WoW Wednesday: Collecting The Bounty on Pilgrim’s Bounty

The fall turns again in the World of Warcraft, and Pilgrim’s Bounty has arrived for the adventurers and claimers of the continents of Azeroth. Breaking bread with friends of all kinds, holiday goers can enjoy the wonderful food in every major city and brush up their own skills to provide the greatest feast for revelers throughout the land. From November 19th through the 26th players can partake in Pilgrim’s Bounty and garner the rewards found therein. This week I’ll be your guiding hand to getting the most out of the holiday and how to fill out your achievements for the Pilgrim title and Plump Turkey Pet.

Most of the holiday festivities take place at the Bountiful Tables across Azeroth. These are located in each of the faction’s major cities and every minor town with an innkeeper, as well as Light’s Hope Chapel and the Ruins of Thaurissan. At any of these locations you’ll find that the tables have been stacked high with food which you can sit and eat at, even the enemy factions! Major city tables also have vendors selling seasonal goods such as toys, transmog, and recipes for the season. Eating five helpings of each available food will give players The Spirit of Sharing buff, which increases reputation gains by 10% for an hour, a vital addition for anyone grinding reputations through Timewalking our world content!

Best known for its aid in leveling the profession, Pilgrim’s Bounty has a host of recipes that can quickly level players’ cooking skills. Gathering these is the easiest and fastest method of leveling the Classic tier of the profession, as the vendors selling the recipes also sell most of the ingredients as well. Mixed into these are also static seasonal quests and the ongoing daily quests, rewarding the Pilgrim’s Bounty satchel which contains the Turkey Shooter as well as potentially the Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter, Fine Pilgrim’s Hat or the Frightened Bush Chicken.

Pilgrim's Bounty

Two of the Pilgrim’s Bounty vendors, still celebrating amidst the war.

Of course, Pilgrim’s Bounty’s main draw is the nine unique achievements that can be earned towards the Pilgrim meta-achievement. It is worth noting that Pilgrim is not required for What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, the World Event meta-achievement that requires a solid year of meeting every other holiday achievement (aside from the Day of the Dead, Pirate’s Day and other micro-holidays). All in all, you’ll need the following achievements to complete Pilgrim and claim your Plump Turkey:

For this achievement, you’ll need to find a free seat at one of the Bountiful Tables in the world, and share food with a fellow reveler until you, “miss,” and bounce the food off of a player’s head! This will happen when the player the food is getting passed to already has the maximum amount of food, so just simply sit at a chair and pass the dishes until you’ve earned this achievement.

Sharing is Caring

In line with the premise of “FOOD FIGHT!” this achievement simply requires you to sit in each of the chairs at a Bountiful Table and pass the food to another seated player. Sit at each of the five chairs and pass a dish to earn the achievement, something you’ll more than likely do on your way to claiming the previous (and for more mischievous) entry.

Pilgrim's Bounty

One of the many Bountiful Tables located outside the major cities of the world.

Now We’re Cookin’
For this achievement, you must cook one of your faction’s specific Pilgrim’s Bounty Dishes. These recipes can be learned from Miles Standish for the Horde, or Gregory Tabor for the Alliance. Nearby holiday vendors will sell all the reagents you’ll need to cook these recipes and you’ll need at least 280 in your Classic Cooking to learn all of them.

Pilgrim’s Paunch
For this achievement, you must have a complete meal and earn The Spirit of Sharing at each Bountiful Table in your faction’s major cities. Simply travel to each major city and get five healthy helpings of each of the foods to complete this achievement!

Pilgrim’s Peril
This particular achievement requires you to put a little bit of risk and reward in. First, you’ll need to obtain an article of Pilgrim’s clothing, either the Pilgrim’s Dress, Pilgrim’s Robe or Pilgrim’s Attire which are awarded from one of the daily cooking quests. After you’re garbed in the universal attire of peace, you must then seat yourself at the Bountiful Tables in the enemy factions’ major cities. With the introduction of War Mode with the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch, this achievement has become far easier to complete by simply toggling it off.

Pilgrim’s Progress
This achievement is one of the easier on the list, merely requiring you to complete each of the Pilgrim’s Bounty daily quests. You can get each quest from the quest givers outside of your faction’s classic major cities, and all five are available every day. Keep in mind that you don’t need to cook for these dailies, all you have to do is turn in the food!

Pilgrim's Bounty

A Wild Turkey currently plaguing both Elwynn Forest and the Tirisifal Glades.

Terokkar Turkey Time

For this achievement, you will need to first collect a Pilgrim’s Hat and one of the seasonal chest pieces from the Pilgrim’s Bounty dailies. Afterwards, you must then travel to Terokkar Forest and the Sethekk Halls wing of Auchindoun. While there, simply defeat Talon King Ikiss while wearing your seasonal attire on either Normal or Heroic! This is an easy one to incorporate into your daily mount-runs, but can only be completed by players who are of level to zone into Sethekk Halls (level 63).

The Turkinator
This achievement can be one of the trickier ones on the list, simply for the level of players often trying to complete it. The Turkinator requires you to be back, and kill 40 Wild Turkey critters, with no more than 30 seconds apart per kill until you have obtained the Turkey Triumph! buff. Wild Turkey can be found in both Tirisfal Glades and Elwynn Forest, and you can choose to kill them in either zone. Using items such as Tracker Snacks or class abilities like Track Beasts can help track the turkeys and chain your combo killing spree together.

Turkey Lurkey

This achievement is no doubt the hardest on this list, requiring you to use your trusty Turkey Shooter on a Rogue player of each race (aside from Pandaren and the Allied Races), transforming the poor stealthies into a turkey! A Turkey Shooter can be obtained from the Daily Quests, but it’s consumed after a single use, meaning you’ll need to do at least 2 days worth of dailies to earn enough and complete the achievement. Be careful, if you shoot a player who has the buff and is in a vehicle (such as the Bountiful Tables) you will get an error message and be unable to earn credit towards the achievement.

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WoW Wednesday: Hallow’s End Has Come!

At last, the bells have tolled! Shelter your weak, your young, and your old; each of you shall pay the final sum! Cry for mercy, Hallow’s End has come! With Halloween right around the corner, my favorite Holiday returns to Azeroth to curse the world with devilish glee. Originally created as a harvest festival for the native Lordaeronians known as the ‘Wicker Festival,’ the date also became infamous as the exact date the Forsaken were released from their enslavement to the Scourge. Celebrated by both the Horde and the Alliance, revelers now gather candy, wear spooky costumes, and keep Azeroth safe from the spirit of a dark crusader….

Adventurers in the land of Azeroth have a lot to do as the holiday rolls around, as the meta achievement [Hallowed Be Thy Name] is one of the prerequisites for [What a Long, Strange Trip Its Been…], and will take you through all four continents of Azeroth and the two different timelines of Outland, as well as saving the poor villages of Azeroth from the accursed Headless Horseman; a maddened Knight of the Silver Hand who believes he is the last living man on Azeroth and the rest of the world are undead. No matter your choice of activity in Hallow’s End, there’s tons to do.

The Wickerman Burns in Stormwind and the Undercity, buffing player reputation and experience gains.

For those looking to get the most out of the Holiday, you can cross the world of Azeroth to complete [Hallowed Be Thy Name] and still attain most of the awards intrinsic to the holiday. All of which we’ll detail below.

[Tricks and Treats of Azeroth] will see you crossing the world to every single friendly inn, and trick or treating at their Candy Buckets. You can track this achievement’s completion by tracking [Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms], [Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor] and [Tricks and Treats of Outland]. While there are Tricks and Treats achievements for the other lands of Azeroth, they aren’t necessary for completing the meta-achievement. They are the easiest way, however, to gather Tricky Treats for other rewards in Hallow’s End. Visiting just one Candy bucket will also reward you with [Trick or Treat!].

[The Savior of Hallow’s End] requires players to complete the Shade of the Horseman event. Lower level players can participate in the Shade of the Horseman event in low-level villages; Goldshire, Kharanos, and Azure Watch will come under siege in Alliance lands, while Razor Hill, Falconwing Square and Brill will feel the Horseman’s wrath for the Horde. Players will be charged in putting out fires and bringing the Shade down to earth in order to save the town. After the fires have been extinguished you can return to a nearby Costumed Orphan Matron and receive a Crudely Wrapped Gift! These will contain masks, candy, rideable objects and more, some of which are necessary for the Hallow’s End achievements.

Hallow's End

The Headless Horseman terrorizes Brill!

[Rotten Hallow] is the last of the quest achievements necessary for [Hallowed Be Thy Name], requiring you to inflict tricks instead of treats upon the enemy faction. Deliver stink bombs and extinguish the Wickerman of the opposing faction while beating back their similar efforts upon your own Capitol City.

[Check Your Head] requires you to stick a Weighted Jack-o’-Lantern on one of each race from both the Horde and the Alliance.  Jack-o’-Lanterns can be looted from Crudely Wrapped Gifts or the Headless Horseman encounter.

The following achievements are dependent on your gathering Tricky Treats:

[Out With It] requires you to eat so many Tricky Treats that you get an Upset Tummy debuff. The amount needed to make your character sick is random, but you’ll generally require less than five.

[G.N.E.R.D. Rage] needs the G.N.E.R.D.S. treat that can come from either a Handful of Tricky Treats from candy buckets or can be purchased for 2 Tricky Treats at holiday vendors. Under the effects of G.N.E.R.D.S., you’ll need to gain 10 honorable kills against the enemy faction. This is easily doable in either Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest or in open world PvP.

[The Masquerade] requires you to be transformed by other players into specific costumes by a Hallowed Wand. These can be purchased for 2 Tricky Treats each.

[That Sparkling Smile] requires you to use a Tooth Pick, which also costs 2 Tricky Treats.

Naxxy, one of the Holiday’s exclusive pets was added last year for collectors.

The last two achievements can be accrued from fighting the Headless Horseman, which all characters from Level 23 onward can queue for. The Headless Horseman encounter is only available during Hallow’s End and is known for many incredibly rare cosmetic drops. Two of these drops, the Sinister Squashling pet and the Hallowed Helm, are required for [Sinister Calling]. If your luck is poor, you can also purchase both of them for 300 Tricky Treats.

Last, but certainly not least is [Bring Me The Head of… Oh Wait], which requires you to kill the Headless Horseman once in his queueable encounter. It’s also recommended that you work on farming the Headless Horseman daily for his pet, cosmetic, and mount drop, on top of the item level appropriate loot that he can drop for max level players.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t more to the holiday. There are a multitude of pets, masks, costumes, pet costumes, toys, and the ever-elusive Headless Horseman’s Mount to tantalize your inner collector throughout the holiday. And that is only scratching the surface! A multitude of achievements still remain for those looking to increase their count, from collecting all of the masks in [A Mask For All Occassions] to the rest of Azeroth’s Candy buckets in Northrend, the Cataclysm and Pandaria and even finding Pepe’s spookiest attire in [A Frightening Friend].

Hallow's End

Pepe’s Scarecrow Costume, only collectible during Hallow’s end!

No matter how you intend to spend the holiday, this year the festivities are available from October 18th through to the 31st, giving you plenty of time to harass the Horseman for his rare steed.


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WoW Wednesday: Reaping the Rewards from Island Expeditions

Island Expeditions are the newest feature added to the World of Warcraft with its latest expansion, Battle For Azeroth. With a party of three, you can venture onto the open seas in search of the valuable Azerite, the latest tool of war in the Horde and Alliance War Machine, to empower your Heart of Azeroth. In doing so, you’ll level the strange artifact to new and greater heights, empowering your Azerite gear to unlock further effects and abilities for your character. However, despite our best efforts, players have simply not been playing Island Expeditions in the manner that they were originally intended. This week we’ll be bringing you some advice on how to make the most of your Island Expedition experience and how to claim the most prolific rewards for your time.

As most players will already be aware, you can begin your Island Expeditions at Captain Flynn Fairweather for the Alliance, or Captain Rez’okun for the Horde. The popular majority of players simply focus on their weekly quest to gather six thousand Azerite in order to maximize their Heart of Azeroth level. Most participants will pursue the quickest and most linear method of gathering Azerite as to beat the opposing faction and maximize their Azerite rewards, often ignoring rare creatures and other explorative aspects of the Expeditions. In doing this, it’s been discovered that we as a player-base have been unintentionally ignoring the most vital aspects of Expeditions since launch.

Rewards from Island Expeditions

The Island Expedition Map, showing you what zones and creature themes you’ll encounter for the week.

Some adventurers may be aware that Island Expeditions also award a slew of bonus items for players. While WoWhead has them listed in detail in their Expedition Reward Guide, to best summarize the list, Island Expeditions can reward:

  • 5x Mounts
  • 5x Toys
  • 28x Battle Pets
  • 85x Plundered Weapons (14 models that have never been made available)
  • 3x Plundered Hats
  • 4x Plundered Shoulders
  • 23x Item Sets (3 unreleased sets, 5 Cloth, 6 Leather, 6 Mail, 6 Plate)


These have been public information since the open Beta for Battle for Azeroth, however, drop rates for these items have been seemingly low for most players. Performing the quickest methods for completing these scenarios, as it turns out, most players will never see any of these rewards. Instead, killing the rares that populate the islands rewards these items, including quest item turn-ins that produce a vast amount of Azerite. We can get so specific with these items, in fact, that in knowing what to do you can specifically target items, mounts, and collectibles with little difficulty.

Each rare creature on an Island Expedition gives a chance for a player that kills it to obtain an item directly related to the theme of the creature; Twilight Dragons can reward the Dragonrider Armor and the Twilight Harbinger Mount, Pirates can reward the Squawks mount or Captain Nibs pet, etc. However, unlike typical loot systems we see in PvE content where loot is calculated after a creature is slain, these loot rolls are created at the end of each Expedition. While each creature does indeed have its own loot table, these tables remain hidden and are hypothesized to be linked to each other based on the theme of the creature.

This means that there is indeed a manner in which to grind out these rare rewards across the southern isles of Azeroth. By specifically targeting named NPCs that spawn throughout the island, you can potentially trigger their loot table and generate rewards. There are two different creature theme types that will generate over the course of your expeditions to best help you to target the loot you want:

A Demon Hunter takes on one of the island’s Rare Treants.

Island Creature Themes are predetermined from week to week and are shown on the Expedition Map alongside the Azerite you’ve collected for the week. The creatures shown on your map will be the three from which your main enemies will be drawn from for the week and will be the predominant enemy type across your adventure. Invasions occur after a certain amount of Azerite has been gathered by both teams, and can occur in multiple stages (up to three). Higher difficulty ratings will require more Azerite to progress into subsequent stages. Stage 1 begins when players make landfall, with named rares and bonus objectives dotted across the Island. Stage 2 then sees Azerite elementals and massive deposits spawning in key points around the island.

Stage 3 is the most radical change to the island; invasions of additional expeditioners will see any possible enemy type make landfall on your island, laying waste to the weekly creatures and situating themselves near large Azerite deposits. As such, you could begin an expedition on your Island fighting Vrykul, and then later transitioning to battling Fire Elementals, allowing you to potentially farm specific creature themes outside of their weekly rotation.

For The Alliance!

While lower difficulties will allow you to trigger Stage 3 Invasions quicker, there does not appear to be any difference in loot drop chances between difficulties, meaning that enemies killed in Normal Difficulty Expeditions have the same chance to drop items as those killed in Mythic Difficulty. Furthermore, there does not appear to be any particular cap to how many items can be rewarded after the end of an expedition, with several players reporting numbers in the double digits while Wowhead itself reports up to 5 items at one time.

However, these methods in which to farm particular creature themes are not in and of themselves the manner to successfully complete island expeditions; from killing the Unleashed Monstrosity and high-yield Azerite drops, the enemy faction can quickly pull ahead in your expeditions and claim victory. With this in mind, the choice is ultimately up to you in how you want to explore Blizzard’s latest scenario system. Do you prefer the one evening per week where you can quickly cap out your Azerite, or do you want to explore what the South Seas of Azeroth have to discover, and claim the rich plunder that the various races of the world have left for the wary adventurer?


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MapleStory 2 Pre-Registration Brings Exclusive Rewards

Nexon are offering some pretty ridiculous rewards if you sign up for MapleStory 2 pre-registration, which began yesterday and continues on until October 8th! Of course, as we have previously reported, those of you who purchased Founder’s Packs for the MMORPG can dive into Head Start from October 1st, ahead of the global launch on October 10th.

MapleStory 2 Pre-Registration Brings Exclusive Rewards

Head Start will, of course, carry over any character progression into the official launch, and includes all of your Founder’s Pack items, access to Gemstones, level 1 to 50 quests and dungeons, Premium Club benefits, the Meret market, and you can choose from the Archer, Assassin, Berserker, Heavy Gunner, Knight, Priest, Thief, and Wizard jobs. You can still purchase a Founder’s Pack as of now if you want to get in on the action early.

If you take part in the MapleStory 2 pre-registration, you’ll receive the ridiculous Roosting Seagull Hat, frankly silly Sucky Rickshaw Mount, and the ‘Rustic Mushcabin’ name tag. You can also get a hold of a Mint Body Pillow (yes, really) by retweeting the Runeblade trailer on Twitter, or liking it on Facebook. They’re kind of awesome, take a look:

MapleStory 2 Pre-Registration Brings Exclusive Rewards

Register here to claim your in-game rewards when MapleStory 2 goes live.


Our Thoughts

More MMOs need more wearable birds. It’s just a fact. You’ve probably worked this out by now but we can’t wait to explore the light-hearted silliness that MapleStory 2 has to offer, especially after worrying for so long that we’d never get the chance to. And hey, October isn’t too far away, now!

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