard across this twilit haunt. Buzzards dot the sky, swooping down intermittently to torment the forgotten souls that wander the realm.
  • Spirit Shaper Area – Valley of Spirits: The Valley of Spirits is a gathering of hardy souls who seek to become one with nature. This lush expanse teems with exotic plant life and rare animals.
  • Swordmage Area – Starward Meridian: Swordmage disciples chose this snowy location for its unfettered view of the cosmos. It’s also home to Ashwing Cranes, who yearn for fearless riders
  • Vanguard Area – Maple Ridge: Impregnable fortifications and Thundermane sentries ensure that no trespassers set foot in Maple Ridge. Vanguards train tirelessly to become elite soldiers.

Our Thoughts:

Rogue style classes are usually some of the most popular in MMORPGs and it was surprising that Revelation Online didn’t have any on launch. Now that the Assassin is officially available, we definitely expect to see a lot of them out on the battlefield.


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